What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

The purpose of this blog, “What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?” Is to show stay at home moms, an online business that they can do from the comfort of their home and make money doing so.

Respect And Appreciation

I would like o first of all take this opportunity to express my appreciation and deep respect to all you stay at home moms, for taking your responsibilities seriously. It is truly a sacred duty.

Your duty as a stay at home mom, embraces many careers or profession. You are not only a mother, but a doctor, nurse, teacher, judge, cook, accountant, sim stress etc.

And you perform them so admiringly all for the benefit of your family. The sacrifices you make are endless, with sleepless nights and anxious moments. We sincerely commend you for the sacrifices you make on behalf of your family.

World’s Economy

It used to be that families can live off the income of one family member. But what is the situation today? As you are very aware, it has become increasingly difficult for a family to live on the income of just one family member.

Things are very expensive everywhere you go. Won’t you agree? Rent, mortgage, gas, food, clothing etc. are all getting out of hand. To add to that, the unemployment rate in many lands is high.

Stay At Home Moms Need Help

Should you as a stay at home mom abandon your cherished and sacred responsibilities in order to look for work? I think that should be out of the question.

But there is something that you can do, dear stay at home mom, which will enable you to make money, thus contribute to the financial well-being of the family, and at the same time carrying out your other noble duties on behalf on the family.

And you can do this, from the comfort of your home. As mentioned, without abandoning your vital role as stay at home moms, for the 9-5 grind. If you do so, you will be assigning such a noble role to Television as a baby sitter.

As stated, because of the economic situation, both parents have to work outside of the home in order to provide. And this is having a detrimental effect on some families.

Children are left at home alone after school, without supervision, and T.V. is assigned as the baby sitter. And societies are paying the price for such costly mistake and neglect. You on the other hand, must continue to provide these vital services as stay at home moms.

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

An Alternative To The 9-5 Grind

Do you know that there is an alternative to the 9-5 grind? That you don’t have to relegate the proper training and supervision of your children to television, as a baby sitter? That you can own an online business and work at it from home, while still providing the quality care and attention your family deserves?

In essence dear stay at home mom, you can have the best of both worlds. That is, have a business that you can do from the comfort of your own home, and at the same time provide loving care for your family.

The Internet

For you to stay at home, and have a successful online business, is not a dream but a reality. And all of this is made possible by the Internet.

The Internet is offering people of every background, including stay at home moms, the opportunity to own an online business, business that they can do from home. Happily, many are running a home business successfully, and this is all due to the Internet.

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

Benefits Of Owning An Online Business

Here are some benefits of owning your own online business:

  • You are your own boss
  • No tyrannical boss to contend with
  • Less stress and anxieties
  • Flexibility – work when you want
  • Ability to take care of your family, given them the time and attention they deserve
  • The clock does not control your life
  • Out of the rat race, worrying about rude and arrogant drivers
  • More productive because you are working for yourself
  • No limit as to how much you can make, it all depends on you

An Online Business For Stay AT Home Moms

Truthfully, there are many online businesses on the Internet.

However, an online business that I think that will be well suited for stay at home moms, is affiliate marketing. Why is that the case? Affiliate marketing provides all the benefits we discussed above of owning an online business.

Further, we are going to see other reasons why it is well suited for you.

Why It Is Well Suited For You

Affiliate marketing involves work. And as a stay at home mom, you have already proven to be a hard worker. Not only are you a mom, but as mentioned earlier, you play other roles as a doctor, nurse, teacher, sim tress etc. all of this requires immense work. And your work never ends.

Affiliate marketing also requires discipline. As a stay at home mom, you have demonstrated that you are a disciplined person. How so? You have to get up early every morning to prepare breakfast, dinner has to be fixed on a regular basis, clothes have to be washed at certain times, pick-ups have to be made timely, all of this require discipline. You have proven to be a disciplined mom.

Affiliate Marketing Involves Being Focused

It is a strategy that requires one to be focused. And as a stay at home mom, you have shown that you are a focused mom. You are focused on making sure that they receive the best care possible and focused on their safety and well-being.

Affiliate Marketing Requires Being Patient

Here again, you have shown yourself to be patient. This is reflected in how you deal with each family member. You patiently and kindly train, supervise and instruct. Even when they put your patience to the test, you are patient with them.

For example, two of the children are sick, and both are vying for your attention. Or both are fighting over the same toy, yet you patiently and loving resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Many Other Qualities

There are many other qualities and traits that affiliate marketing require, such as devotion, passion, prioritizing, making good decisions etc. and you have exhibited all of these in your normal daily activities. So clearly, affiliate marketing is well suited for you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy, that allows you to promote products or services of a given company, The company gives you a link that is unique to you alone, and this is the link you promote. And when someone clicks on it and buys a product or service, you as an affiliate make money.

Here is a model of affiliate marketing, showing how it works in a nutshell.

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

Affiliate Marketing is an industry that is growing rapidly. It is worth well over $12 billion. So the potential for you to make lots of money is there. It all depends on you.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

We did mention briefly how it works. Now, we are going to go into detail.

The first thing you have to do, is to select a niche. It is a segment of a market. For example, weight loss is a broad and huge industry. You don’t want to focus on such a broad market, that will be too difficult, challenging, very competitive and less profitable.

Rather, you want to focus just on a segment of that market(niche). And a segment of weight loss can have many variations, such as weight loss for men, weight loss for women and these could even further be segmented. Still, in the weight loss market, you could focus on diet pills, shakes, recipes etc.

This is just an example, but the same principle applies when selecting any niche. Make sure that it is not broad but small, a portion of the big market.

Further, the niche you select must be a profitable and sustainable. You want a market that have demand all year round.

This is very important, because choosing a segment or a small portion to focus your attention, puts you at an advantage. It helps you to know your audience. Hence, because you know them, this allows you to become an authority in your particular niche, able to understand and build good relationship with them.

Something You Are Passionate About

It is also vital that you choose as a niche, something you have passion for. It could be a hobby that you like or something that you are really interested in.

And as a stay at home mom, I am sure there are many things that interest you, or you are passionate about, these can be your niches.

There are many parents who are struggling with at least some aspect of a stay at home mom. Can you share your mind or knowledge with such ones? Can you show them how to do things? How to solve a specific problem? And you can make money doing so in the long run.

More over, you might have bought a product, and you have really come to like that product very much. It might be as an example a vibrating reclining chair.

Can you choose something as this for your niche? Yes you can.

In fact, you will be helping people, who might be looking to buy a reclining chair that vibrates, but who might not yet have made a decision.

By writing a review on the chair with your own experience in mind, you could help someone make a decision whether to buy it or not. And should they buy it based on your recommendation, you make a commission in the process. By the way the vibrating chair is just an example. You can do this with any other product.

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

Set Aside A Block Of Time

As mentioned somewhere in this blog, it was stated that you as a stay at home mom, has what it takes to be an affiliate marketer.

One thing that must be reiterated, even though you have all the qualities to be successful in this field, is the need to set aside a block of time, that you can devote to your business.

I know you will have no problem doing so, because you have proven to be a disciplined person.

Maybe when the kids are off to school, or when they are home and the dad is home, or when everyone is in bed, you can use that time to work on your business.

This is one beauty of affiliate marketing, it allows for flexibility. You can set time aside, and you want to use that time to work on your business, on a regular and consistent basis. That is one way a business can grow and flourish.

Select A Platform

After you have selected your niche, and set aside a block of time to devote to your business, you now have to select a platform.

You can use both social media and your personal website, as a platform whereby you can publish your content.

Social Media has well over 4 billion users. It will therefore provide you with huge opportunities to be able to reach many people.

It will be wise, instead of trying to use all the social medias to promote your opportunities, that you choose just a few. Trying to use all social media platforms, could be a huge undertaking. Preferably, select one or two that might well be suited for you and product.

Besides using social media, you also want to do so in conjunction with having a personal website.

Create A Website

Some have questioned the need to have your own website. But having your own site, will help others to view you as a professional, and others will have more trust in you as a business person. Intact, most advertisers require that you have your own website as a requirement before accepting your application, for promoting their programs.

It is therefore crucial that you have your own website to promote brands.

Building websites used to be a task reserved for the technically wise, but not so anymore. Now, virtually anyone can build a website.

The reason is that you have platforms, that will show you how to build your niche website. Everything is simplified for you, it is usually a drag and drop activity, with a video tutorial to work you through.

Some Website Builder Platforms

Here are just a few of website builder platforms:

All of these platforms will help you build your own well functioning website without any technical knowledge, with word press plugins, to improve your site performance and security. So really dear stay at home mom, there is nothing to be anxious about, it is as simple as learning your ABCs.

With a functioning website, you need a hosting service. It is a service that makes your website visible to the world. It not only stores your website files, but makes them available on the Internet.

If you use the Site Builder at Wealthy Affiliate as a member, you will be provided with a hosting service. I have also listed other excellent hosting service providers:

Join Affiliate Programs

After you have chosen a niche, and built a niche website, it is now time to choose affiliate programs. The reason for doing so is simple, this is how you are going to be making money. You are going to be promoting products or services of different companies.

And as mentioned, when someone clicks on your unique link and makes a purchase, you get commission. Therefore, choosing an affiliate program is one of the keys to your online success.

In view of that, you want to select a program/product that is relevant to your chosen niche. If for example your niche is knitting blanket for toddlers, then by all means the product must revolve around things that have to do with knitting, and nothing else.

Reputation Of The Company

Vitally important also is the reputation of the company. If you join a company that has a bad reputation, not only will you be at risk of losing commissions, but at risk of destroying your own reputation.

As a result you want to make sure that, you research the company you want to partner with, and don’t skip this process.

Also, before you join an affiliate program, you must take into consideration, the commission rate. The commission rate may vary from program to program.

So the advice is that you choose as a stay at home mom, an affiliate program whose commission rate marches, your own goals and objectives. Which will you rather choose, an affiliate platform whose commission rate allows you to do more work with less pay? Or one with less work and more pay?

Here are some commission rate structures:

  • Low commission, high volume. These are low-paying programs but offer broad range of products that are used by the public. With this type, you really have to put much more effort to be able to realize your financial goals. A good example, is the Amazon commission rate stricture.
  • High commission, low volume. You are able to bring in more money, by making just few sales.
  • High commission, high volume. The commission you generate in this third example, is very high but you can also expect the level of competition to be extremely high.

The point being made, is that as you make your decision to join a program, you also must take these factors into consideration.

Another factor that must be taken into consideration, is whether the program, has a good support, training and a caring community.

Apply Directly Or Through Network Platforms

You can apply directly to be an affiliate through the affiliate marketing companies or through network affiliate platforms. Here are some examples of networks:

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?

Write Content

With all the other things discussed in place, now is the time to write content. What kind of content should you write?

I know dear stay at home mom, you are going to protest that you are not a writer. Believe me, we all did that when we first started. But I forced myself to write contents.

And with lots of practice, thankfully I am now able to write a decent content. The point being made is that you also are capable of writing quality content. The kind of content that will help rank your website in search engines.

To do so, you want to write with your audience in mind. By your audience, I mean those in your niche market. Always try to find out what their pain points are, that is the problems or issues they are dealing with, and address those issues by providing solutions, by way of your content.

When you write with your audience in mind, you will come across as a sincere, warm and helpful person, and your content will be viewed as valuable not only by Google but most importantly by your audience.

You Have All It Takes

I personally feel that you have all it takes to be a skillful content writer. I am taking into account, your background as a stay at home mom. You have all the wonderful qualities in place. Such as being caring, compassionate, empathetic, loving, honest, unselfish etc. You have a history of always putting the interest and welfare of others above your own.

Hence, this is something that I know is going to help you excel in your content writing.

It is always also best to be yourself. Being yourself, allows you to write naturally, as if you are talking to a friend.

Further, in conjunction with the above suggestions, try to make your content, interesting and not boring. You can do so by relating stories or experiences that are relevant.

By so doing, you build trust and your audience will easily connect with you.

Keyword Research

How do you know what to write about in your specific niche? Keyword research will help you determine what is on peoples mind. For example the phrases that they type into search engines when doing searches, are keywords or phrases that you can write your content around.

Here is another example, if you are in the baby caps’ niche, and in your keyword research, you find out that someone is searching for knitting caps’ for babies, you can easily write a content around that key phrase and have it ranked by search engines.

You want to make sure that the keyword or phrase you select is profitable. That is, it has more search volume and less website competing for the same keyword. Such keyword or key phrase can easily be ranked by the search engines.

An excellent keyword research tool that you can employ which will be of great benefit to you is the one found at Jaaxy.

No Reason To Be Overly Anxious

Really though, there is no reason for you, dear stay at home mom, to be overly anxious about all this new stuff we are talking about.

You should not allow these concepts to stop you from realizing what you want to accomplish for yourself and family.

Recall what was said for you to do as a stay at home mom, was for you to set aside a block of time.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that will help you learn and understand all these new concepts. You will use the block of time you have set aside to learn the basics, in the simplest form, about keyword, keyword research, content writing, how to do seo etc.

I have also written extensively on these topics in my other blogs.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Your next important step is to drive traffic to your website. Traffic is the life blood of any website. Without traffic, you will not make money online, hence your business will not survive.

So how can you drive traffic to your blog? You can do so, by doing seo or search engine optimization. All you have to do, is to include your keyword or phrase in the post title, introduction, meta description and body of your blog content, but doing so naturally. You can also do internal linking. If you only have one content, you will have to wait until you have written several contents, before you start thinking about linking.

Email Campaign

Another way you can drive traffic to your website is to start an email campaign. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategy.

If done correctly, it will enable you to not only generate leads but convert those leads.

And email service providers, have tutorials that will help you set up success email marketing campaigns I have also written blog on email marketing that will be of benefit to you as a stay at home mom.

Here are some Email Service Providers:

Social Media

In previous paragraphs we mentioned that social media has well over 4 billion users, and this gives you the opportunity to reach huge audience with whatever you are promoting.

Of course, your goal is not to misuse social media, as many marketers are inclined to do, by spamming. You on the other hand, have to utilize social media the proper and correct way, if you are to benefit from its power of traffic generation.

Hence, you have to make it as your aim to always provide value by means of your post. Remember it was mentioned that, the content that you write for your website must be of quality, relevant and helpful to your audience, the same is true of what you post on social media, be it images or reports, It must be beneficial, and provides value.

When you are in the habit of providing value, people will like, engage, follow you and share your content. By so doing you can drive traffic to your website.

What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms?


In this article, “What Is An Online Business For Stay At Home Moms? Reasons were given why affiliate marketing is well suited for stay at home moms.

It was mentioned that, affiliate marketing requires hard work, one that is focused, disciplined, devoted, passionate, able to prioritize, good decision maker etc.

And it was stated that as a stay at home mom, you posses all the above, and therefore affiliate marketing is well suited for you.

Further, not only did we define what affiliate marketing is, but how to do it. To do affiliate marketing, it was said:

  • Select your niche
  • Select a platform
  • Create a website
  • Join affiliate programs
  • Do keyword research
  • Write content
  • Drive Traffic to website

My Hope For You

I hope dear stay at home moms, you found this blog, “What is an online Business For Stay At Home Moms,” to be helpful and beneficial. I sincerely feel that you posses what it takes to be a successful stay at home affiliate marketing mom. It is also my wish that you will apply some  of the above suggestions.

May I also request a favor of you?

Should you find areas in this blog that you feel I need to make improvements, please bring it to my attention by leaving me a comment.

Also, if you found this blog to be of value to you and beneficial, I will appreciate it, if you can share it with other stay at home moms.





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