How To overcome The Fear Of Failure In Business.

How To overcome The Fear Of Failure In Business.

Many people are in fear of failure. This is one reason why some are afraid to start an online business, or any business for that matter. Really though, should fear of failure hold you as a hostages. The purpose of this blog,How To Overcome Fear Of Failure In Business,” is going to show you ways to overcome failure in business.

The fear of failure is nothing new. It has always been a part of human existence. There is something that frightens each one of us. Some are afraid of the darkness, some of great heights, majority of death, others of getting sick and of flying. The list is endless..

This blog,”How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure On Business” however, has a limit. It is not going to cover every fear known to man, if we were to do so, there will be no end to this blog. Rather we are going to limit ourselves, to just one aspect of fear, that is the fear of failure in business.

As mentioned earlier, the fear of failure is not a new experience. From the time we are born, way into adulthood, we have been taught to believe that failure is unacceptable, it is viewed in a negative way, hence we have been programmed to fear failure.

As a result, we are shamed when we fail, or feel embarrassed or even feel insignificant when we experience failure.

And this is also evident, that is the intolerance of failure not only in the educational system but also in the employment establishments. Did you have an F grade in one of your classes when you were going to school? How did that make you feel? Did you feel ashamed of yourself? Speaking for myself, I felt disappointed and disgusted with myself. Or what about an interview for work. You have to pass the interview, or you will not have any work. Those who have failed such interviews have no doubt viewed themselves as stupid or even as worthless.

How To overcome The Fear Of Failure In Business.

Clearly society, frowns on failure. As a result, the fear of failure has paralyzed and immobilized many. And such ones have lost out on a business venture that might have brought them much success. Why? Because they have allowed themselves to be held hostage by fear of failure. As mentioned from the beginning,this blog,”How to overcome the fear of failure in online business,” is going to show us ways that we can overcome the fear of failure. So what are the ways we can overcome fear of failure?

Preparation A Way To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Before you can even start your online business, you need to prepare to succeed. It makes sense does it not? Think about somebody wanting to take a long journey. In order for that journey to be successful, he or she has to prepare first for that journey. And this is also true with a car. In order for you, to learn how to drive a car successfully, you will first have to prepare, is that not true?

Similarly, when starting a business, will require for you to prepare, if you are to succeed. How do you prepare? As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, the preparation for success must start with you.

What do you have to offer, that will contribute to the success of your business? Here we are talking about training, skills and abilities.You must take stock of yourself, so that you can identify, not just skills, abilities and training, but also qualities that you may possess, such as determination, devotion, diligence and persistence etc.

These are beautiful qualities to have. For example being persistent and determined, will help you push through any barriers and obstacles, that might cause you to quit.

So again, it is vital that you make a self analysis of yourself, to identify skills, abilities, and qualities that you might possess, that will make a positive difference in your business venture.

Not only must you know yourself, you also have to know something about your business. Do you for example know how to run your business? If you don’t know how to run your own business, or clueless about how a business is run, then this is a recipe for failure. Won’t you agree? Is there something that you can do about this? Of course there is.

You can acquire knowledge, we are not talking about college education, that is not the knowledge you need to acquire, that will enable you to run your business successfully. More on this as we progress in this blog.

Also, in order to overcome the fear of failure in your business, it is also vital that you take the time to get to know your market or specifically, the audience making up your market.

You have to know something about their background, age group, geographic location, education level, interest, issues that they are facing and income level. You need to know the people who will be buying your product or service, and do your best to establish good relationship with them. How can you market to someone, if you know very little about that person? So it makes sense to really get to know your audience, won’t you agree?

Here is another good reason why you should make an effort to get to know your market. This will also give you a feel or an idea, as to how much you should price your product or service. Pricing too high or too low, can be a recipe for failure. Rather, you want your price to reflect the market, you want it to be competitive enough, at the same time allow you to make a profit.

Knowledge of your market, will also enable you, to offer quality product or service. You have to be a step ahead of the competition. By doing everything to separate yourself from the rest, and by helping your audience to view you as unique, this will also help you to avoid failure.

Furthermore, part of your preparing to succeed will also mean that, you have a business plan in place. What is a business plan? A business plan is a basic document that any new business should have in place, before starting a business. It contains the goals of a business, the methods for obtaining those goals, and the time frame for attaining the stated goals. Since it provides you with the steps to follow, we could say that it is the blue print for success.

How To overcome The Fear Of Failure In Business.

Attitude Change A Way To Overcome Fear Of Failure

What is your attitude about fear of failure? Does it paralyze you? Does it immobilize you into in action? If so, then you have to give serious consideration into changing your attitude. Because such fear is unhealthy.

As we discussed from the beginning of this blog, it was mentioned that fear and failure has been part of human existence. So from time to time, each one of us are going to fail, in doing something.

But the point that must be seriously considered, is how do we deal with failure? Let us think about it this way, in real life what happens when we fall down? Do we stay on the ground forever? Do we say to ourselves, we are never going to walk again, just because we fell down?

Of course the answer is a no. Rather, when we fall, we quickly get up, dust ourselves and away we go. We might even try to determine the cause for our falling. And if we determine what the cause was, for example, due to an elevation in the ground, then next time when we are in that area, we will make sure that we watch out for the said elevation. So we actually learned a lesson from our falling down. So what is the point for all of this? Life’s own experiences teaches us that when we fall down, we usually get up on our feet.

This example, illustrates the positive aspect of failing or failure. So not all failure is actually bad. But when we fail, and we absolutely refuse to do something about our failure, or learn from it,then that is the kind of failure that is not healthy, and therefore must not be allowed and tolerated.

However, when we fail, and we are willing to raise ourselves up and learn from our mishap, this is healthy and beneficial.

In harmony with what that has just been stated, do you know that most of the men and women who are said to be successful, experienced failure numerous times in their lives, before they became successful?

Why was this possible? They were wiling to raise themselves up, dust themselves, and learn from their failure, and kept moving forward. You should have the same attitude or disposition about failure.

Failure can be a good teacher, a better teacher than success. What can success teach you? It can teach you things that are negative. But failure, can teach you many valuable life’s lessons.

So don’t fear failure,embrace it. When you fall, allow it to raise you up, and give you the proper instructions as to how you should go. So then what attitude should you adopt that will help you overcome the fear of failure? Allow healthy failure to be a friend, and let it instruct you. And always keep affirming these words to yourself, I will keep going. I will keep going. I will keep going.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We live in a competitive society. Therefore, it has been deeply ingrained in us, that we have to be at the top of everything, or at least try to keep up with the “Jones.”

From an individual standpoint, such a competitive spirit, can be detrimental to your well being.It can rub you of your joy and good health.

We are all unique. So rather than trying to be someone else, you need to be your very self.

This is also true in the world of business. And here is a piece of advice for you and your business. Accept your own uniqueness, and stick with your uniqueness. If you try to do other wise, it can be a recipe for failure.

We are in no way suggesting, that you cannot check on the competition, to see the things that are working for them and learn from their success, in fact, that is one way you are going to grow, by learning.

However the point I am trying to convey dear reader, is the need to not compare yourself, with other marketers. Think about the fingers on your hand. Are they the same? No, they are all different and unique. But they are all valuable and important members of the human body, and they are not competing with each other. Each respects the uniqueness of the other.

To show that we must not compare ourselves with others

Remember , what your mission is, it is to build a unique online business. Being unique, being able to differentiate yourself from the rest is what leads to success. Hence, you want to stick to your uniqueness, and respect the uniqueness and successes of other online marketers, but do not envy them. Do things your way, and you will achieve your own success.

Keep Going A Way To Overcome Fear Of Failure

How else can you overcome the fear of failure? You can do so, by taking actions. You see not taking action is always a cause for failure.

Even though you might be afraid initially, you should not let fear intimidate. When fears, negative thoughts and doubts fill your mind, what must you do?

Before we can attempt to answer this question, I want to make it crystal clear, that not all fears are bad. Some fears can in fact be healthy, and can be a source of motivation.

This is not the kind of fear we are talking about, but rather the fear that can overwhelm us into paralysis, negative thoughts that can cripple us, and doubts that can destroy our self confidence.With that clarification made, back to the question, what must you do when such fears, negative thoughts and doubts come into your mind?

You have to immediately reject them, so that they don’t take root in your heart and mind, as this will help you to stay focused on the right actions to employ.

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, fear has always being part of human existence. So we all from time to time experience fear, especially when doing something for the first time. This is so, because you are leaving your comfort zone, which can denote, a sense of normalcy and familiarity, and venturing into the unknown.

Yes, venturing into the unknown with all honesty, can be scary. Yet even though it can be terrifying at times, it does also provide opportunities. It can furnish us with the opportunity to learn, to grow and can also give us the mental toughness we need to succeed. So, you have to embrace fear and keep moving.

There is at times dear reader, a need to face fear head on, and keep on taking action. When that happens, your comfort zone will expand, and your fear will diminish.

Let us illustrate this point with riding a bicycle. In your first attempt to ride a bicycle, you were fearful were you not? But you did not let such fear hold you back. You left your comfort zone, and took action, by practicing how to ride a bicycle.As you practiced and practiced, your fears kept subsiding, and finally you learned how to ride a bike. And you were thrilled and joyful. But what happened to your fear? Not only did it subside but it vanished completely. Why? Because you were willing to face fear head on.

How To overcome The Fear Of Failure In Business.

Focus On Solutions Not Problems

Our individual lives are filled with problems won’t you agree? But what happens when we are always focused on our problems? We can get depressed , get sick and become overwhelmed into inactivity.

So things will be far better, if the focus is not on the problems. And this is also true in the business world. Just as we as individuals have our own set problems, businesses also have not only their own set of problems, but also the problems of their market to deal with.

In fact, here is a true statement to think about. Businesses exist to solve problems. What this means, is that your existence as a business, is to solve problems, not only your own problem, but particularly that of your audience.

So if you do accept that fact, you won’t let problems terrify, frighten and overwhelm you. If you want to succeed, you have to embrace problems. And always remember that, in your business, you will only make money, when you solve problems for your audience. If this thought does not motivate you, then nothing will.

What should you do then? Instead of focusing on the problems, you must focus on the solutions. Focus for example, on how you can provide the best solution to any given problem. When you focus on how you can provide the best solution, and you always give your audience the best, you and your product or service will always be in demand, because they will always be looking for you to help them.

So you have to view problems not in a negative way, but as an opportunity for you to come up with solutions. And here is another fact for you dear reader to ponder over. For every problem that exists, there is a solution or solutions. So, as more problems arise, more opportunities become available to you.

Education Can Help Overcome Fear Of Failure

Have you heard of the expression knowledge is power, that can be true to some degree.We are not talking about a college education. Because a college degree, is designed to enslave you, to spend your entire life working for someone else. It is designed to keep you broke.

Hence, the kind of education we are referencing, is online courses or education. And here is another fact that you need to ponder over. In order for you to be successful in your business, you must invest in yourself.

In view of this, before starting your business, you have to educate yourself, on how to run a business. You can utilize the expertise and experience of those who have launched a business successfully. They will be willing to share with you ideas and strategies that will contribute to your success. They will be willing to do so for a small fee.

You can also tap into some of the free courses that are offered online. The point of the matter is that you have to keep learning and educating yourself. By so doing, you will keep acquiring the know-how, skills, training and abilities to run a successful business.

Think of life’s own experiences, what does it teach us? Let us use as an example, your first time on a job. Is it not the time when you are most nervous and anxious? Is it not when you have no knowledge and understanding of what you are doing? Or even clueless of what is going on?

But on the other hand, when you educate or learn what is required of you, and you seem to be more in control of your environment, anxieties, nervousness and even fear have a way of disappearing is that not true?

Do you then see the reason why it is necessary to educate yourself? It can help you to overcome the fear of failure. Also, you should consider joining networking groups. These are communities of people with similar interests, and challenges. Such groups provide support and help for group members. This also is a great provision that will help you overcome, the fear of failure in your business.


In this blog, “Overcome fear of failure in business,” It was mentioned that, fear and failure have always been a part of human existence. And they can both be detrimental and beneficial, depending as to how you react to both.

And we outlined some of the ways that one can overcome the fear of failure. We mentioned:

  • Prepare to succeed
  • Change your attitude
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Just keep going
  • Focus on solutions not problems
  • Educate and research

I have the utmost confidence that if you apply some of the points discussed in this blog, you will be able to overcome fear of failure in your business.

And should you find this blog,”How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure In Business ,” to be helpful and of value to you, please I will appreciate it if you would share it with friends, relatives and others. Also should you have any questions, or see areas that I need to make improvements please let me know with a comment.



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