The Best Ways To Create Passive Income.

The purpose of this blog, “The Best Ways To Create Passive Income” is to help you  see and appreciate the value of passive income. In addition, to also show you ways you can set your business up, that will enable you create passive income.

Being in business as an affiliate does not automatically, set you up to receive passive income. Why?

To be able to answer this question, we must first get a definition of the terms affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

It is a process where by, you as an affiliate can promote products or services, via the link given to you. When a click is made on your unique link and a purchase is made, you get paid a commission. It is performance based marketing. So you only make a commission, when someone clicks and a sale is made. It reminds me of a sales man, he only makes a commission when he sells.

Much work is involved in this process, because It is a constant process. You have to repeat the process all over again. You promote, someone clicks and buys, you make money. It is like a wheel that goes around. As long as the wheel is in motion you make money but when it stops, you have no commission. So again, this process involves constant movement, or constant work.

                                                                                The Best Ways To Create Passive Income

Can this method, which I refer to as the straight line affiliate marketing, be viewed as making money passively?  We will try to answer this question at a later time, in this blog,”The Best Ways To Create Passive Income.” First though, we want to compare this straight line affiliate marketing with another traditional way of making money. By so doing, this will give us a better appreciation for making money passively.

  Working Offline

I am certain you have had experiences with offline jobs. I myself have  had quite an experience with working offline. How does the system work? It is quite simple. You are only paid if you perform your prescribed task is that not so? If you do not work, you receive no payment. In essence you are trading in your time for money.

It is similar to the straight line affiliate marketing method. it is a process that goes on a regular or continuous basis. If you stop, like the wheel in the above illustration,you receive no compensation.

As a result, people go to work even when they are sick, they cannot afford to miss work. They go to work even though they hate their jobs, the reason, bills have to be paid. Hence they trade their time for money.

So we see a close similarity between the straight line affiliate marketing  method and offline jobs. Let us quickly recap. With the straight line affiliate marketing method, you promote your link, some one clicks, and buys you earn money. With the offline job, you perform your task only then do you earn. Let us go back to the question that was raised earlier, can this method,  be viewed as making money passively?  To answer that question we have to know what passive income is.

The Best Ways To Create Passive Income

 What Is Passive Income?

For some, what passive income brings to mind is income earned without any work.This is not what we are talking about. On the contrary, passive income requires work and effort. But the difference with the other processes, is that you do the work today, one time  effort and get paid. And you get paid over and over again, even when you are asleep. That is passive income.

                                                                          The Best Ways To Create Passive Income

So let me ask you, which method do you prefer? I am sure you will prefer making money passively.This method is very powerful. It will allow you the affiliate to make very good  money online. It allows you to utilize your time properly and wisely, and it will give you the freedom to do other things you enjoy doing.

For example, if set up properly, you can start generating passive income from your one time effort. With income coming in passively, you can again leverage your one time effort on another business. This will also keep paying you over and over, month after month and year after year.

The Beauty Of Passive Income

Now if you have  three businesses going, earning income passively from all of them, you will make lots of money won’t you agree?

And what will that allow you to do? Not only will you have the opportunity to make money consistently, but you will have the luxury to travel to distant lands,when you feel like it. And give you  much freedom, to spend precious time with your family.  So we can clearly see again, how powerful making money online passively is.

                                                              The Best Ways To Create Passive Income

Now that we have seen the benefits of passive income, the question then is, how can you set up your business,  that will enable you to start generating income passively?

 Best Ways To Create Passive Income.

The best way to make passive income is through creation of online content. When you create content, if it is search engine optimized, it will be discovered by the search engines. When your content is found, the search engines will list it within their search results as an option to click on. Once that happens you will be receiving traffic to your site free of charge.

As soon as you start getting visitors to your page, you can start promoting to them and start making money. So remember, the goal is passive income. So how you promote your  affiliate program on your page  and the relationship you build with your audience, will also determine if you will make income passively.

A Car As An Example

For illustrative purpose, let me use a car as an example. Let us assume you are promoting a car, and you provide a beautiful content, about this car and  an image of it.  Will it not also be beneficial to list some parts or accessories on your page?

The objective as stated, is to make passive income correct? And passive income is when you do the work today, and get paid over and over again for just that one effort.

So if some one buys the car, may be in the near future, he might need a tire, a wind shield wiper, a battery, a fan belt, a head light etc. Who are they going to be coming to ? They are going to be coming to you. Why? Because you have built relationship with them by way of your relevant and quality content, but also, you have set yourself up as problem solver. And this gives you the opportunity to be making money passively, even whiles you sleep.

Not Just Limited To Cars

This strategy is not just limited to cars, can use it with any other products or services. Again for illustrative purpose, assume you are promoting flash light for hiking. Not only will you list, the flash light itself, what about  accessories, or other components of the flash light, such bulbs and batteries? In time, they might be in need of bulbs or batteries and will seek you out, and thus you will be earning commission passively.

We have discussed,things that we must do so that we can make income passively. We mentioned, online content creation, and how you promote your products on your page will also play a huge part.

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

 I do apologize. The reason for the apology, is that I have put the cart before the horse. How so? I did mention that online  content creation as a way to make passive income. And please don’t get me wrong, that statement still holds true. But still, we cannot put the cart before the horse. There are certain things that you can do first, that will lay the proper foundation for making money passively. And that is what we are going to discuss now.

                                                             The Best Ways To Create Passive Income

Choose A Niche Market

First, you have to select a market, that you will like to operate in as an affiliate marketer. But you will want to narrow or segment that market, and this is what that is referred to as a niche.

So rather than trying to promote to a broader market, which can be costly,  and fiercely competitive,  promote to a segment of that broader market.

Let us look at few examples.Weight loss as a market, is way too broad. However, you can target a portion of that market. You can for instance target weight loss for girls, weight loss for men, and weight loss for women. And you can even further segment it, to weight loss for women between 60-70 years.

What is the point again? The point is simple and clear. Make your niche very narrow or segmented,this allows you to be well focused, and better able to address their problems.  And you can do so by offering practical solutions by way of a quality and relevant content.

It Must Be A Profitable Niche

Not only should your niche be specific and targeted, but it must also be profitable.Hence the product that you choose, must be a product or service that is in demand and relevant to your particular niche.So it is vital that you know your niche, their concerns, their worries and their problems, this will put you in a better position to solve their problems and make passive income in doing so.

We mentioned that laying a foundation is one of the best ways for making passive income. And we discussed some of the necessary things that you can do, that will make this a possibility. However, there is one more vitally important thing that must be in place, before you can start making money online passively as an affiliate. What is it?

Create A Niche Website

You must create a  simple niche website. In fact creating a niche website, should be the first thing to do before even creating an online content.   You must put in place a simple niche website.

I know dear reader, that the mention of you creating a niche website, have almost caused you to raise your hands up in surrender. I use to have a similar feeling. The thought of me building my own niche website, terrified me to the point of quitting.

But you don,t have to be. I over came my fears and I created my first website. You can do the same, besides it is very simple to build. No sweats at all, and you don’t need no technical skills to do so. You can even use a free tool to build your very first simple niche site, set it up and lay its foundation, so that you can begin promoting products and start earning money passively. Here is the free tool below.

                                                                       The Best Ways To Create Passive Income

You are given step by step instructions, this will have you building your niche website in no time. It is so simple, is like taking a candy from a baby. Here is something to remember, once you create content ,you will continue to earn commission for years to come. All you will need to do is add more content so that you will continue to grow your income.

Choose The Right Affiliate Program

Here is another way passive income can be made.You have to make sure that you choose the right affiliate program. Many affiliate programs pay a one time commission, when a web visitor clicks on your link and buys.To make passive income, you want to look for programs that will keep paying you recurring commission as long as the customer keeps the subscription.

You can only benefit from this second strategy, if you select a product that is reputable and provides a solution to your customer. Why?

Because if you choose a product or service that is not reputable or of good quality, the customer will cancel the subscription.. So it is very important therefore, that you choose the right affiliate program, if you desire to make income passively.

I have also listed for you some very good programs that will help you make money passively:



In this blog, “The Best Ways To Create Passive Income”, we did establish that making money online passively, is not only a possibility but compared to other methods, is one of the best ways to make money online. And we gave a definition of what passive income is. We said, it is something that you do once, but you get paid over and over again for that one time effort.

And we discussed 2 strategies that will enable you to create passive income. In the first strategy, it was mentioned that you select a profitable niche, choose a product, create a niche website and make sure it is optimized. Once you do these things,then create quality content, which will be discovered by search engines.

Recurring Commissions

In the second strategy, we said that you have to choose programs that offer recurring commission, that is allow you to make income passively . It was also mentioned, to benefit fully from this strategy, you have to choose programs that are reputable.

So dear reader based on our discussion, won,t you rather make income passively? Not only does it allow you to earn consistently even when you are asleep, but gives you the opportunity to do things that you enjoy doing. Maybe traveling and spending precious and valuable moments with your family.

It is my hope that this blog”,The Best Ways To Create Passive Income”was of some value to you. It is my hope that you will apply some or all of the suggestions found in this blog. And most importantly, it is my hope that you will start making income passively in your online business.

And should you have a feedback as to how I could improve or a question please let me know.




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