Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing, has become like a magnet, it attracts and draws. It is attracting people from diverse backgrounds, from all over the globe, to the Internet. With one singular objective, to make money via affiliate marketing. Hence, this blog “Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer” was written with these ones in mind.

But before we delve into our discussion,”Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer”, I think it will be proper and helpful, to give a brief definition of affiliate marketing.

Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


                             What Is Affiliate Marketing?    

  Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money, by way of commission,when you promote products or services for a company and generate sales through your promotional efforts.

Now that we have a brief definition of what affiliate marketing is, we want  to look at other aspects of affiliate marketing, by so doing, we are laying a foundation for this discussion. In view of what has been said, affiliate marketing has challenges and benefits.

Challenges To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


Are there challenges in affiliate marketing? Really though, life itself is full of challenges does it not? So we can only  expect affiliate marketing to have it’s own set of challenges .

You can expect to see stiff competition, as brands compete with brands and affiliates compete with other affiliates for sales.  You also have the challenge to stay focused, because the Internet environment is filled with many distractions.There is also, the difficulty in distinguishing  genuine products or services, from the fakes, this is all due to clever advertising. Affiliate Marketing requires much work, and this can be a challenge for many.

Also not being able to see income for months or even years can be a challenge for many. Writing relevant and quality content on a consistent basis that will rank is another challenge.

These are but just a few of the many challenges one can expect  to face as an affiliate. However, in spite of the challenges, there are also benefits. Like the challenges, we are only going to make a mention of just few of the benefits.

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


In most cases, you can join affiliate programs for free. You are your own boss, and you have the ability to work from where ever you please, and to set your own time. It further provides you the opportunity to spend much time with your loved ones, and you have the potential of making lots of money, if you know what to do.Now that we have looked at the challenges and benefits, we also want to look at briefly, another aspect of affiliate marketing, and that is the failure rate.


Failure Rate Of Affiliate Marketers


As mentioned earlier, many people are coming online to start a business as affiliates.There are many reasons for this migration to the Internet to start an online business as an affiliate. What are these:

  • Most affiliate programs are free to join, so this attracts lots of people
  • Potential to make lots of money draws people
  • Poor economic conditions in most countries, are luring people to the Internet, to start an online business
  • The Covid-19 pandemic is another contributor.

And the majority of these ones, are inexperienced and they know absolutely nothing about the concept of affiliate marketing.

Please, I don’t want you to feel that I am being disrespectful, to such ones. That is not my intent, I am just stating a fact. And this fact is a reality in the affiliate marketing world.

Statistical Support

And to prove that this is a fact, what does statistics say in this regards? Statistics clearly indicate that the majority of all online businesses fail. Specifically, according to statistics 95% of all online businesses become casualties. That is a significant number won’t you agree? So only a very very small percentage make it online.

So again dear reader, do you now see a need for this blog,”Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer?” For a moment though, let us take a few seconds to analyze the tittle,”Steps To becoming An Affiliate Marketer.” What does the title suggest? It suggests that you are not yet an affiliate, and that there are certain things that you have to do, before you can become an affiliate marketer.

The traditional way of thinking, is that as soon as you start an online business, you are automatically referred to as an affiliate marketer, without any consideration as to whether you are qualified to be an affiliate marketer.

I don’t personally subscribe to such thinking. Hence, this blog came about because of that. I strongly feel that, before you can really call yourself an affiliate marketer, you have to meet certain criteria.

I hope you are not going to feel that I am biased, or just trying to pick on beginners. On the contrary, this could be far from the truth. I am just trying to address a wide spread disgraceful issue, that confronts the affiliate marketing industry, that 95% of all who start an online business fail.

Won’t you rather have a 95% success rate than a 95% failure rate? In order to reverse this failure rate, will require positive actions. It is going to require preparation, and it is going to require taking steps to becoming an affiliate marketer. Hence again the reason for this blog.
                                                                        Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


As mentioned, in order to become an affiliate marketer, steps must be taken, preparations must be made, and learning must take place prior to becoming  an affiliate.

I strongly feel that this approach does make sense. When does a person become a driver? Is it not before he has taken the necessary steps. The steps will include, studying the rules of the road, practicing and then being tested. These steps have to be taken or met, only then will he be viewed or called a driver. Is that not so?

This is also true of someone who wants to be a teacher or a doctor.They don’t automatically become a teacher or a doctor. Like the driver, schooling, practice and exams are steps that  they must have to go through, before they are qualified to become either a doctor or a teacher.

This should also be true of those who would like to start an online business as affiliates. They should also have to take the necessary steps, before they can call themselves, affiliate marketers.

                                                    Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

In order to become an affiliate marketer then, you must have a very strong why. That is, why do you want to become an affiliate marketer? It is not enough to just say because it is trendy, or because my friends are doing it, or I want to make lots of money. These are all fine and good.

But I feel that your why, must be stronger than that. Why is this the case? Recall what we said about affiliate marketing? We said that it poses many challenges.  And some of these challenges, can cause much frustration, much anguish, much discouragement, to the point of given it up and quitting.

So what will help you not to quit, but  to rather stay the course? It is your why question, not just any why, but as mentioned a very strong why.

If you will allow me, let me use myself as an example. In my online journey, I have encountered, many many set backs or failures, not able to make money consistently. To be honest, it became a life of frustration, disappointments and discouragement.

Do you know dear reader how many times I tried to quit? I tried to quit so many times.  And believe me , I had legitimate reasons for quitting, or dropping out, but I did not. I stuck with it. Do you know why? It was because of my strong why.

How Strong Is Your Why

You see I was running away, and believe me, am still running away from these things or situations. Situations or things that can be painful for me and my family. Do you want to know what I am running away from? I am running away from poverty, hunger  and homelessness. They scare me a lot. These are my whys.

So in spite of the challenges and obstacles that have confronted me in my online adventure, I have not quit or dropped out, because I am afraid of the painful realities of poverty, not being able to adequately provide for self and family and homelessness.

I have a noble responsibility, and we all do.To make sure that my family is secure and well taken care of. In this regard, I refuse to let my family down. So my whys have kept me going, they have kept me focused on my target, in spite of.

So do you see the reason for a strong why? Recall what we said about the failure rate. We said that  there is a 95% failure rate of online businesses. Could this be because people have not put in place there strong why or whys? This could be one possible reason.

So what about you? What is your why or whys? Are they strong enough, to keep you focused on your target, to keep you going, in spite of the storms of adversity that you may encounter?

                                                            Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer
If you don’t yet have a strong why,
my advice to you, is to put in place your strong why. Having a strong why is a step to becoming an affiliate marketer.


Change Of Mental Attitude

What we feed our mind, can influence us to act in a certain way. So what is your mental attitude towards work, towards life in general? How do you view yourself? Do you see yourself as a negative individual? Are you the I can,t do person?  The it is too hard person? Are you the I am  not able person?  The procrastinator type person? Are you the lack of confidence person? And the lazy type of a person?

Most people who come online, come online with a big dream, but they absolutely don’t want to do anything to see that dream come true. What kind of attitude is that?

You see, if you view yourself in a negative way, how do you expect to become an affiliate marketer? Such negativity, will affect your business and ruin your chances of success.

In order for you to become an affiliate marketer, you have to start changing your thinking process, you must have the proper mind set. Rather than dwelling on the negatives, feed your mind with the positives, and dwell on the positives. It is therefore imperative, that you start changing the I can’t do thinking with the I can do attitude. That you start changing the I am not able to, with I am able and capable. That you start changing your attitude toward work, and convince yourself that you are a hard worker

You have to start thinking highly of yourself, and never try to belittle yourself, or question your self worth. Yes, a negative thinking can affect your online success, hence can disqualify you from becoming an affiliate marketer.

                                                            Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


Goals A Step To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


Another step to becoming an affiliate marketer, is having goals. And goals are very vital for success.

All the things we are discussing, as it relates to “Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer” are all connected or related. Do you recall, when we mentioned that one must have a strong why. And that your why will help you to be focused . Do you remember that point? Focused on what? It is going to help you focus on your goals.

In order therefore to become an affiliate  marketer, you must have goals in place. Goals will help stabilize you, anchor you, give you direction and a sense of purpose.

What does life’s experiences teach us about setting goals? From the earliest part of our lives, we are encouraged to set goals, be it in school or at work. Without goals, you will drift aimlessly, without real purpose, and you have nothing to  attach yourself to.


                                                                Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

It becomes virtually impossible to progress or grow, without
you having goals. So instead of filling your mind with the negatives,
which can be detrimental to your success, put your goals constantly in
front of you, dwell on your goals. Allow them to direct and motivate you to action, to motivate you to perform and accomplish. And all successful affiliate marketers have goals set in place.

Set Effective Goals

Make sure that your goal is effective. What are effective goals? Effective goals are specific and not broad.If your goals are specific, you are better able to gauge your progress. What is an example of a specific goal? In one week, I will write 3 blogs. It is specific enough, and therefore easily measurable.

Your goal must also be realistic, attainable and achievable. You don’t want to set goals that are way to difficult or unrealistic. Why? It can cause frustration and discouragement. At the same time, you don’t want to set goals that are very simple . Why? Because simple goals are not good motivators. Not only must your goal be measurable, but  must also include target dates and allow for feed back. Feed back will allow you to evaluate your goal(s) and thus improve performance.

So clearly then, in order to become an affiliate marketer, you must have goals set in place.They give you clarity, keep you focused, give you direction and motivation.


Good Qualities  Step To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer


In order to become an affiliate marketer, I also believe that , one must cultivate certain qualities. What qualities must one cultivate? There are many useful qualities that are vital. First we will begin with the quality of honesty.

You have to be honest with yourself, and I am including myself in this. But do you know dear reader, that most people today, are not honest not only with others, but also with themselves? That is is kind of hard to believe is it not? So if you have set goals and you deliberately fail to achieve it or fail to put in the time and effort, tell me, were you really being honest with yourself? The answer of course is no.

Be Honest With Others

It also means that, you have to be honest with others. Do you know that, some who claim to be affiliate marketers are dishonest? They promote  products or services that are based on false advertising.They sell products that don’t do  what they said the product or service was suppose to do. Scamming people out of their hard earned dollar, and disappearing. How do you view such individuals? Are they not dishonest?

Dishonesty can ruin a good reputation and destroy whatever trust you have managed to build. So in order to become an affiliate marketer, it is vital that you cultivate the quality of honesty.

Another quality that is essential for you becoming an affiliate marketer is perseverance. What does it mean to persevere? To persevere means to persist. You persist until the task is accomplished.  Further, you must persevere until the goal is reached. You have to continue, regardless of the obstacles that confronts you. And perseverance is strongly linked to a strong why and to goals that are set.

Perseverance Will Keep You Moving

In previous paragraphs, we mentioned that affiliate marketing, has its own set of challenges. Challenges, that can cause frustrations, discouragement and the urging to quit. But just as a strong why, perseverance will keep you moving, steadily toward your target.  Recall too we said that 95% of all businesses fail, one of the many reasons they fail is that they don’t have the ability to persevere. So at the slightest hint of trouble they quit.

So clearly then,   perseverance as a quality should be one of the steps to becoming an affiliate marketer.

Important also, is the need to be focused. This too is contributing to the high rate of failure in the affiliate marketing industry. People are not focused, they are easily distracted.

On the Internet, there are people who are promoting programs that are worthless, their goal is to rob individuals of their hard earned dollars. They lie to people, telling these that if they buy their products or services, they will make lots of money over night, and that absolutely, no work is involved, because it is a push button program. And we do know that, that could be far from the truth.

Being Focused Is Essential

In view of this, it is vital that if you want to become an affiliate marketer, that you cultivate this quality of being focused.Being focused will prevent you from having the shinny ball syndrome, hence hopping from program to program, thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. In the final analysis, with nothing positive to   show for it but frustration, disappointment and discouragement.

Hence if you want to become an affiliate marketer, my advice to you, is to start training yourself to be focused on your target, yes you must be one, who looks straight ahead.

                                                               Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

What other qualities are needed, that will help you become an affiliate marketer?  We are going to lump all of these three qualities together, in that they all seem to be similar in meaning. If you want to be an affiliate you must cultivate the quality of determination, the quality of dedication, and the quality of devotion.

Be Determined

Determination, means to be firm or resolute in purpose. So nothing is  going to stop you to reach your goal. Why? Because you are resolute and firm or determined. Dedication is  to commit oneself to a particular course of thought or action. If you are committed to something, you are going to give it your very best is that not true? You will not allow nothing to put a wedge between you and what you hold so dearly to your heart. Won’t you agree? Devotion is to give or apply one’s time, attention or self entirely to a particular activity or course. Most people today are not devoted, they are unwilling or unable to devote time and energy to make positive things happen on their behalf.

So my dear reader, do you now see why I strongly feel that, to become an affiliate marketer one must cultivate such qualities? Such qualities will help you from giving up, even though it is difficult. They will prevent you from failing, and being part of the 95% failure rate statistics.

                                Teach Yourself.

Finally, we talked in our discussion, about a driver, teacher or a doctor. You don’t just  automatically become a teacher, driver or a doctor. You have to learn, or train before you can be any one of these.For some it might take years of schooling. The reason is that, a doctor has to know the business of being a doctor, a teacher  or a driver must know the business of being a teacher or a driver.

Similarly, to become an affiliate marketer, one must know the business of affiliate marketing, won’t you agree? One must be willing to put in the hours. You have to learn before you can earn, and be ambitious enough to want to put in the effort, that will enable you to know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know anything about SEO, if you don’t know anything about email marketing, if you don’t know anything about choosing a profitable niche, if you don’t know anything about keyword research or how to write quality or relevant content  or anything about video marketing etc. Then my advice is that you take the time, put in the effort to learn and grasp, what it takes to become an effective affiliate marketer.

And let me again repeat this point, I am not trying to scare you, on the contrary, I am trying to help. Recall again, what we said about the failure rate? It stands at 95%. Won’t you agree that if people, will take the time and effort to learn, to educate themselves, before they start an online business, the failure rate will decline dramatically.

You can get the training or education, for free or for a very small investment. Is it worth it? Most definitely it is worth it. Why? Because such training or education will equip you to become an effective affiliate marketer, with the ability to provide not only for yourself but also for your family. So yes, it is worth it.



In this blog,” Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer”, We said that in order to be an affiliate marker , one must take steps to become one. Just like someone who wants to be a doctor, must take steps to qualify to become a doctor, we said that the same should be true of anyone, who wants to become an affiliate marketer.

The reason for this thinking we mentioned, is the fact that many online businesses are failing, and the failure rate is very high. So in order to help many to succeed as affiliates, they have to go through essential steps and such steps will help them to qualify  themselves, as affiliate marketers. And some of the steps we discussed at length were:

  • Having a strong  why
  • Having the proper mental attitude
  • Having Goals in place
  • Cultivating qualities
  • Teaching yourself

So my dear reader, it is my hope that you will find this content to be informative and beneficial. I also sincerely hope that, you will apply some or all of the suggestions in this blog. And I have the fullest confidence, that if you do, and if you put in the time and effort, you will most definitely succeed in your online adventure as an affiliate marketer.

                                                                          Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

And should you have any question or any feed back, please let me know.







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  1. Hi Sten, with so many people working from home and wanting to earn passive income, there are many that have joined the world of affiliate marketing. I think many that start an online business, think it will be easy and that it is a get-rich-quick scheme. But affiliate marketing takes time and dedication to become successful. 

    Having a strong why and goals, are indeed very important, as well as getting training to teach you how to do affiliate marketing. Do you have an indication as to how long it would take to start seeing results and earning some money? 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hello Line, I just want to take the opportunity, to thank you so very much for your comment. I agree with what you said, that many people who attempt to start an online business, have the thinking that it is easy and no work is involved. This of course is not true. Much work is involved.

      But the whole point though, is consistency. If you are consistent, you put in the work, you are willing to learn and implement, you are focused, patient and do not give up, I have full confidence that you will see results. When? It is going to depend on your efforts, but it will happen.

      Again thank you so much, I hope you visit my site again, since I am always updating and writing new blogs. Should you need any help please let me know.



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