Step By Step Guide On How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.



As you may have already known, there are many ways to make money online.

  • Taking Surveys.
  • Write Books.
  • Watch movie previews.
  • Get paid for sharing your opinions
  • Clean up search engine mistakes.
  • Get  paid to tutor kids online

The list is endless. However, we are not going to be discussing any of these programs, but  we will be talking about at length, a method  or opportunity referred to as affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing is  simple and easy to do. Your one time effort, will keep paying you over and over again. It creates real opportunities and endless possibilities. It can be very lucrative. It can change your  life, and cause you to live the life style, you have always dreamed of, if you let it.

Do you know that there are over 4 billion people online? These people are going to search engines, social media or websites looking for help. Do you also know that the affiliate marketing industry estimated worth is $12 billion globally? And do you also know that, more than ever, more people are going online to buy products and services?

Affiliate marketing is on an upward trend. Such upward trend, provides you the affiliate, with endless opportunities and possibilities.

Again, I want to commend you, for your noble desire to make money online via affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing is a method, that allows you the affiliate to make money, by promoting  products or services of a particular company. Most companies, have affiliate programs. You can sign up for a free account. When you join, they will give a link that is unique to you.

How do you promote this link? The traditional method of promoting your link as suggested by the gurus, is that you blast your link on social media and other platforms, so that your friends will see it, click on it , buy stuff from you, and you make money.  And this method of promoting your link is well illustrated  in this model. But is this method of promoting your link effective? Is it efficient? What do you think?



Why do we say that it is not effective?. True you might make a sales here and there. But you will expend tremendous amount  of time, energy and effort trying to make those few sales. Remember as an affiliate, your goal is to make money regularly, and not struggle to do so.

Another reason why it is not effective, is that by blasting your link every where, you could even be breaking rules or laws, by spamming. Do you that you can be banned for spamming.?

And another vital reason why this method of promotion is not effective, is that  such method, does not allow you to build trust and relationships, which are vital for your online success. Why is trust and building relationships so important?

In my previous blog, “AFFILIATE MARKETING GUIDE FOR THE BEGINNERS”, I discussed briefly, that the Internet provides opportunities, but it also poses lots of dangers, it can be a mine field. So what does this tell you?  That  to be a successful affiliate, will require you to build trust and a good relationship with your specific audience.

The more people get to trust you, the more they are willing to allow
you to help them with their problems, and eager they will be to pay you
handsomely, over and over again. So how do we build trust and
relationship? I know you are very eager for an answer to this
question.  But before we can answer this question, there is something I
would like to discuss briefly. It is essential that we do so. Why? It
is  very fundamental, yet essential for your online success.  What is it? Goals.          

Why do you have to set goals? As mentioned, goals are very important for your online success. Goals can solidify you, they can stabilize you. Goals can keep you focused, thus avoid distractions.Goals can give you a sense of purpose and direction. Doing business online without goals, can be likened to a man, in a boat without a paddle, drifting away.

So do you see why it is necessary  to set goals? What types of goals can you set? You can set personal and business goals. To do so, you have to think in terms of: Time, money,family, yourself, the future,and employment. You of course, have to come up with goals that are relevant to you and your business. You  hopefully know yourself very well, so I or no one else can set goals for you.

But what I can do for you in this regard, is to provide you with the criteria for setting effective goals.

  • An effective goal must be clear
  • It must be reasonable and attainable
  • It must be specific
  • it must be measurable
  • It must be observable
  • It should allow for feed back.


Now that we have the frame work for our online business, we now want to address  the question that was posed earlier,  as it relates to trust and relationships.



Earlier, we said that, when you sign up for an affiliate program, you are issued a link that is unique. It was mentioned that, you can use this link to promote the products or services of the various companies that you may join, as an affiliate. We also mentioned that, there is a wrong way and an effective way to promote your link. What is the right way?

The effective and efficient way to market your link, is to first build trust and good relationship with your targeted audience. To do so, as an affiliate, you must have an online presence. Your online presence begins with you choosing a niche. What is a niche?

A niche is defined by one dictionary, as a specialized part of a market for products or services or a little separated area in a room. They give us a nice example to better understand  the word niche. Products for dogs is very broad, so  we can narrow it to products for beagles. Products for beagles is a niche The same is true of weight loss. It is too broad. We can target a segment of the weight loss market. For example, weight loss for pregnant women, is a niche.

So the point we are trying to make, is that in choosing a niche, you want to choose a niche that is segmented, a niche that is targeted. Important also, is that you select as a niche, something that you are interested in, something you enjoying doing, or passionate about. You don’t have to be an expert in a particular niche. As long as you are willing to do some research and learn, you can succeed in any niche.

And don’t worry, you are not going to be stuck with a niche forever. As you grow your business, you could change niches.Some might think that a niche will constraint them. It will limit their ability to make lots of money online. Is that true? Let us quickly recall what we said in the previous paragraphs.

We did say that ,there are well over  4 billion people that go online to search for information or look for solutions for their problems. Correct?  So regardless of the niche you choose, if you as an affiliate, position yourself properly, you  will make money ..

So do not over think this process. Yes, choosing a niche is a very important process. However, you do not want  selecting your niche, paralyze you into inactivity or immobilize you. So go ahead, and choose your niche today.

Now that you have chosen your niche, dear reader, I want to be the first to congratulate you. What does this tell me about you? That you are very serious about your online success.

So  now that you have a niche, we want to make sure that, we continue laying  the foundation  for trust  and relationship building with your  specific audience. How? By transforming your niche idea into a concrete business, beginning with your very own website. Yes, you heard me correctly, your very own website. With your own very website, you are able to build trust and build relationships with your audience. So building trust and relationships are vital, and you are better able to do so with your own website.

                             BUILDING YOUR WEBSITE.

For many, the thought of building a website, can   terrify them. Why so? They may think that , they don’t have the skills and ability, they are not tech savvy.  In fact, that is one of the reasons some abandon their online journey.

But really though, should building a website, traumatize one  into inactivity? I have good news for you. Building a website is really a very simple process, and even someone without technical skills can build a website.

Do you know dear reader, that you can build your very own website for under 30 seconds? Yes, you heard me right..I said under 30 seconds. And you can do so for free. Yes, I said for free.

Why am I telling you all of this? I am doing so, because I really want you to be successful in your online journey. At times , as beginners, we tend to magnify minor obstacles, and allow such perceived road blocks to stop us in our track. I don’t want that to happen to you.

In my previous blog which I made a mention  of earlier, I gave a brief definition of “a guide” The gist of the definition is that a guide, directs, steers and point in the right direction.

Hence, I do not want the idea of you having to build your own website, derail your online dreams. So, I am going to play the role of a guide, like parents that give guidance to their children, I am going to direct you, to point you,  to steer and guide you to a powerful  and yet simple website platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here, you will  be able to build your very  own website. And do so as mentioned earlier, under 30 seconds, and  for free..And not only will you be helped to build your website, but you will also be helped to make your site fully operational and ready to make money.

So don’t allow yourself to be terrified. You have to remember that, there are very excellent resources out there, that will not only make your online journey successful, but also rewarding.

So dear reader, in brief review of what we have  discussed so far, we said that to have a real online presence, one must build trust. Building such trust, we mentioned ,begins with choosing a niche, then building your own niche idea website.

On your niche website, you will have your affiliate programs that you will be promoting, You will also have advertisers, who will be promoting on your site. To be able to bring traffic to your site, you could do so by means of content, quality content that will rank in search engines. We will discuss this point some more later.

With traffic being generated, and trust and relationships established with your audience, they will be eager to buy from you. Why did I bring this up?  I brought this up, because it fits in well, with the pragmatic model below, not the traditional model of affiliate marketing.

In the traditional model, you  are allowed to spam, by blasting your affiliate link. In this model, I refer to it as the “pragmatic” model, you build trust and means of your website via your content.

                               CREATING CONTENT.                   

Recall we briefly touched on content in the preceding paragraphs. Now, we are going to elaborate a little bit on it. To be able to make money, good money online, you must create content that is relevant.Let me repeat myself again, I said you must create a content that is relevant.

I am not trying to be mean spirited, but I just want this thought to sink in. Can you create a content that is relevant and useful.?  I have every confidence  in you, that you will. I don’t doubt you a bit. We  are going to pause on that thought, and come back to it at another time.

We talked about relevancy of your content. When people do a google search, which I am sure you have done, they put  in the search bar what they are looking for. For example, they could be searching for, “Make Money Online Opportunity”. What they typed in the search bar, are referred to as keywords or phrases. Google will also based on that search,  will suggest similar alternatives, these are also referred to as keywords.As the example below  also shows.

In the above model, in the search bar, you see keywords And below the keywords in the search bar are suggested key words provided by google. Why did I bring key words up? I did so because, your content must revolve around what people are searching for in search engines.

Your responsibility therefore, is to write a content, that is relevant to your keywords, and within your niche. A word of caution here. You don’t want to target just any keywords. You must find and target profitable keywords.Targeting profitable key words, is what  is going to make you money. What is a profitable key word?

A profitable keyword, is a keyword that receives a good number of searches each month,but has few websites competing for it. It should have a number over 30 in the “AVG” column and a number below 100 in “QSR” column. So building your content around profitable keywords is vital for your success. Example below of profitable keyword.

But I know what you are thinking, I can’t do this it is too hard. You know what, I use to think that way. But  I do not think that way any more. Why? I educated myself, I learned. Now I know how to do it. And besides, will you allow a seemingly  minor obstacle to derail your dreams and aspirations. I hope not.

In fact, do you know that choosing  profitable keywords and doing keyword research are very easy? So do not allow terms or words to scare the day light out of you. In fact let me tell you a very sweet secret.  I have told you this secret before. But it is worth repeating. You can access this amazing and simple tool that will help you do keyword research and find profitable keywords, you guessed it, at Wealthy Affiliate. You can access it for free for a limited time.

Now that you know how to do keyword research, and you know how to choose a profitable keyword, so what is next? What is next, is your creating a content that involves your keywords. And  recall we briefly discussed content in previous discussions. Now , we are going to expand on those points a little.

Recall also, we mentioned that over 4 billions do searches in search engines, looking for information or looking for solutions to their problems. You remember that point?

I have news for you.You are going to be one of those, who will be helping such ones.  Me?  Yes , you heard me right, You. You are going to help them, through the content that you will be creating in your specific niche, targeting your keywords.

I am coming to know you very well, hence, I know what is going through your mind. What is going through your mind, is that you are telling yourself that you can’t write, and why you can’t  write, is that you did not even finish kindergarten.Correct?  On a more serious note, my dear reader, I know you finished  kindergarten. And I have the fullest confidence in you that you are capable of producing a piece of content, that will help people solve their problems.

At times people in general are in the habit of making excuses. I want to impress this fact on you. That   excuses cannot give  you your hearts desires, but excuses , can rob you of realizing your dreams. This is something I learned, and I will like to pass that on to you.

Throughout this article, we have stressed over and over, the need to build trust and a healthy relationship with your audience in your specific niche. Your content is going to give you the opportunity, to do just that.

So from now on, I want you to start to view yourself, not as a sales person, but as a helpful person. A helpful person, provides by means of his content, relevant information that helps his audience. He provides them  with solutions to their problems. By means of his content, he provides value.

So as an affiliate marketer, if you are aiming to be successful, my advice to you, is that you don’t try to sell to people,   don,t be a sales person. A person who tries to sell online, does not build trust, does not build relationship. You want to be the opposite of that.

It is also very important that you be a people person. Why?  Because a people person, cares. A people person is compassionate. A people person is sympathetic. A people person is kind and considerate.So another piece of advice to you  dear reader, is to cultivate qualities, that will make you a people person.

When you develop  a people quality, it will reflect  in your content. How so? You will be eager to help people, you will help them to solve their problems. As you create your content, you will come across to your readers,as a caring,compassionate,loving, kind and helpful person, not as a sales person.

Such beautiful qualities, will endear you to your specific audience, and this in turn will enable you to build a lasting relationship with them. Here is another piece of advice for you my dear reader. Helping people get what they want, will help you also get what you want.

As you write your content, make sure that you include your key words in your title and in your introduction paragraph.

And be yourself, express yourself naturally. And here is a Latin adage “Esse Quam Vederi” Do you know what it means? It means rather to be than to seem. Be who you are, don’t try to be some one else. Your readers will appreciate it very much, if you adopt such a humble and sincere spirit, and they will eagerly turn to you for help and pay you handsomely.

As we mentioned  previously, it was stated that the Internet is dotted with hazards, but also with opportunities. So take full advantage of some of these resources. Some of them are even free. You have exceptional training, and you have excellent tools. Take full advantage of these resources.Learn, educate yourself,and acquire the tools you need to make your success online, a reality.


In our discussion, we mentioned that, there are many ways to make money online.But we indicated that, the best way to make money online, is via a method referred to as affiliate Marketing. And we defined affiliate marketing , as a process, where by, an affiliate promotes  a unique link issued to him, by a company,and when the linked is clicked and turns into sale , you the affiliate makes money.

And we did also  indicate, that there is a right way and a wrong way to promote an assigned link.We said that the effective way to promote your link, is by building trust and good relationships.

And we outlined ways to build such  trust and good relationships:

  • Choose a specific niche
  • Build a niche website
  • Generate profitable keywords
  • Create content

We also mentioned that your objective should be to help people, hence, your content should address, people’s needs and concerns. And Finally,we said that, when you help people  meet their needs, you will in effect  be helping you,to meet your own needs.

So my dear reader, take full advantage of all  the online resources  Learn, educate yourself. Be a people person. Persevere in your online endeavor. I have the utmost confidence, that if you put into application some of the suggestions discussed in this  blog, you will come to realize your hopes and your dreams, yes, you will become a successful Affiliate Marketer.



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