How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

Traffic is the life blood of any business. Without it your business will not exist. The purpose of this blog, “How To increase Traffic On A Website,” will show you how you can do just so.

The proven ways to increase website traffic:

Perform Keyword Research To Increase Web Traffic

You don,t want to start creating a content first, doing so will be like putting the cart before the horse. Rather, the prudent thing to do first, is to find out what your niche audience is looking for. That is the search terms they are using to, find products or services.

Their search terms are your keywords. Hence, you want to be certain that your keywords are in harmony with the search terms that they are using. Why? If you use the wrong keyword, the result will be that they will not land on your page, hence no traffic for you. So it is vital that your keywords match what your audience is looking for.

Once you compile you keywords, you have to dig a little deeper in the list of your keywords. You can use keyword research tool to do so. There are many excellent keyword tools that you can use. The one that I use, is Jaaxy.

Your research tool will reveal so many useful information about your keyword. It will provide you with variations of your key phrases, synonyms, relevant key phrases, search volumes of the keywords, and the number of websites competing for the same key phrases.

Once you determine that the keywords are in fact profitable, you will then write quality content, targeting those key phrases, which enables your site to rank, thus bringing traffic on your website.

Now that you have written a high-quality content on your website, you will need to help your potential customers, to find your website.

Increase Traffic To Your Website By Doing SEO

How can you do so? You can do this by adopting SEO( search engine optimization) strategy. What is SEO? SEO is when you optimize a website for search engines, so you can see it in search results for relevant searches. If you want people to find your website, you have to optimize it.

How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

How do you optimize your website, so that when people put their search terms in the search engines, they will land on your page?

Not only do you have to optimize your content, but also your search engine results page (SERP). You must optimize your content, so that search engines can comprehend what it is about, so that they can rank it, in relevant searches.

You can optimize your content by putting key phrases in the following places:

  • Page title and SEO title
  • Add keywords to some of your subheading H2 and H3
  • Ad key phrase to your introduction
  • Image alt text
  • Meta description, which should contain a short description
  • Url slug, which is the second part of an url
  • Add keyword in your conclusion

It is also vital that you add keywords in the body of your text, you have to make use of your long-tails. Long -tails are specific and focused on a niche. They have less competition compared to the broad keywords. It is also very important that you use keywords in the body, in a natural way, and moderately, that is you don’t stuff your content with key phrases, for which Google could penalize you.

A little more on the meta description and the meta title. The meta description should be around 155-165 characters and the meta title should be 60 or less characters.

High-Quality Content Increases Traffic On Website

In the preceding paragraph, we briefly mentioned the need to write quality content. Your content will be of value, if you focus on topic that interest people.

In view of this, always have it at the back of the mind that you are writing for people. When we deviate from that simple fact, then we are going to have difficulty ranking.

It seems that people are drifting away from this simple principle. They are more concerned about how to please Google. I think this is the wrong approach.

Write with people in mind. Write to satisfy their needs, to address the issues they are facing. When you put feelings, your heart, a caring spirit, and when you write altruistically, you will be able to write content that is of high-quality, of value and relevant.

So instead of putting ranking first, put the needs and interest of people first, along with the other things discussed earlier, will bring you ranking and traffic.

Previously, we said that you must write on topic that interest people. How do you find such topics? Search terms that people use and questions that people ask. A good place to look for questions that people are asking is Quora. You can use those questions to write content that is relevant and will rank.

How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

Updated Content Increases Website Traffic.

It is also vital, that you periodically update or refresh out dated content. When you never update your content, you can liken it to a food that is out dated. An out dated food can lose it’s nutritional value.

Similarly, a content that is out dated can loose it’s value, especially when we take into consideration the kind of world we are living in, and I am making a reference to the business environment, which is constantly evolving, with new sources of information, new soft wares and technology made available on a daily basis or regularly.

In such an evolving environment, solutions or advice rendered today will quickly become irrelevant. It is therefore vital that you periodically refresh your content. How can you refresh your content? Kristen -McCormick in her blog revealed strategies for refreshing or up dating your content:

  • Revisit your keywords
  • Add or remove information
  • Check your visuals
  • Revisit your format
  • Tweak titles
  • Edit your meta description
  • And new links

Refreshing or updating your content can improve your ranking and thus increase traffic on your website.

Email Marketing Increases Website Traffic

Email marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to drive traffic to your website. Hence prudent marketers should not ignore this marketing method. Why is that so?

It can help you build good relationship with your target audience. And relationship marketing is one of the optimal ways to drive traffic in a website, and even turn that traffic into sales.

Today’s consumers are getting smarter.They tend to buy from people they have come to know and trust. And that is a fact ,won’t you agree? Think about your own experience. Who do you rather do business with? Would you rather do business with a stranger, or someone you do know and trust?

The answer is obvious. You would rather do business with someone You know and trust. This is why email marketing is so vital. It allows you to build trust and good relationships over time, by means of your content, and the personalization of that content.

Once you have established your trustworthiness and good relationship, it becomes increasingly easier for you to promote to the target audience.

Email Marketing Cost Effective.

Email marketing can also be cost-effective, compared to traditional forms of advertisement. Think of T.V and bill boards. You can make a case that too much waste of advertising dollars takes place.Those who are interested and those who are not, both have the opportunity of seeing your advertisement. So in essence not cost effective.

This is not the case with email marketing. It allows you on the other hand, unlike the traditional methods of advertisement, to segment your emails and target specific demographic by age, gender, education and interest. By so doing you will only be sending your audience, the messages that are relevant to them. Email marketing is truly cost effective.

A word of caution. People given you their email address, is truly a privileged. So you want to make sure that you don’t abuse this privilege. You can do so, by not over promoting, filling their email box with junk mail.

If done correctly, email marketing can be a powerful tool you can use to boost traffic to your website, and affords you the opportunity to make money over and over again.

How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

Writing Guest Post Increases Traffic.

Guest posting is when you publish a post on someone else’s website. Guest posting can do two things for you. it gives you brand awareness and boost your rankings on search engines, and this brings traffic to your website.

Make sure that you do guest post for websites in your niche or industry. Neil Patel also suggests that you must also look for blogs that fit the following criteria:

  • The audience of the blog will be interested in your industry
  • The blog has engaged leadership
  • The blog owner is active on social media, so you know that they will be promoting your work on their website

You can find guest blogging opportunities by doing Google searches and social searches.

Add Social Media Buttons

This is another strategy you can utilize, to drive more traffic on your website. With the share button on your site, you could at the end of each blog, let the readers know that if they found the information useful or beneficial, you will highly appreciate it if they could share the page or post with their followers.

This is another way you can get traffic to your website. However, as mentioned previously, you have to create content that is of value to your audience.

How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

Social Media

You can also use social media, as a tool to increase traffic to your website. I have written on this topic in one of my blogs.

However, instead of trying to utilize all the social media platforms at the same time, which can be difficult and daunting, my advice is that, as a beginner you focus on just a few, and really get to know and understand the ins and outs of the platform you have chosen.

Using as a strategy to focus on all the social media platforms can render you as a generalist, without an in dept knowledge of each platform. So again, my advice is that you concentrate on just a few, as this will allow you, to be a specialist. Why is this necessary?

Think of this illustration about doctors. People view some doctors as general practitioners is that not so? These doctors are viewed this way by the public, because they know a bit of everything as far as medicine is concerned, however, it is not an in depth knowledge.

Then we have others, who are specialist. They are specialist, because they choose an area of study and really focus their attention in that specific area of study, they thus specialize in that field. As a result, the specialist is highly compensated for his services than a general practitioner.

Focus On Few Social Media Platforms

This illustration drives home the point of just focusing on few social media platforms. Because such an in depth knowledge will help you to not only use such platforms effectively, but also enables you to develop strategies, that will help you to increase traffic to your website.

There are also other necessary things that you should adopt that will boost traffic to your site from social media. It is vital that you establish goals and objectives from the beginning. Why so? The reason for this advice, is that people waste precious time on social media. If not careful, you also could easily be sucked into this harmful habit.

Hence, if your objective to be on social media, is for business purpose, that is to grow your business, by boosting traffic, then by all means stick with your objective, and don’t allow yourself to be distracted, by wasting precious time doing unnecessary things. As a business person on social media, you must be productive and not unproductive.

Equally important, is that you interact or engage with your followers in a meaningful way. You want to post content that is of value and relevant, but you must do so regularly and consistently. Finally, you have to promise yourself that you will never use social media as a platform to spam.

How To Increase Traffic On A Website.

Utilizing Digital Ads Can Boost Traffic.

Many businesses, use as part of their strategy, digital ads, which is marketing or advertising through online channels. There are many ad networks, you can use to promote your products or services. They are designed to bring traffic to your website.

You can also take advantage of the social media platforms that also run ads. Social media ads, allow you to target specific demographics, such as by gender, age, education level and interest. This can prove to be very effective

Here are just hew benefits of using digital ads. Not only does it allow for flexibility, that is, it makes it easier to make adjustment on your campaigns based on how they are performing, but it also gives equal access to companies with large advertising budgets, as well as small businesses working with a string shoe budget.


In this blog,”How To Increase Traffic To A Website,” the point was made that traffic is the life blood of a business.

In view of this, we discussed several ways that you can boost traffic to your website. These are the points that were discussed:

  • Perform Keyword Research
  • High- Quality Content Increases Traffic
  • Updated Content Increases Traffic
  • Need To Try Email Marketing
  • Writing Guest Post Increases Traffic
  • Add Social Media Buttons
  • Use Social Media
  • Utilize Digital Ads

It is my hope that if you employ some or all of these methods, you will see an increase in traffic on your website, which will result in growth, sales and success for you and your business.

If you found this blog to be of value to you, I will appreciate it, if you could share it with those in your network. And should you see areas that you feel, I need to make improvements, please leave me a comment.



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