My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Purpose: My Wealthy Affiliate Review


Price:14 day free trial after trial period, you can upgrade to premium or premium plus. Premium is $49/mo and premium plus is $99/mo.

Owners: Kyle Loudon And Carson Lim

Community: 2.7 million plus members


Free Test Drive: Yes. Get started today!


  • Training Quality: 10/10
  • Research Tools: 10/10
  • Mentorship Support: 10/10
  • Website Included: Yes
  • Hosting Included: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Overall Rank: 10/10

About The Founders

Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate way back in 2005. In my many years online, I have joined quite a few affiliate marketing programs.  Frankly, I have not come across owners who are as dedicated to helping others as Kyle and Carson.

Both work tirelessly, for the expressed purpose of assisting others to achieve their own goals and dreams.

Today, the affiliate marketing world is saturated with people who are dishonest and selfish. This however is not the case with Kyle and Carson. They are both honest, hardworking, caring, devoted and put the interest of others ahead of their own.

Hence, as result of their self-sacrificing efforts on behalf of others, Wealthy Affiliate is a successful and thriving community of well over 2 million affiliates worldwide.


About Wealthy Affiliate

Many people globally are coming online, with the purpose of starting an online business. With the hope that their online business, will be the vehicle that can be used to change their lives for the better.

Sadly, statistics show that the majority of such businesses fail. Why are many failing? The failure rate is high because they lack the knowledge and understanding. Such ones don’t know how to start a business, run a business successfully and grow a business.

Thankfully, we have a platform, like Wealthy Affiliate, which was founded in 2005, with the sole purpose of helping people to build and grow a successful business from scratch. And you can do so without any experience or technical knowledge.

For the fact that they have an understanding of how an online business is created, they will help you build your own successful business.

As mentioned in the previous discussion, it was stated that the majority of those who start an online business fail, and lack of knowledge and training was given as reasons for failure.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform, is determined to bring an end to this negative and shameful online trend. As a result, they provide everything you will need, such as the education, the research tool, writing platform, hosting, expert support, the website, the network and the community, these are all available to you in order to ensure your success.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate has a 4 step business building process, that you must learn and implement, which will enable you to succeed. What are these steps?

  1. Choosing an interest. You will be helped to choose an interest, and show you how you can turn your interest into a thriving business
  2. Build your own website. They will show you how you can quickly build your own beautiful niche website, on their Site Rubik website platform, and not only made visible to the world, but also safe and secure.
  3. Attract visitors. You will be taught how to get free long term traffic and visitors to your website.
  4. Earn Revenue. You will learn all about the over 50 ways to monetize traffic online, and the over 500 million products /services that you can promote as an affiliate.

Training Quality And Classes

In my honest opinion, the training at Wealthy Affiliate, is far superior to other training and classes/courses offered by others. Not only do these other training and courses, lack substance, but most are misleading, very expensive and absolutely worthless.

Wealthy Affiliate on the hand, has “core ” and foundation building training. It is referred to as Online Entrepreneur Certification. This training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of course that walks you through the process of creating and growing a business, within any niche.

As mentioned, there are five phases or levels, and each level has anywhere from 5-10 lessons. These are the levels:

  • Level 1: Getting Started
  • Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Website
  • Level 3: Making Money
  • Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Here is a sample of the 10 lessons just in level 1:

For emphasis, all the levels have their own series of lessons, but not only that, each lesson has a video that will walk you through the lesson. Further, at the end of each lesson, you have task assignments, which you must complete.

In phase 2 of the training, you will be focusing on all the critical elements, that will get your website indexed, ranked and getting traffic.

Of course, it will all start with your creating your website on the Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

Once you build your website, Wealthy Affiliate will give you a walk through. This walk through will show you:

  1. How you can login into your website back office
  2. Activate and update your plugins
  3. How you can delete default posts, pages and comments
  4. Set-up the SEO Framework on your site. This is necessary to have your site ranked
  5. Creating your initial website content. You will be doing this by way of the Site Content Platform at Wealthy Affiliate
  6. Creating custom menus on your website
  7. Understanding keywords
  8. Creating keyword rich content
  9. And much more.

Clearly then, the Wealthy Affiliate training is very practical, the lessons are relevant and useful, all designed to help you build a successful business from scratch.

Become An Expert

Besides this training, Wealthy Affiliate also provides high quality classes. These classes are taught not just by anyone, but by successful experts who truly care and are interested in your success.

These classes are designed to help the student to expand his skill set, knowledge base and an in dept understanding of creating, running and growing a business. In effect, they help you take your business to the next level.

Furthermore, to make sure that you derive much benefit from each class session, you have a full question and answer period.

There are many topics or subjects that are taught in these classes. Topics such as :

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • WordPress
  • Local Marketing
  • Amazon
  • Keywords
  • Research
  • Niches
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion
  • Youtube
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo/Bing SEO
  • Etc

I have just listed but a few of the topics taught in these classes. But as you can see, these topics are relevant and of high quality. Wealthy Affiliate truly provides much value. These classes will help you become an expert.

The Only Thing I Don’t Like

The only thing that I don’t like as it relates to the training and the classes truthfully, is that there is so much to learn. It might seem overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out.

However, won’ t  you rather have much than less?

Particularly, if what you are receiving, in terms of training and education is of the highest quality, relevant, valuable and taught by caring instructors who know what they are saying and doing.

True, there is much to learn at Wealthy Affiliate. And as mentioned, you can easily be overwhelmed and discourage by it all.

You however, must try to view it positively. In that you are receiving quality training and education.

Furthermore, in order to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, you have to remind yourself, that you are not in a race. In view of this, you must program yourself, to go at your own pace, to take it slowing. And Wealthy Affiliate recommends this approach.

You Will Derive Much Benefit

You will derive much benefit, if you don’t rush things. Your goal should be to take in much knowledge, to strive to understand the material fully, to absorb it, and most importantly to apply or implement what you are learning.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate will encourage you to do.

In any business, your success will depend on educating yourself. In view of this, Wealthy Affiliate, has made this available to all. Therefore, the only way anyone can fail at Wealthy Affiliate, is if they fail to take advantage of all the training and expert classes at Wealthy Affiliate.

Sadly though, some people fail to take advantage of such provision. They fail to educate themselves, and neglect acquiring the skills and training that are crucial to their success.

Hence, such ones are ready to blame others for their failure, and quick to pin a label on others as “scammers”, because of their own laziness and indifference.

In reality dear reader, the education and training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, is of the highest quality. If you take advantage of it, and you do it at your own pace, I have the fullest confidence that you will succeed in your business venture,

My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

Research Tools

If you are going to be a successful business person, you have to be able to properly research keywords. Keywords or key phrases are words or phrases that consumers put in search engines to search for products and services.

There are many ways to find keywords. But once you find keyword, you have to make sure that it is profitable. A keyword is said to be profitable, if it has a high volume of searches and few websites competing for the same keywords. In essence, it must have an Average search of 30 and above and quoted search results should be 100 and below.

Let us see an illustration of this:

My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

In the top bar, you can see the keyword, ” the best way to trade cryptocurrency”. The question is, is that keyword profitable?


To find the answer, we have to look at the section of the research tool, that states “Avg” (Average) and “QSR” (Quoted Search Results).

Recall what we said, that a keyword is profitable if it has a monthly search of 30 and above, with a QSR of 100 and below. So in the above example, the keyword is profitable because it has an average search of 150 and QSR of 37.

As you can see, having a keyword research tool is crucial for your success. How so? in that, once you find keyword that is profitable, you are better able to write quality and relevant content around the keyword, which can easily be ranked by the search engines. As a result, this will bring you free traffic and sales.

And this research tool is available at Wealthy Affiliate. Hence, part of your training will also include how to do keyword research, how to choose a niche, be an authority in your niche, and how to write content that will rank.

Another Beneficial Wealthy Affiliate Tool

Another tool that Wealthy Affiliate makes available is the “Affiliate Program Search”.

Affiliate marketing is a thriving and booming industry, it is said to be worth about 12 billion dollars. Virtually most of the companies in the world have an affiliate program.

Millions and millions of people each day go online to shop, spending billions of dollars. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote from over 500 million of products to these masses of potential customers.

Not only does the training and education at Wealthy Affiliate show you how to market these products, but it will also help you find these companies, by way of the “Affiliate Program Search.”

You will have access to the highest paying and reputable affiliate programs.

Hosting Service

What else does Wealthy Affiliate provide that can give you the edge over the competition?

It makes available to you, the world’s fastest hosting service. This is important, because Google ranks websites, not only because of the content quality, but also due to other factors such as how fast your website loads and how secure it is.

With that said, you will be running your websites on a faster hosting platform that Wealthy Affiliate provides, and this means quick ranking for your site.

Premium members can host up to 10 websites, and premium plus members can host up to 50 websites.

Community Support

What is also outstanding about Wealthy Affiliate, is the community.
This is a community that is active, lively, flourishing and caring. I have not seen an online community that is as supportive as Wealthy Affiliate.

Members of this community, are genuinely interested in the success of fellow members. For example, if you don’t know how to do something, and you ask, you can be sure that you will receive the help you need. You will have an answer to your problem or question. As the example, below demonstrates .


My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

Success At Wealthy Affiliate

Can you be successful at Wealthy Affiliate? It is a yes and no answer. You can make it at Wealthy Affiliate, if you are willing to discipline yourself, and work hard. It must be firmly kept in mind that, this is not a get quick rich scheme. Moreover, you must be determined, devoted and willing to put in the time and effort.

If you have the expectation that you are going to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate without doing work, then I am sorry, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. Or if you are the type that expect to make thousands of dollars within a short period, then Wealthy Affiliate might not be well suited for you.

However, if you are the type of person that has the burning desire to succeed, and hence you are not afraid to work hard to ensure that your dreams are realized no matter what it takes, and not the type to make excuses, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

So again can you be successful at Wealthy Affiliate? You can if you work hard, and take advantage of all the training and expert classes. On the other hand, if you fail to work hard you will not succeed, hence Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. We have people that are working hard at Wealthy Affiliate and are making it.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review- A Must Read

Pricing And Level Of Membership

We have talked a lot about the quality training and expert classes that are offered at Wealthy Affiliate.
It is worth noting that if one is going to be successful, one must value the need to educate oneself. This is true not only offline, but equally so online as well.

For example offline, the need to go to school is stressed. Education, they claim is a vehicle to success. However, acquiring an education, is not cheap, but can be expensive, especially if the desire is to attend the prestigious schools.

The same can be true with online education. For instance, some training or courses offered by the so called gurus are not in any way cheap. They could run anywhere from the 100s to the 1000s of dollars, and usually poor in quality and value.

We compare that with what Wealthy Affiliate offers. As mentioned previously, Wealthy Affiliate provides training and expert classes that are of the highest quality, they are designed to help you succeed in your business, and provide you with all the state- of- the- art tools and support to make sure that you realize your goals and dreams.

How much will all of this cost you? Wealthy Affiliate has 3 levels of membership.

You Can Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free

With the first level, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, that is you can test drive it to see if it is for you. However, even though the training available to you as a free member, is quality training, you have limitations as to what you can access. And besides, you cannot remain a free member indefinitely at Wealthy Affiliate. But as mentioned, they give you the opportunity to test drive the system, and then you make a decision.

Create Your free Starter Membership here

What are the other Membership Levels?

Premium Membership: $49/month

This includes, all the high quality training, over 120 modules, the expert Wealthy Affiliate classes, a state-of -the-art website, hosting platform, research and writing tools, helpful and supportive community, networking opportunities with like-minded business individuals and personal mentoring.

Start For Free Here, then decide on the premium upgrade!

Premium Plus+Membership: $99/month

What do you get for the premium plus membership?
You get everything discussed in your premium membership plus some additional valuable benefits.such as access to a higher level of hosting. You can host up to 50 websites, gain access to more features on the Jaaxy research tool and 250+additional expert classes per year. And much more.

Start for free here, then decide on the premium plus +


 In this blog, “My Wealthy Affiliate Review,” we said that many who start an online business fail. The reasons for such a high failure rate, is a lack of proper training, the right tools and proper guidance.

It was mentioned that the training and education that is provided online by the so called gurus, at times lack substance, can be misleading and very expensive.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate it was mentioned, is a thriving community, where members care for one another, and are willing and eager to help each other succeed.

Furthermore, we stated, in “My Wealthy Affiliate Review,” that the training and education that Wealthy Affiliate provides is of the highest quality compared to other courses and training. And that it is designed to help any serious minded person to succeed in an online adventure.

Moreover, based on the value provided at Wealthy Affiliate, it was indicated that the only way anyone can ever fail, is if they fail to apply themselves. That is, take full advantage of the excellent training and expert classes that Wealthy Affiliate provides. I honestly believe that you can only fail here, if you do not take your business seriously and you are not a diligent worker.

Finally, we discussed the 3 membership levels:

  • You can join as a free member, but with many limitations
  • Premium membership gives you access to all the training and the state-of-the-art tools and website, all for the price of $49/month
  • With premium Plus, you have access to all the benefits that is included in the premium membership, plus other valuable benefits are added, all for the price of $99/month.

Clearly, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides much value at a reasonable and affordable price.

It is my hope that you found this review to be of much benefit. And that you will use it to make an informed and sound decision.

Furthermore, if you have any question regarding this review, please leave me a comment.

And should you find this review to be of value and helpful, I will be very grateful if you can share it with others.





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