Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Is affiliate marketing for you? I think this is a question that only you can answer. Therefore, in this blog,”Is Affiliate Marketing For You?”, I will be asking you series of questions, which will help you decide whether affiliate marketing is really for you.

Affiliate Marketing A Prosperous Industry

In my previous blogs, I have mentioned that the affiliate marketing as an industry is prosperous, worth well over $12 billions. That is lots of money, won’t you agree? Imagine, if you have that kind of money in your bank account? What can you to with all that money?

But all that money belongs to the affiliate marketing as an industry. In fact, it will continue to stock pile lots of cash, as more and more businesses realize that the Internet is a gold mine. As this trend continues, affiliate marketing will grow and expand, becoming wealthy and wealthy.

As it grows in wealth and popularity, it attracts all kinds of people of every background around the world, seeking to get a piece of the action.

So Many Things I Like

There are so many things I like about affiliate marketing besides its wealth. It is generous and fair. How so? It rewards those who work hard handsomely, but does not reward those who fail to perform.

Hence, in this industry you will find ordinary and average people making insane amount of money, month after month, whiles others make absolutely nothing because of laziness and indifference.

What else do I like about affiliate marketing? It has a way of getting back at those in the industry, who refuse to do things the proper or correct way.

These are good at making false statements. They do so to cause people who listen to them, to buy whatever they are promoting.

Then there are others, who will do anything to steal your money. These even have a name by which they are called,”scammers”

The industry is filled with people like these.

They think that deceit, lying and stealing is a way to get ahead in life. They fail to realize that, they might not get away with their trickery forever, that sooner or later, because the affiliate marketing industry dislikes dishonest people, it will in time expose and weed them out.

Changing The Lives Of People

As mentioned, people are making money. They are being paid well by affiliate marketing. Even though how much each person makes may depend on certain factors such as, the amount work one puts in, and the level of training and knowledge, none- the -less the industry is changing the lives of people.

And we are talking about not just a segment of people in a specific area, but all over the world. Affiliate marketing has no boundaries, it is color, race, gender and nationality blind.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

What Makes For A Successful Affiliate ?

There are many traits or qualities that contributes to the success of an affiliate. To be a successful affiliate, one must be a hard worker. A successful affiliate is not not indifferent to work and he is not lazy.

He puts enormous amount of time and effort in his work, and place a high value in owning a business. A successful affiliate is willing to roll his sleeves, so to speak, and work extremely hard so that he attains his dreams and goals. Hence, he is willing to make sacrifices.

Therefore, he is willing to forgo certain things such as too much entertainment/T. V watching, so that he could devote that time to the business.

A successful affiliate is also willing to make sacrifices, by spending money to obtain the essential tools and other needed resources which will help him grow his business and thus contribute to his success.

Determination And Persistent Also Important

Those who are successful, can tell you that determination and persistence are also important. Why so?

This is so because, if you are not a determined person, you could easily give up when challenges and obstacles come your way.

It takes a determined and persistent person to plow through any obstacles and not give up on his dreams. Determination and persistence are needed because affiliate marketing is not as easy as some make the claim. It can be difficult, challenging and at times frustrating. Therefore, determination and persistence are required.

Those Who Are Successful Are Focused

Those who are successful are focused on the task at hand. They refuse to be distracted by all the noises that are produced by the affiliate marketing world. He puts on blinders, that allows him to look straight ahead, and ear plugs that silences all the noises.A successful affiliate is forward-looking.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Has Passion For What He Does

He has a passion for what he is doing. This is also vitally important. Just as determination can prevent one from given up, a strong passion can do the same. It can be a source of motivation. It provides the impetus to keep plugging along, even though things are not yet working out, and no money is being made.

He derives much joy, pleasure and satisfaction from doing something he loves, and nothing is going to stop him, not even a locomotive train.

Therefore, successful affiliates choose as niche, something they are passionate about and interest them.

Sets Goals

A successful affiliate also sets goals. He sets both short and long term goals. He recognizes that goals provide a sense of purpose and direction.

Goals keep him focused, and helps him also to avoid any kind of distractions, and keeps him accountable. What kinds of goals does he set?

He sets effective goals because he knows that, effective goals are one of the key contributing factors to his success. In view of this, he sets goals that are specific, hence measurable, reasonable and therefore attainable, and goals that are time conscious and allows for feedback.

A successful affiliate is also aware that goals can only be attained if plans are in place. So he diligently formulates plans that will enable him to achieve goals and objectives.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

A Successful Affiliate Is Patient

He does not expect any immediate positive results from his initial efforts. He knows that much time is needed before he can enjoy the fruits of his labor. So he patiently waits for the right time.

He clearly has in mind, a farmer. He knows that before a farmer can enjoy the fruits of his labor, he has to till the ground, sow his seeds, weed, wait for the rains to come, then the plants grow, weed, the plant bears fruits, and harvests his crops. Only then will he begin to enjoy the precious fruits of his labor.

He knows that all of this takes time, effort and patient.

Sadly, most who come online, do not exhibit such patients. These expect to make money instantly, and the funny thing about it all, is that they expect to make money without doing any work. How impatient and unreasonable these are. This is not the case with a successful affiliate marketer. A successful affiliate is patient and waits for the right time.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

A Successful Affiliate Is Disciplined

A successful affiliate is also disciplined. He sticks to what that has been established and does not deviate, come what come may, he pushes ahead until the task at hand is accomplished.

He has a positive view of himself. Realizes that a negative view can destroy his chances of success. Therefore, he deliberately feeds his mind on positive thoughts.

He adopts the thinking that he is capable, and that he can do anything once he sets his mind to it. A successful affiliate isĀ  fully convinced that failure is not an option so far as he is concerned. He believes in a positive outcome.

Willingness To Learn

A successful affiliate is the kind of person, that has a willingness and eagerness to learn. Realizes that the Internet or affiliate marketing offers tremendous opportunities.

To take advantage of such opportunities, he recognizes that one must acquire the training and skills needed to be able to do so.

He cherishes learning. A successful affiliate is willing to master a topic, never complaining whether it is too much or difficult. His desire is to make sure he understands the information, absorbs and applies it.

Since, he knows the importance of learning, he always sets aside time to study and learn.Realizes that a doctor, lawyer, judge, teacher etc.must always keep learning, if they are to be successful in their given professions. Hence, in imitation of them, he also makes learning a priority.

A successful affiliate is willing to invest money in his education, and makes it a practice to buy courses that are relevant to his niche and that will contribute to his success.

Further, he employs the services of mentors to help sharpen his skills, and show him how to do things correctly, and give him guidance and direction. He takes his education seriously, knowing that it is a vehicle to his success.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

Team Work Approach

A successful affiliate surrounds himself with successful people or with those that are knowledgeable in their respective fields. And has a team work approach. He delegates task to each team member based on individual expertise.

Seeks input from all team members, when decisions are to be made. And because he respects each member view points, good solid decisions are made, that contributes to the success of the business.

A Successful Affiliate Is Also Balanced

A successful affiliate is also balanced. Realizes that, there is much more to life than business. And because he has adopted a team work approach concept, this allows him to do other important things, outside of his business activities, such as spending quality time with his family, giving them his attention and love.

He also finds time to take care of his health, by way of rest and regular exercise.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

We have looked at the qualities or traits that make for a successful affiliate. So the question now is, is affiliate marketing for you?

In order for you to answer this question, please look within yourself, and try to put together what kind of person you really are.

Once you put together an honest profile of yourself, compare what you came up with, with the model of a successful affiliate that was discussed above, then we can decide if affiliate marketing is for you.

What Kind Of Person Are You?

So what kind of person are you? When you looked deep within, what did you find? A person that works hard and is very industrious? Or did you see a lazy person, that is indifferent to work?

Are you a negative and pessimistic or positive and optimistic person?

And recall please dear reader, what we said about this exercise, that it is designed to help you make an honest analysis of yourself. By so doing, this will help you determine if in fact affiliate marketing is for you.

With that said, so again what kind of person are you?

Are you the type that likes to procrastinate, putting things off or the kind that takes prompt and decisive action when things have to be done?

What Are Your Goals?

Do you like setting goals and then formulating plans to achieve these goals? Or do you prefer to go through life without any goals and plans?

Are you eager and willing to learn new concepts? Or are you the type that detest educating yourself?

Know Yourself

Again dear reader, do you know that most people go through life without really knowing who they are? That is kind of hard to believe, but yet it is true.

If you don’t know who you are, how can you help yourself, and even be of help to others? So you see how vital it is that you make an honest appraisal of yourself. By doing so, not only will you come to know yourself, but assist you in determining, whether affiliate marketing is for you.

Are You A Determined Person?

So what can you say about yourself, as it relates to determination. Are you a determined person? One who persist even when faced with challenges and obstacles? Or are you a quitter, quits at the slightest sign of trouble?

Recall what was also said about a successful affiliate marketer, it was stated that, he is focused at task at hand. Looks straight ahead, has a clear vision of his future.

What about you? Are you a focused and intent person? Or one that is easily distracted by the Internet noises?

Are you passionate about what you do? Or indifferent and lacking any interest, in what that should matter most to you?

Finally, on the question of being balanced and team work. How do you view yourself? Are you a balanced person? Or do you go into extremes? Do you like to do projects as a team? Or you rather do things as an individual, a loner?

The interesting Thing

So now dear reader, is affiliate marketing for you? The interesting thing about this exercise, is that I cannot answer this question for you, but only you can.

However, in your self-analysis that you made, if you found the following about yourself, that you are a hard-working, industrious and diligent person, that you are determined and persistent, focused and intent, goal oriented and planner, optimistic and positive, have the willingness and eagerness to learn, that you are balanced in everything you do and team work oriented, then affiliate marketing might well be suited for you.

And if you choose it as a career, you will be successful and affiliate marketing will reward you generously.

On the other hand, if you are lazy, quick to give up, always distracted, hate learning, imbalanced in all you do, you are a procrastinator, have a negative and pessimistic view of yourself, have no clear vision, not goal oriented, have no passion or lack of interest in what should matter the most, and you like going it alone, then affiliate marketing might not be for you, it will be best you seek another profession.


In this blog, ” Is Affiliate Marketing For You?” We discussed some things that make for a successful affiliate. It was mentioned that successful affiliates are:

  • Hard Working
  • Are determined and persistent
  • Are Focused
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Goal Oriented
  • Are Patient
  • Are disciplined
  • Willingness to learn
  • They take a team approach
  • Are balanced
  • Have a positive view

Then the question was raised, Is affiliate marketing for you?

In order to answer this question, it was suggested that you look within yourself, to determine what kind of person you really are.

Compare Your Findings

As you do, we stated that you compare your findings with the above model of a successful affiliate.

If you are hard-working, diligent and industrious, if you are determined and persistent, focused and passionate, goal oriented and disciplined, have a willingness to learn, are balanced, positive, patient and a team player, then it was stated that affiliate marketing might be for you.

And if you utilize all those beautiful traits and qualities, you will become a successful affiliate, and affiliate marketing will reward generously.

On The Other Hand

On the other hand, we said that if you are lacking the above mentioned traits or qualities, then affiliate marketing is not for you at the present time. In the future, if you cultivate these qualities and utilize them, then affiliate marketing will be for you.

I hope dear reader, you found this blog, ” Is Affiliate Marketing For You?” helpful. If you have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer, then by all means apply yourself, so that you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

If affiliate marketing is not for you at this time, work hard to develop those needed traits and qualities.

I also need your help. Should you see areas that you feel, I need to make improvements, please leave me a comment. And should you find this blog to be of help to you, I will be grateful, if you can share it with others.



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