Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

In this article, “Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?”, we are going to give reasons as to why affiliate marketing is best suited for students. This will give you the impetus to start your affiliate marketing business.

However, before we can do so, we are going to briefly discuss theses 3 points. Doing so, will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model, that consists of three principal players, A company, an affiliate and the consumer. In order to sell its products, the company partners with an affiliate. The affiliate is provided with a unique link that identifies him or her.

The affiliate in turn promotes the link on social media, writing content on his website or doing email marketing. Anytime someone(consumer) clicks on his unique link and makes a purchase, commission is earned.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

What Is The History Of Affiliate Marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing according to Wikipedia, was conceived of by William J Tobin, the founder of PC Flowers and Gifts. The PC Flower and Gifts introduced the business model of paying a commission on sales to the Prodigy Network.

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

At the time of writing, affiliate marketing is a $12 plus billion industry. It is projected to reach $15.7 billion by 2024. And we can only expect this upward trend of growth to continue way into the distant future.

Three factors have contributed to the popularity and growth of affiliate marketing:

  • The Internet
  • Worldwide economic conditions
  • Covid-19

The Internet

Not only has the Internet brought people together, but has helped them to become aware of opportunities, and provided ways to seize such opportunities.

As a result, billions of people globally are streaming to the Internet by way of their computers, with the expressed purpose of starting an online business, and affiliate marketing has been a beneficiary of this influx.

Economic Conditions

The economic conditions in the world as mentioned, has also contributed to this tremendous growth of the industry.

In most lands, the poverty and unemployment rate is high. As a result, many are migrating to the world of the Internet, seeking a solution to their poverty.

These have come to the realization that affiliate marketing is the vehicle that will bring them financial success.


The Covid-19 pandemic is another contributing factor. The lock down that came about because of the virus, forced many to look for alternative source of income. Starting an online business then, became the ideal thing for these to do., that will help solve their financial problems.

Many businesses also adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who failed to adapt did not survive. They went out of business.

Many were able to survive by having an online presence.

So with the continued migration of people and businesses to the Internet, affiliate marketing will continue to grow, flourish and prosper.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

As a student, I am sure you are looking for ways to make some income, as you continue in your educational journey. And you have no doubt given thought to affiliate marketing, as a vehicle that will help you accomplish that.

However, you might also have thought that affiliate marketing like other traditional businesses, can be very expensive to start. Furthermore, since you are a busy student, you might think that you don’t have the time to devote to a business such as affiliate marketing, hence conclude that affiliate marketing is not for you. Could that be a true statement?

Let us pose the question again, ” Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?” And let us try to answer this question.

Affiliate Marketing Is Also For Students

With all honesty, I am very happy to reveal to you dear student, that affiliate marketing is really for you. I am not just going to say it, but I am going to provide reasons for my saying so.

One of the beauties of affiliate marketing, is that it has no requirements as to age, education level, nationality, race, status in life etc. The reality is that, anyone including students can start an online business, as an affiliate.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

In addition to having no requirements, you can start affiliate marketing with no money. You heard me right, with zero dollars. So even if you are a broke student, you can still start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing therefore, levels the playing field. Unlike traditional businesses, which can cost thousands of dollars to start, as mentioned it will cost you zero dollars to start an online business like affiliate marketing.

In view of this, you can now see why people all over the world are attracted to this business model.

So again is affiliate marketing for students? As you can see, not only is affiliate marketing for anyone, but affiliate marketing is also well suited for students.

More Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is For Students.

As a student, you might have lots of school work that keeps you extremely business. Hence, you might think that affiliate marketing is not for you because of that.

Before you count yourself out, do you know that affiliate marketing allows for flexibility? Other kinds of businesses, might require business owner to devote 8 hours plus a day, in the operation of the business. This is not the case with affiliate marketing. At times all it takes is 2 hours a day to run a successful affiliate marketing business. Can you afford 2 hours a day? I am sure you can.

Furthermore, you can vary the time you engage in your business. For example, if your classes are in the morning, then you can engage in your affiliate business, maybe in the afternoon or evening. If is in the afternoon, you can work on your business either in the morning or evening.

The flexibility that affiliate marketing provides, is another reason why it is said that affiliate marketing is well suited for students.

Affiliate Marketing Requires Work

You might have probably heard that affiliate marketing is easy to do, and that you could make lots of money, without doing any work.

This can be far from the truth. Affiliate marketing involves hard work. infact you can only succeed as an affiliate if you work hard.

In view of the work that is involved, I strongly feel that affiliate marketing is for students. Why so? Most students by and large are inclined to work hard. For example, you carry a heavy class load, that involves study, homework, projects, research and taking exams.

Hence, since you are already used to working hard and disciplined to do so, I strongly feel that affiliate marketing is well suited for students, and you can thrive in such an environment.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

Successful affiliate marketers must Possess Vital qualities, such as being disciplined, focused, determination and being persistent.

Interestingly, these are also qualities that are needed for success in the world of education.

In this regard, you already have these qualities in place, all you have to do, is to transfer them to the affiliate marketing setting. These qualities will enable you to be successful as an affiliate marketer. So again, affiliate marketing is for students.

A Business You Can Start With No Money

Since students are usually broke, is that also true in your case? I was once a student, and I was always broke. In this regard, affiliate marketing then can be a business, that is perfect for students.

The beauty then of affiliate marketing is that you can actually start it without money. And if done the right way, you have the potential of making lots of money.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

Some Guesses.

Tell me, what will you do with all the massive cash that will be coming your way? Please if you don’t mind, can you allow me to make some guesses for you? And if I am wrong will you let me know? I am sure you will.

So here is what I am guessing you will do. You will stop borrowing money to finance your education. Getting an education is very expensive nowadays. I know you are in debt right now, and by the time you complete your education, you are going to be owing the government and the banks vaults of money. In some lands they call it student loans.

Trust me, I have gone through the pain of borrowing money to finance my education. You become a slave to the system, how sad!

How happy and relived I am today, to have got rid of that stupid debt. I am sure you are also going to do the same thing, when the cash starts coming in, you will stop borrowing to finance your schooling. You will have the money to get rid of the stupid debts/loans that enslave most students.

Here is something else, I think you might do. You might tell your parents, that you can now afford to pay your own way in school, and thank them sincerely for their sacrifices and help on your behalf.

More Guesses For You

You are going to say good bye to stupid and boring part-time jobs that have nothing to do with your goals and objectives in life.

Also, you are no longer going to be a starving student. With the kind of money you will be making, you can now afford to eat not at Jack In The Box, but at any fancy establishment.

A Student With An Appreciative Heart

I know the kind of student that you are. A student with an appreciative and generous heart. In view of this, to show your appreciation to your parents for their sacrifices on your behalf, my guess is that you will reward them by buying a beautiful car or a house for them.

More over, since you are not a selfish individual, my final guess is that you will use some of your money to help others. This will also be a noble endeavor on your part.

Now that we have finished with our guess work, let us revisit our question again, is affiliate marketing for students?

Two More Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is For Students

Students are learners, and they spend a great deal of their time learning. For example, they learn about how to make stuff, why things happen certain ways or how to solve problems. This includes much reading, studying and research.

I did mention that students are learners. I still stand by what I said. However, with all honesty, there are some students who hate learning. Even if you pay them, they will refuse to learn. They are absolutely lazy. Their goal in life is to have fun.

Hence, when I said students are learners, I am not referring to these fun-loving students, but rather, to the serious students who have strong desire to educate themselves.

With that said, a successful affiliate marketer is also a learner. He has to buy courses, take classes, pay for training and do research. He does all these things so that he could educate himself, thus able to successfully run his business. His continued success will depend on his willingness to keep learning.

Since both require learning, it is then safe to say that affiliate marketing is best suited for students


Further, in affiliate marketing you have to utilize technology. Taking advantage of technology in your business will make your life a little easier, and bring you success much quicker.

Since the younger generation have the ability to quickly learn and grasp everything that is technical, unlike the older generation, in this regard affiliate marketing is well suited for students. With your technical ability, I feel you will succeed and flourish as an affiliate.

Some Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

We have in the previous paragraphs, indicated that affiliate marketing is for students. And we gave reasons as to why this is the case.

In this section we are going to highlight, benefits of affiliate marketing for students:

  • Work from home or anywhere for that matter
  • Flexibility – Work on it when you like. You can work on your business in the afternoon, morning, evening or after school. You can devote 2 hours to it or more. The choice is all yours.
  • You are your own boss, accountable to no one else but yourself. No tyrannical boss constantly putting pressure on you. Furthermore, your life is not regulated by the clock.
  • There is no limit placed on how much you can make as a student in affiliate marketing. No one decides your value, or tells you how much you are worth in their own eyes. With affiliate marketing the sky is the limit as to how much you can make.
  • You don’t have to struggle every morning to get out of bed, dash into traffic, only to contend with traffic jams and crazy and rude drivers. You will be saying bye-bye to the rat race.
  • No products to manufacture or create and no customer complaints, with headaches that come along with that.

Making Lots Of Money As A Student Is Real

You as a student making lots of money as an affiliate marketer, is not a figment of the imagination but it is actually a reality. Money can be made, if you know what you are doing.

Many students who started affiliate marketing, and applied themselves are being rewarded for their diligence, dedication and perseverance.

I have full confidence that you also as a student, can be a successful affiliate marketer if you are willing to apply yourself and follow direction and guidance

With that said, I would like to draw your attention to some vital things, knowing these facts, will help contribute to your success.

I want you to please accept the fact that, affiliate marketing is not get rich-quick-scheme. This is a real business, and must be treated as such.

Accepting these facts, is a stepping stone which I feel will lead to your success, as an affiliate marketer.


Is affiliate marketing for students? In this blog, we have given many reasons why affiliate marketing is well suited for students. It was mention that:affiliate marketing is for students because:

  • It has no requirements as to age, gender, education level, status in life etc. Anyone can do affiliate marketing
  • You can start it with virtually no money
  • It affords you with the potential of making lots of money, if done correctly
  • As student, you already possess qualities that are needed to be successful as an affiliate
  • Affiliate marketing allows for flexibility, you can do it before or after school or in the evening. You can devote an hour or more to it, it is your choice
  • Students are disciplined to learn, and to become a successful affiliate requires learning. Hence, affiliate marketing is for students
  • Your ability to quickly grasp and understand technology, is another reason why we can say that affiliate marketing is for students.

I have the fullest confidence, that if you decide to start a business as an affiliate, you will succeed if you apply yourself.

If you found this blog to be helpful, I will appreciate it if you can please share it with others. Further, should you find areas in this blog that you feel, needs improvements, please let me know by leaving me a comment.



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