Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?

The purpose of this blog, “Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?” Is going to give reasons why we could say that affiliate marketing is ideal for seniors. But before we can delve into this, it will be fitting to express appreciation and gratitude.

Appreciation And Gratitude.

It used to be in virtually all cultures, the aged or seniors as they are referred to in one land, were highly respected and honored.

Sadly though, this is no longer the case. Rather than being honored and respected, they are dishonored. In fact, they have become a prey in the hands of deceitful, unscrupulous and dishonest individuals.

I can relate to the experience of being a senior citizen, because I myself have recently joined this community of beautiful people in their golden years.

In view of this, I would like to take this opportunity, to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of my fellow seniors, for your endurance, and using your accumulated wisdom to help others, your families and society at large. Thanks immensely.

Seniors You Are Still Valuable.

You don’t want to take the view that, just because you have retired, your usefulness ends. Or rather, that your usefulness is limited to sitting before the Television all day, punctuated by taking naps here and there, and awaiting death to finally over take us.

Seniors need to affix in their minds and hearts, that being a senior and retired is not the end of life’s journey, as some have come to view it and accept it, but rather it must be viewed as the beginning of life’s journey, but in a different and exciting direction.

Also, we must affix in our minds and hearts, that we are still valuable, capable, useful, productive and with the “I can do anything” attitude.

Therefore, don’t allow anyone, to put limitations or constraints on you. As long as you have the desire, eagerness, willingness and the motivation you can accomplish anything.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a type of performance based marketing system, where in you can earn commission by promoting a product or service made by a company or advertiser. You are paid based on your efforts.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

When you join an affiliate marketing program or network, you are given a unique link by the company. It has unique features that identifies you .

Your responsibility as an affiliate is to promote your given link. You can share it on social media, in your content, email marketing campaigns or by any other legitimate means.

If a customer clicks on your given link and makes a purchase, you are paid a commission. You can clearly see the potential that affiliate marketing offers. Here is the simple model of affiliate marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity, to work from the comfort of your home.

Unlike other traditional brick and mortar businesses, which require you spend lots of hours in the operation of the business, with affiliate marketing, if you can devote 2 or 3 hours a day and do so consistently, you can still see positive results. It does not require you to spend hundreds of hours a day, just teasing, on it.

Affiliate marketing also provides much flexibility. For example, you could devote your time to your business in the morning hours, afternoon, evening or even at night.

Another benefit, is in terms of cost. Other businesses, especially offline businesses, will require huge amount of money to start. This is not the case with affiliate marketing, which can be started with little or no money.

You Are The Boss.

Furthermore, with affiliate marketing, you are the boss, answerable to no one. Is that not a nice feeling? When you were working for someone else, your life was regulated by the clock and your supervisor. You have to clock -in, in the morning and you have to clock out before you go home, otherwise you won’t get paid.

In such an environment, others control your life, Is that not true? You can only go home or take a break, when your superior tells you to do so.

Also, in a traditional job, where in you are trading your time for money, at time workers still go to work, even when they are sick. Have you ever done that ? I know I have. Why?

They are afraid that, if they are absent, they won’t be paid or worst lose their jobs. So they come to work sick. Not so with affiliate marketing. As mentioned, since you are the boss, you can work whenever you feel like it.

Your Worth Is Not Determined By Others

Furthermore, when working for someone, your value or worth is determined by the one who hired you. Is that not the truth? Think of the time you were an employee, the company paid you, based on what they thought you were worth, and from time to time gave you some raises.

The point being made is that as an employee, your worth is always determined by someone else.

This however, is not the case with affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, instead of someone else telling you how much you are worth, you determine your own worth or value.

And the beauty of it, is that in your estimation of your worth, you have no limitation. The reason is that in affiliate marketing, you can make as much money as your heart desires, in fact the sky is your limit. Hence, instead of someone determine your worth, as an affiliate you are the one who determines how you can pay yourself. Is that not beautiful?

Another Benefit of Affiliate Marketing

Another benefit of affiliate marketing in comparison with working for someone else, is the stress and anxiety level. I am sure you have experienced this firsthand, in your many years of working as an employee.

Having to deal with difficult bosses, co-workers and congested traffic to and from work, I am sure elevated your stress and anxiety level.

However, with affiliate marketing, since you are working from your home, do not have to travel and are in complete control of your environment, you will experience less stress and anxiety as compared to when you were employee of a company.

Now that we have discussed some benefits of affiliate marketing, let us revisit the question, Is affiliate marketing for seniors?

Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?

Yes, I am going to quickly and with confidence say that affiliate marketing is for seniors. But not only am I providing a yes answer, but will also give reasons for saying so.

First though, affiliate marketing provides unique opportunity. In the sense that, it does not specify any requirements as to age, education, race, nationality, gender etc.

Hence, virtually anyone can be an affiliate marketer, whether young or old, male or female, American or African etc. Since there are no restrictions, we can safely conclude that affiliate marketing is also for seniors.

Affiliate Marketing Is For Seniors Because Of Economic Conditions.

What part of the world do you live in?

Regardless of the part of the world you call home, won’t you agree that the economic conditions, in almost every part of the world is bad, some worse than the others.

But in some lands, the governments/businesses have provided safety nets in the form of pensions and social security. Then in others, these provisions are not available.

Even though as mentioned some might have pensions or social security, yet what is the reality? The reality is that, it is getting increasingly difficult to make ends meet as seniors and retirees, regardless of where you live. Won’t you agree?

Why is this the case? The reason for this, is the fact that globally everything is getting outrageously expensive. I am sure you can attest to this. Housing, groceries, gas, electricity, hospital visits, medicines, transportation may I continue, are getting beyond affordability.

Therefore, as you are well aware, it is a constant struggle, challenge, a battle for seniors living on fixed or no income to survive in today’s economic climate.

So then based on what we have discussed so far, what do you think, is affiliate marketing for seniors? Again, without any hesitation the answer is a yes.

A yes because, affiliate marketing is going to allow you to build a solid business for yourself, and affords you the opportunity to make lots of money if you apply yourself.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?

With the kind of money you will be making, there will be no need to have to depend on a safety net that does not work, or

depend on hand outs, because you will be in a position to provide adequately for yourself and loved ones, without having to struggle to do so.

Time, Makes Affiliate Marketing To Be Well Suited For Seniors

I know you have retired, and what that means, is that you are home some 100% of the time. And now comes the hard questions, and please be honest with me as you answer them. Remember, I myself am a retired senior.

So here are your questions. What do you do with all the time you have available to you now? What has been your daily routine since you called it quits? Have you allowed yourself, to be a leisure king or queen? Has Television become your inseparable friend and frequent naps another main hobby?

And by the way, you don’t have to answer any of these questions. In fact, you have every right, to tell me to mind my own business and to shut up. I will be willing to do so.

I am not trying to pry into your private life, my objective here is to look for ways to help you succeed.

And please dear fellow senior, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that one cannot watch Television, that is far from the truth. But the point I am trying to put across, is devoting too much time in front of a TV set is a time waster, unproductive and unhealthy.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?

Hence, limiting your Television watching, you are able to devote the majority of the available time at your disposal, doing something productive, beneficial, that will boost your self- esteem, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

So dear senior, use your time wisely. Utilize it to start and build an online business, and affiliate marketing is the ideal business. For it allows you, to spend just few hours on your business, and time to do other necessary things, such as watching Television in moderation, taking naps, and even exercising. So clearly, affiliate marketing is ideal for seniors.

Wealth Of Knowledge Makes Affiliate Marketing Ideal For Seniors.

Throughout the many years of your existence on this earth, you have accumulated wealth of knowledge, from your life’s experiences, and also from your past work experience. Maybe as a teacher, florist, carpenter, mechanic, electrician, nurse, plumber etc.

But do you know my dear senior, that affiliate marketing is all about helping others? It is about using your knowledge, talent, interest or some things you are passionate about, to help others.

Can you do that? Utilize gained knowledge to help your audience solve issues and problems that they face? I know you can.

And by the way, do you know that you will be rewarded financially and handsomely, if you make it a habit of helping people solve their problems?

So yes, affiliate marketing is for seniors, because it allows you to put your knowledge and abilities in the service of others and get paid handsomely for doing so.

Another Reason Affiliate Marketing Is For Seniors

As seniors, we value hard work. Life’s experiences and our up bringing, has instilled in us the value of hard work. We take great delight in being industrious and diligent workers. For 20 plus years, have worked hard to provide for yourself and those you love. Seniors don’t accept bread of laziness

Compare our view of work, with the attitude of today’s younger generation. How do they view work, especially hard work?

The majority are lazy, and frown on hard work. They take great delight in pleasure, always wanting to have a good time.

And do you know that most of these younger folks that come online to start a business, do so with the thinking that they can start a business and make lots of money, without doing any work.? That is a faulty way of thinking. Won’t you agree?

Affiliate marketing requires work and hard work at that. To be successful, it will require that you put in the effort. It requires hard work.

Therefore, since the older generation or seniors value and respect hard work, we can without any hesitation say that affiliate marketing is well suited for seniors. With hard work, you will be a successful affiliate.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?

Can Be Started With Little Or No Money. Hence, Ideal For Seniors.

We did mention that most seniors are on a fixed income, and in some other lands were such provision is not available, family members assume the noble responsibility to care for their seniors.

With that said, how much does it cost to start a brick and mortar business? In some parts of the world, it will cost you lots of money. Yes, you are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars.

So you being on a fixed income, do you have that kind of money lying around in your house or in your bank account? I for one don’t have that kind of money lying around.

Or you can run to your local bank, to borrow such a large amount so that you can start your offline business.

Now what do think they will do when they review your application? They will trash tour application, laugh in your face whiles doing so, and politely and show you the door. Thus dashing your dreams, hopes and at the same time destroying your self-esteem and confidence. It seems funny but it is the truth.

It Levels The Playing Field

Affiliate marketing on the other hand, levels the playing field. How so? Do you know my dear senior citizen, that you can start an affiliate marketing business for $0. Yes, you heard me right, I said $0.

Can you afford that kind of money? Speaking on behalf of most senior citizens, I can frankly say that what we have the most of, stashed in our imaginary bank accounts are zero dollars. So yes, we can afford zero dollars .

Therefore, if you can afford $0, then affiliate marketing is surely for seniors. Imagine spending $0 to start a legitimate business, with the potential to make thousands of dollars monthly. Yes, affiliate marketing is that type of business that will do that for you.

Patience, Another Reason Affiliate Marketing Is For Seniors.

The younger generation are impatient. I am sure you are aware of that. They always want it now, this moment, not tomorrow, not in the distant future but today. I am sure you have noticed that. Shall we then call them the “instant”, “now” generation? And that is what they truly are.

However, the seniors or elderly are built differently. Life experiences, and the way we were brought up, instilled in us the need to be patient. We are willing to wait, because we don’t have a “now” attitude. We know that good things happen to those who wait. And that beautiful quality of patience has been instilled in us, since we were children.

Interestingly, do you also know that this quality is a requirement for success in affiliate marketing? As an affiliate marketer, success is not going to happen overnight. It is going to take time, hard work and perseverance, before you start seeing results.

Hence, as long as you are patient, a quality that you have demonstrated throughout your life, you indeed can be a successful affiliate marketer.

Clearly then, affiliate marketing is ideal for seniors.


In this blog,”Is Affiliate Marketing or Seniors?” Not only did we say that affiliate marketing is for seniors, but we spelled out the reasons for saying so. We also outlined some benefits.


  • Opportunity to work from home
  • Allows for flexibility
  • You are your own boss
  • Can be started with little or no money
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • You determine your own worth and value

Why Well Suited For Seniors?

  • The economic situations in many lands makes Affiliate marketing ideal for seniors
  • Availability of time- Since you are now retired, you have much time in your hands to devote to an affiliate business
  • Accumulated wealth of knowledge, that you can use to help others, and make lots of money doing so.
  • Since seniors value hard work, we stated that affiliate marketing is for seniors
  • If can be started with little or no money
  • And because affiliate marketing requires patience, we said that it is therefore, well suited for seniors.

Now that you know that affiliate marketing is for you, It is my hope that you will muster the courage needed, to start an online business as an affiliate marketer.

Should you find this blog, “Is Affiliate Marketing For Seniors?” to be useful and beneficial, it will be highly appreciated, if you share it with others.

Furthermore, If you feel that I need to make improvements, in any area of this blog, please leave me a comment.



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