How To Write Good Website Content.

Do you know dear reader, that affiliate marketing is a thriving industry? It offers opportunities, that no other industry can match. However, in order for you to benefit fully as an affiliate marketer to the opportunities and possibilities that affiliate marketing provides, you have to be able to write good and quality content. In view of this, the purpose of this blog, “How To Write Good Website Content” is designed to help you do just that. To help you write quality content for your website.

What is meant by content in marketing?

One source describes content marketing as a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles.

  Why Is Content  Writing So Important?

I am sure this is a question that has been on your mind. Let us answer it shall we. Do you know that contents drive over 40% of affiliate marketing sales in the U.S. alone? And as an affiliate marketer, you should be excited about this. Should you not?

And you should even be  more excited,because this trend is going to continue, and the opportunity to monetize contents are growing, and affiliate marketing spending will reach a record $8.2 billion this year alone.


Truly, as many have expressed, content is king. But that statement can only be true, if you as an affiliate are better able to write a good and effective content that is relevant and helpful, only then will content be regarded as king.

How To Write Good Website Content.


 A Niche Will Help You Write Good Website Content

Before you can write a good content for your website, you must first of all choose your niche. A niche is a segment of your market, it is your targeted audience. I have discussed niche as a topic in a previous blog, so we are not going to dwell on this topic at length.

You have to understand dear reader, that you are going to be writing your content with a specific group in mind, and that group is your niche.

In view of this, you have to know and understand your targeted audience or niche very well. And because your focus is not on the broader market, but on a segment of it, this puts you in a better position to study, to know and have a good understanding of your targeted audience and better able to help them.

Let us illustrate it this way. Which is easier to take care of or to maintain? A tiny room in the house or the house as a whole? Most definitely, you will say the room in the house will be easier to take care of than the whole house. And I do agree with you.


So again, this is also true of your niche. Because it is smaller in scope and very specific, it affords you the opportunity to easily care for that segment of your market, and to really know and understand your specific audience.

What does it mean to know and understand your targeted audience? It means that, you are aware of the questions that they are asking. That you know and understand their concerns. That you know and understand the issues and problems that confront them. And that you know and understand how to help them.

So then before you can start writing good content, you have to know what is on the minds of your targeted audience and what  they need answered.

In reality then, you are writing your content, not for yourself, but for the sake of others. All content serve one purpose. And that is to connect you to your audience.

                                                           With that in mind then, your content must be informative. It must be interesting. It must be relevant and helpful. We will be discussing some of these points later as we progress in this blog.

I want you to role play for just a few minutes. Please put yourself in the place of your targeted audience. Will you read a content or blog that does not inform ? That is not interesting? That is not relevant to you or in anyway helpful? Most definitely, the answer is no.

So do you now see the reason why you should first select your niche and do everything you can to know and understand your niche? When you do that, this will put you in a position to write good content for your website.


       Keywords Help You Write Good Website Content.

As mentioned in preceding paragraphs, the questions that are being asked by your targeted audience, can be used as a topic around which content can be created or developed.

By you writing content centered around your audience’s questions, your content will become relevant and of interest to your targeted audience. And they will most likely read it. So make this as a practice, to center your content around questions that people are asking.

Another good  strategy dear reader, before you start to write your content for your website, is to find profitable keywords around which you  can build your content.

To be able to determine if your keywords are profitable, you have to use keyword research tool. There are many keyword research tools. The one I use is Jaaxy, it is an excellent keyword research tool.

What is a profitable keyword? A profitable keyword is a keyword that has average number of searches  per month ideally over 30 searches, with a QSR( the quoted search results) that is the number of competing websites  ranked in Google for  the exact keyword, should be below 100. As a rule of thumb, your keyword should have a high volume of searches and less competition from other websites. As the image below illustrates.

                                                                        How To Write Good Website Content.

This point again  is worth repeating. For some people, the thought of doing keyword  research and SEO terrifies and frightens them. I was once honestly like that myself.However, I have got over my initial fear, and I am today happily doing SEOs.

I brought this up, because I don’t want the thought of you doing keyword research or SEO, stop you in your tracks and thus sabotage your success.

Let me pass on something that I learned from my own experience in life to you my dear reader. What is it? I have learned that, anything, regardless of how difficult they may seem to be, can be learned. And this is also true of SEOs. I hope this thought has brought you some relief.

The question that might come to mind about your profitable keywords, is where do you place those keywords? And that is a good question. If you are aiming to be ranked by Google you have to place your keywords correctly. You can include them:

  • In your title
  • Incorporate keywords in your introductory paragraph
  • Include your long tail keywords naturally in your content
  • Some suggest that you incorporate them in your headings and sub-headings

Something you want to also keep in mind, is that your content or blog must be relevant your keywords. If content is not relevant to your keywords, then you will be wasting your time and effort.

We have seen why dear reader, selecting a niche and doing keyword research are essential to writing an effective blog or content. With that in mind, we are further going to discuss other fundamental and essential elements that will help you to write a good content for your website.


  Content Structure Can Help Good Website Content


The structure of your content is very important to the reader. Before we get into that, let us look at structure in our own life’s experiences.

We as humans have structure. Why? Because structure organizes our experiences, makes things clearer and enables us to be focused and more productive.

And also, look at the way we are made. Do you know that we have a rigid internal structure? That rigid internal structure is our skeleton, which gives form to our body. Without structure, our own life as humans, will be chaotic and even meaningless.


   But now you might be thinking, what does this, structure in our human life have to do with writing quality blog/content?  We mentioned that skeletal structure, gives our body form and protects vital organs. And we also mentioned that structure in our life’s experiences helps us to be more organized, to see things more clearer, to be more focused and productive.

Similarly, content structure will give form to our content, it helps to organize our content and thus makes it easier for your audience to read and benefit from.

We clearly see then how vital it is to create  structure in your content. To create an ideal structure for your content, you should use special marks, lists and bullets. Also, you have to keep in mind that a content needs four things that will give readers the gist of what you are trying to relate.

  1. An Eye Catching Title –  Your title is the first thing that readers come in contact with. With that in mind, your title must accomplish several things.  It should catch or grab the attention of the reader. You should also incorporate in your title, as mentioned somewhere in this blog, your keywords. By including keywords in your title and some keywords in the body, you are optimizing your content.
  2. A Captivating Introduction –  Like your title, your introduction must also be captivating. It must arouse interest, and hold the attention of your reader. Your introduction will determine whether your reader will stay on your website reading your content or move on to your competitors websites.

Use Introduction To Arouse Interest

How can you by way of your introduction arouse the interest of your audience? You can capture the attention of your reader, by using questions. Your questions however must, if they are to achieve your intended objective, be relevant to the subject and of course relevant to your audience.

In your introduction, you will also want to help the reader to see, why the subject is important and how it can benefit them. You should also include keywords in your introduction.
  3. The Main Body – Best to make your sentences and paragraphs short and clear. Try to keep the paragraph limited to five lines.

  4.  Conclusion – Because as humans we have the tendency to forget easily, you want to help your reader to remember some of the points discussed in your content. You can do so, by making a summary of the discussion.

Also, you have to be sure that your conclusion is directly related to the thoughts expressed in your body. Highly important also, is the need to show your reader what to do about what they have read. You must motivate them to action.

So we see how important structures are to content.  They give form to content, help keep content organized and not chaotic.


  Write Quality Content

By the way, do you remember what we said about content? we said that content is king. But we added that content can only become king if it is a good or quality content which can be ranked in search engines. And we discussed briefly how you can optimize your content. We said that you should:

  • Incorporate keywords in your title
  • Include keywords in your the introduction
  • incorporate keywords in the headers ans sub-headers
  • include long tails naturally in the content.

Now we are going to discuss, other elements that are essential for you to write a good and effective content. For a starter though, let me tell you a brief story about myself. I started off knowing absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, nothing about SEOs, nothing about writing good content and heck I did not even know what a content was.

However, since my online success depended on my knowing these concepts, I readily went to work to learn these essential concepts. Happily, I am able today to do keyword research, write good content and optimize my content.

So what is the moral of this Story? The moral of the story is really simple. Never allow perceive obstacles to derail your success. If writing good content  for your website poses a major challenge for you, you can do 2 things. Instead of given up, you can practice, practice, practice and practice. It is like when you first started trying to ride a bike. What did it take? It took practice and practice and practice and practice and practice. Did it not? What was the outcome? You today can ride a bicycle independently and perfectly. Are you not happy you put in the effort?


How To Write Good Website Content.

Writing Good Website Content Requires practice

Similarly, writing a good content is like initially starting to ride a bike. If you keep practicing, eventually you will be in a position to write good content.

But maybe you just hate writing. You dread writing and the thought of writing scares you to death. You are super, super, scared because you cannot spell and you don’t even know your ABCs. Why? Because you even dropped out off kindergarten.

Should that cause you to stop your online journey with the objective of making money online? Of course not. Do you know dear reader, that there are many, many , many people in the land of the Internet who are just as eager to write good quality content for you for a small fee?

In this blog,”How To Write A Good Content,” I am assuming that you will be writing your content. And I want to commend you tor your bravery, because as mentioned, practice makes perfect.

Writing a good content can be likened to cooking a delicious meal. How so ? If you are to cook a delicious meal, one that your family or guest will savor and keep coming for more, you have to make sure that you carefully choose the right ingredients and the right seasonings, that compliment each other and thus bringing to life, the aroma and flavor of the meal, and at the same time awakening the taste buds of your guests, causing them to get hungrier and hungrier, eagerly awaiting to devour a sumptuous meal.


Writing Good Website Content Requires Skill

Similarly, writing a good content will require that you skillfully and carefully blend elements together, elements that will compliment each other, and thus enable you to write effective and good content, one that your audience will cherish, appreciate and like  good delicious meal, keep coming for more.

Just as it is vital to know who you are cooking for, it is also important to know who you will be addressing by way of your content. We mentioned in a previous paragraph that you should write your content for the benefit of your targeted audience. Hence, your content must address questions that your audience might have, and also provide solutions to problems. That is what a good and effective content should do. It should address the needs and concerns of people, providing value.

Something else you should keep in mind. That a good content is not boring. In view of what that has been said, you must make every effort to write a content that is interesting and that appeals to your targeted audience.

Have you ever eaten a meal that was not delicious  but rather yucky ? If you ate that meal at a restaurant , will you ever go back to that restaurant for another meal?  The answer of course is a no. This example  illustrates why your content must be interesting and not boring.

                                                                             How To Write Good Website Content.

How Do You Make Your Content Interesting?

How do you make content interesting?  Can your audience learn something of value from your content? If they can learn something of value from your content, not only will your content be informative, but also it can be viewed as interesting. Does your content provide answers to questions asked by your audience ? If so, then it can be viewed as interesting. Does your content show your readers how to solve their particular problem?

If your content can do all of these things, then you can be sure that it is interesting to your segmented market. It is also worth noting, that you should come across as an authority  in your field. Therefore, as you write, you don’t just want to express an opinion, and live it at that, support every assumption  with strong evidence, such as data or statistics. By doing so, you build trust and credibility. You also show that you are writing a good content.

Just as the quality of a meal will also depend on the level of  interaction amongst those sharing the meal, Similarly the quality of your blog or content will also depend on your interaction or engagement with your readers. How do you engage your readers?

  • By asking rhetorical questions
  • Asking for their opinions or comments

When you keep your readers engaged, they will be glued to your content reading it to the end, with great delight and appreciation.

Do you also know dear reader that people like to listen to stories? So if you want to write a good blog, make sure that you include stories in your blog or content.

                                                        How To Write Good Website Content.

Stories Should Be Relevant

However, story telling should not be over done. For your stories to be effective, your stories should be relevant to the topic under discussion and must be tasteful. Your objective in including stories in your content, is to:

  • Make your content interesting 
  • Capture your readers attention so that they can read your content in its entirety

And believe me, story telling does work. I remember when I was a kid, we all sat around in the veranda, listening to the grown ups telling us stories. How we cherished those moments. We paid rapt attention, we were as silent as a mouse. So a good content must include stories.

It is also advisable to relate personal experiences in your content. Of course experiences that you may relate, have to be relevant to the subject under discussion. If done correctly, it will help connect you with your reader, build trust and can be a source of motivation for them.

You Must Be Honest

As a marketer, if you are going to be successful, you must be honest. It is worth repeating. You have to be honest. And please dear reader, I am not in any way accusing you of being a dishonest person. I am just stating a fact.

Because some people who come online, come online with the objective to make quick money. Such ones, resort to practices that are dishonest, and such ones loose their credibility and trust.

Even if you are honest, you don’t want to in anyway give people a negative impression of you. How could this be? If the bulk of your content is promotional, always making sales pitches, instead of really trying to help your audience with their problems, then your audience will come to view you in a negative way.

So never sacrifice honesty because you want to make a quick bucks. In the final analysis you will stand to loose. If you will be doing product reviews, be honest in  all your reviews.

                                                         How To Write Good Website Content.

Writing a good content will require  that you be sincere. Let your good qualities shine through, help them see you by way of your content, as a loving and caring person, that truly have their best interest at heart and sincerely, yes sincerely wants to help them. Write in a conversational manner, as if you are writing to a dear old friend.

Be a people person, and not allow yourself to come through as a sales person. As you write, your objective should be to build trust and good relationship with your audience. Such trust will mutually be beneficial to you and your audience in the long run.

Write Clearly And Simply.

Write clearly and simply, so that your reader can understand. Simple words that are well chosen convey ideas with great power. And also short sentences and simple phrases are easy to grasp. Use variety of expressions that will make your content both colorful and meaningful, bringing much delight and enjoyment to your readers as they read it.

Also, to be able to write a good content  for your website will mean that, after you finish writing your blog or content, you take the time to go over the material. This is what I do. I read it over and over again, I do so for about 2 days, to catch and correct any spelling and grammatical errors. I also do so, in order to make sure that the reading flows smoothly and fluency is maintained through out. So make it your aim to go over your material after you finish.

Remember, people are going to see you through what you have written. And they will pass judgement on you, your sincerity, honesty and even your professionalism based on your content. So again, before you publish your content, make an added effort to make all the necessary corrections.



“How to write a good content for your website” That is the title of this blog. In this blog, “How to write a good content for website,”we discussed ways that you can write quality content. We said that to write a good content for your website begins with choosing a niche. And that you really get to know your niche, their needs and their concerns.

We also mentioned that you choose profitable keywords around which you can write your content. And that profitable keywords have high search volume per month, but less websites competing for the same keywords in Google.

And that you create structure for your content. Because structure gives form to your content, and helps to organize it and thus makes it easier for your readers to read.

We also mentioned that you incorporate in your title, the introductory paragraph and the body of your content your keywords. But you have to include keywords in your body naturally and not over stuff it.

Finally dear reader, we also stated that a good content must be informative, engaging, interesting and relevant. Important also, is that your own honesty, sincerity and professionalism must be manifested in your content.

We have now come to the end of our journey together by way of this blog,”How To Write A Good Content For Your Website.” I hope our journey together, was a delightful, pleasant and refreshing experience. I hope you will soon join me in another such journey. If you found this blog,”How To Write A Good Content,” to be of value, it is my hope that you will apply some or all of the suggestions. And that you will overcome all your fears, and put yourself in a position to write good content for your website. Do so not only for your own benefit,but most importantly, for the benefit of your targeted audience.

There is something I would like to request of you. Can you please help me to improve? I sincerely respect your opinion. If you have a question or a comment, I will be happy to hear from you. And if you found some value in this content and feel that others can benefit from it, please feel free to share it with them.






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