How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website.

The purpose of this blog post “How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website, ” is to help you the affiliate, drive free and targeted traffic to your website or blog. With the full knowledge or awareness that traffic, is the life blood of any online and for that matter offline business. Just as without air, we as human beings will die, similarly without traffic, any business will not survive.

Granted dear reader, there are many traffic sources. However, for this discussion, we are going to limit ourselves to just one source, and that is organic traffic.

Hence, my intent therefore, is to help you get organic traffic to your blog or website. With that in mind, what is organic traffic?


  What Is Organic Traffic?

The word organic traffic, refers to the visitors or the traffic that come to your website, because of unpaid search result. People or visitors that are viewed as “organic” are people who find your website or blog, after using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Now that we have a definition of, and an understanding of the term organic traffic, let us now focus in on our next question.

   Why Organic Traffic Is Important?

Organic traffic is important, because it is free. And we all from time to time appreciate when things are said to be free. Especially in these difficult times. However, allow me to please add that, there are certain things, even though they are said to be free, in essence they are actually worthless, are of no value. I am sure dear reader you have received something for free, and it turned out to be nothing but a piece of junk. And sadly to say, the Internet is awash with that.

I personally have  also experienced that. I have joined many free programs or advertising platforms for free, but these programs or platforms turned out to be of no value, they were just worthless.

So when I said that organic traffic is free, I don’t want you to view that statement, in a negative way. It is free in the sense that you will not have to pay money for getting the traffic. And even though it is free, it is a traffic of the highest quality and very much sought after. I am sure the thought of organic traffic being free and a quality traffic, has brought you some relief and a sense of joy.

Another reason of  the importance of organic traffic is that it is a targeted traffic. What does this mean? It means that visitors who land on your website, have a specific intent, and have a higher conversion rate than a random visitor from a paid search. Am sure that is the kind of traffic you would like coming to your site or blog post won’t you agree? It has the potential of bringing you thousands of visitors to your blog or website, and these are people who are willing to spend. So we see the value of organic traffic do we not? It is the number one source of traffic.

                                                             How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website

Key Elements Involved In Getting Organic Traffic

I was tempted to begin the discussion, of how one can get organic traffic to his or her website. However, I have refrained from doing so at this moment, until we identify elements that play key roles in your ability to get organic traffic. It is like you wanting to bake a delicious chocolate cake. To do so, you have to identify and acquire certain elements or ingredients that you can use to bake that delicious chocolate cake. You will need flour, egg, chocolate, water, milk and sugar to bake your cake.

The same is true with organic traffic, for you to be able to acquire and capture organic traffic to your blog, you must also have in place key elements that will make this a reality. With that in mind, we will now identify and define these elements, doing so  I feel, will give you a better understanding of how you can drive targeted traffic to your site.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research, is the process by which you research popular search terms people type into search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


 What Are Keywords?    


A keyword is a term used to describe a word or a group of words, a person uses to perform a search in a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. There are 2 types of keywords. We have the short-tail and the long tail. The short-tail keywords are much broad or general, consisting of 1 or 2 words.The long tails  are specific, consisting  of 3 to 4 or even more words. As we  move on, we are going to be using these terms often.This brings us to our main sub-heading. What is it?

  How Do You Get Organic Traffic To Your Site?

The most effective way to get traffic to your site, is through search engine optimization(SEO). We are going to see exactly, how we can do so. But let me pause a little bit, and calm your nerves. Why? Because I can feel or sense the palpitation of your heart. I was like that myself. The reason, is due to that phrase “search engine optimization.” These are big and scary phrases. Those phrases scared the day light out of me.

I ran away from any program that had the word “SEO.”  I associated anything that was bad in my mind with “SEO.”  In my mind, it was too complex, too complicating , too hard, too difficult and therefore I actually convinced myself that I can’t do no “SEO”.

                                                                  How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website.

So what is the point? The point that I am trying to make, is that you should not let the idea of doing search engine optimization terrorize you, as it did me. I was afraid, but not any more. With practice, work and determination, you and “SEO” will become very good friends soon.

I am assuming dear reader, that you have chosen a niche, and that you have built your niche website. I wrote extensively on these topics in my previous blogs. If you have not yet done so, please take the time to do so. Why? They are the foundation for your online success. With a niche and a niche website in place, the objective now is to drive organic traffic to your site or blog. How can you do so?

Make It A Habit To Use Questions That People Ask

Make it a habit, to use questions that people are asking to do keyword research. Really then, to get organic traffic to your site or blog, begins with keyword research. And questions that people ask will help you with your keyword research.

In life, people are always asking questions. And I am sure you also have experienced that. However, as a business person, we want to utilize questions to our advantage or benefit. And people ask questions, not because they are stupid, but because they want to know, and such knowledge will move them to take appropriate action.

So as an affiliate, this places upon you, an obligation to listen, but not only listen, but listen with the expressed purpose of determining the intent of the person asking the question. For example,” what is there to eat?” “What is your name?” How can you determine the intent of the questioner? You can do so by asking yourself the why question. Why is he asking the question,” what is there to eat?” He is asking the question because he is hungry and want something to eat. That is his intent.

So how does this help you as an affiliate?  Knowing the intent of the person that asked the question, does two things. It allows you  to use the question for keyword research. In addition, puts you in an advantageous position,to write a blog addressing their problems and providing solutions

but it further puts you in an advantageous position, to write a content or blog post  addressing his problem and providing a solution.

So the moral of it all, is that questions are paramount to increasing organic traffic to a website.

How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website

Where Can You Find Good Questions?

Where can you find questions  that you can use for keyword research? You can go to Quora. And that is what I did for this blog. Thousands of people go to Quora to ask questions. But before you can do that, please choose your niche first. Once you know the niche you are going to be operating in, then head on to Quora. In the search box, type in your keyword that is relevant to your niche, and hit the search button.

Once you do that, questions that people are asking that are relevant to your niche, are going to come up. Your task now its to select questions, that would make for interesting topics.  You can write a content on such topic and rank it, allowing you to get organic traffic.

However, for you to be able to write quality content, you have to have good keywords that are relevant to your niche. To find out if the keywords you got from Quora  in the form of questions are good keywords, do  keyword research. Again, the purpose of this, is to determine if your keywords,  are good keywords, that will rank your content.

To do so, I am going to head on to Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a very good research keyword tool. I also use Jaaxy. You can use Jaaxy for free or you can go premium. It is good research keyword tool. Keyword research is a step you don’t want to skip. Because if you fail to select the best fitting keywords, you will be wasting your time. So it is important that you do keyword research.

Using A Keyword Research Tool

How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website

So once you get to Jaaxy, you want to put your keywords or phrases, in the search box, then click the “find keywords” box. As you can see in this example, variable and related keywords came up as a result of the search.

And recall what the objective is? Is to find keywords that are good, that we can write our content around, and hopefully rank it. To be honest this is very simple to do. I want you to focus your attention, on those 2 red boxes.The Avg box, which is the average number of searches each month, and the QSR box, that is the quoted search results. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword.

Again dear reader, it is imperative that you follow this simple strategy.  Select  key phrases, that  have  high search volume, the Avg should be above 30, and the QSR should be below 100.

Now that you know how to choose good keywords around which you can write quality content, does this mean then that we are about ready to write a content ? We are not quite there yet.

Short-Tail And Long-tail Keywords

Recall in the previous paragraphs we briefly made mention of short-tail and long-tail keywords? We are going to explore these two types of keywords further, by so doing , this will help you to write quality content. This in turn will help you to generate organic traffic to your website.

We know what long-tail and short-tail  keywords are by definition. Now we want to examine their respective roles in content creation and organic traffic generation.

Long-tail keywords provide structure to the body of the content, and the reason for this is that they are often used as headings and sub headings.Their conversion rates are usually very high, hence they perform better than the short-tails or popular keywords.

Even though as mentioned before, their search volume is very  small, they have the advantage of generating targeted free traffic for your  website. The reason is that they are more specific, than the short-tails which are broad and have a high search volume and  competition.

                                                              How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website

Do On-Page SEO

You have to also optimize your title. An optimized title can increase your conversion rate. Hence your title should include, your long tails, and your title should not go beyond 60 characters. And they should  grab attention. So make an effort to write a good title.

Once you have chosen good keywords, and optimized your page, you have to start  thinking about writing quality content . And to be able to write quality content, will require that you do extensive research on your topic.

I hope dear reader, I have not hit a nerve, when I said you have to do research and write quality content. Do you know that some people protest , when you even suggest the idea of them writing content and doing research?  “You expect me to write content, when I did not even finish kindergarten?” some will protest.

Yes writing quality content especially content that will rank and bring you traffic is not going to be easy. And statistics prove that it is a challenge.

                                                  How To Get Organic Traffic To A WebsiteDoes this mean that you are not capable of producing content because of certain limitations? Are you going to let some limitation hold you back from realizing your dreams and aspirations? I am sure with determination and motivation, you will be able to write a superb content and do so consistently.

Writing A Content Is Like Riding A Bicycle Initially

It reminds me of riding a bicycle initially. What did it take for you to be able to ride your bicycle, independently and flawlessly?  It took determination, effort and motivation did it not? You had to practice, practice, practice, practice, practice and practice.

 How many times did you fall of your bicycle?  I bet many many times. But look at you now, because of all that had work, you can now  ride a bicycle. Riding bicycle is a piece of cake for you now.

The same is going to be true of your content writing. Initially, it is going to be a challenge, but with practice and time, you are going to love it. And as you write, and address their concerns,not only will you rank in google, but capture organic traffic to your  blog.

Don’t Over Stuff Your Content With Keywords.

With that said, you want to make sure that you are using long-tail keywords to show that your content matches user intent.This as mentioned earlier help you get traffic. However, you don,t  want to cram your content with long-tails, thinking that will help rank you. On the contrary it will hurt your chances. Rather, as mentioned focus on satisfying the intent of your audience, and everything will fall in place.

As you are now aware, quality and relevant content, plays an important role in ranking and getting organic traffic. And you might have heard of the expression, content is king, and that is indeed factual.

                                                               How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website

Write High Quality And Relevant Content

But it can be true, only if  the content is of high quality and relevant. Hence, for your content to be of high quality, there are certain other things,you can integrate in the content. As such, this will enable you to produce quality content. What are these?

Not only should you write a content that is useful, but your content must also be engaging. What that means, is you must get your audience involved in the discussion. You can do so by asking rhetorical questions. And studies show that engaging content can generate more organic traffic, more social media shares and better search ranking.

It is also a good idea that you don’t make your content too brief. If your content is too brief, you are not  able to build trust, good relationship with your audience and credibility. Why? With a brief content, you are not able to provide them, with satisfying answers  to their problems , and involve them  in the discussion.

And statistics proves that contents that are longer in scope are more effective than those that are brief and thus rank better in search engine results pages. So use your words to connect with your audience, build trust and good relationships.

                                                  How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website

Make Your Content Interesting

It is also important that you make your content not boring and tasteless, but you want to make it interesting. Remember, you are competing with thousands of other contents, so yours have to stand out. You can do so, by utilizing stories and humor in your content. So when you make your content not only informative and entertaining, your audience will be eager to share it.

Furthermore, it is vital that you support what you say in your content. Especially if you are stating an opinion or making an assumption. Be aware that as an affiliate marketer, one’s credibility is on the line. So make it a habit, to support whatever assumption you make, with data or statistics.i

What are other necessary things that you can do,  that will help your content to rank and receive organic traffic?

We all have habits, do we not? And our habits can either be good or bad habits. And bad habits can be detrimental to our well being. The same can be true, when it comes to writing content. We want to make it a habit, to write content consistently. Why? Because search engines love new content, and if you produce new content regularly, they will crawl your website  more often. Hence, your content will be ranked faster and this will translate into more organic traffic for you.

Another significant way you can increase organic traffic to your blog or website, is by linking  content that are related. In addition, sharing your content on social media. Sharing your content on social media will not only increase referral traffic but also organic traffic.

                                                      How To Get Organic Traffic To A Website


So in view of all that has been said, can you now write a content that is of good quality? A content that will help your targeted audience to solve  their  problems and meet their own needs?

What are your own goals?  If your goal is  to meet  your needs and that of your family,  this will  motivate you to work harder. So that you can consistently produce  content that is of high quality won’t you agree? And happily dear reader, there are free tools that are available that will help you do just that.

Again , I want to  express my appreciation, for  reading this blog “How to get organic traffic to a website”  And we covered several points, relating  to generating targeted traffic to a website.

We discussed  in this blog,”How  To Get Organic Traffic To A Website,” the need to utilize questions to your advantage. The need to use keyword research tools to find keywords that are  relevant for your content and  for your audience.  We also discussed the need, to not  only make your content to be engaging, but also entertaining. Finally, we mentioned the need to not only interlink related content, but to share content on social media platforms. As this will potentially bring you more organic traffic.

I hope dear reader, you found this blog to be of some help to you. And that some portion of this blog, lifted  your spirits, considering the negative things we experience on a daily basis.  It is my ardent hope dear reader, that success will come your way as you journey through the world of affiliate marketing.

And should you have  feed back that can help me  improve, please don’t hesitate to share it with me. I would also appreciate if you can share this with those you know.







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  1. Thank you for that stern advice, choosing topics via questions people are asking is not negotiable. That is the only way to find topics that will go viral and attract organic traffic. I have also used Jaaxy for my keyword research and it is a powerful tool. Always very precise with the competition and the organic traffic 

  2. Recently I opened an account on Google Search Console and have daily been checking how my organic traffic has been raising. It is quite addicting. Thank you for giving me some additional ideas on how to further my strategy. I have not used Jaaxy, but I will give it a try. What happens with the posts we have already published that do not have longtail keywords? Should we re-write the titles to get longtail keywords in them?

    • Hello Ann, just want to take the time to write and thank you so much for your feed back. I really appreciate it. Based on my research of the topic, you have to optimize your titles by using keywords(long-tails in particular) and some in the content itself. There is no need rewriting the whole thing over, all you can do, is add few keyword phrases in your title and update it Hope this helped. Should you need any help, do not hesitate to contact me.


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