You are no doubt eager and anxious to embark on your online business. And I am very happy for you. Because, an online business if done the proper way, will bring you much success. For that to happen, you will have to lay the proper foundation. And the proper foundation begins, with you finding a profitable niche. In this blog,”How To Find Profitable Niche ” will show you how to do just that.

What is a niche?

It is a focused target segment of the market. A specialized or focused area of a broader market that your business serves specifically.

Why finding a profitable niche is important.

Some reasons, why a niche is important:

  • Helps you find your ideal customers
  • Better able to build trust and good relationship with your customers
  • Reduced competition
  • Helps you become an expert
  • Helps you to become more focused
  • Better able to establish your authenticity
  • Make more money

A case for a narrower niche.

In order for you to start an online business, you have to find a niche. By first finding a niche, you are in fact laying a foundation for the success of your business. Why?

Because a niche allows you to be focused, on a segment of the market, not on the broader market. The reason for this, is that the broader the market is, the less effective you will become.

And choosing a niche that is smaller and narrower does make sense. How so? Let us illustrate it this way. In your school-days, particularly your college days, some classes were very large, and some were kept small. Which of these class was the most effective?

Some students no doubt sought the bigger class. Why? Because it was easy for them to escape the attention of the teacher. In such a class, students will not receive the proper care and instruction. The teacher will not be aware of the issues and concerns of each individual student. There is an absence of close relationship between teacher and students.

However, in a smaller classroom, it is much easier for the teacher to give attention, to the individual needs of each student, because of the nature of the class. Is that not true?

Further, because the level of interaction between teacher and students is high, trust and good relationship between teacher and students is established.

Also, because the teacher knows his class very well, and he is aware of their individual needs, he is able  therefore, to provide quality instructions, that addresses each needs and concerns of the students.


This illustrates, why you should choose for your business a niche that is narrower or segmented, because it enables you to know your audience very well, to know their needs and concerns, and thus able to provide authoritative content that addresses their needs and concerns.

You don’t just want to choose any kind of niche, rather you want to choose a niche, that is profitable. And that is why this blog, “How to find profitable niche in affiliate marketing,” is so important.

We are going to show you, how you can find a profitable niche. Not choosing profitable a niche, will result in waste of time and failure.

With that in mind, how do you find a profitable online niche?

Follow Your Passion To Find A Profitable Niche

As a starting point, you have to make an analysis of yourself, to find out the things that you are passionate about or the things that really interest you. Pen them down in a note book.


You have to prioritize your list. Then you want to select something that is at the top of your list, that you are really passionate about, that really drives you.

Why should you select as a niche, something that you are really passionate about or have intense interest in? Let us illustrate
it. Think of a person, that chooses as a career, an employment that he really has not much of an interest in, or he is not passionate about

That person, will dread going to work, because the job will be boring and meaningless. Hence, like a flickering flame of fire that burns for a while then quickly dies out, he will eventually quit that employment. Is that not true? This very well shows, the need to choose something that you are really interested in and passionate about.

Let me again throw this useful fact your way. You see, having an online business, is not easy as some might have you believe. You are going to face challenges and obstacles. But what will help you to keep going, and not give up? It is going to be your passion. Because you love what you are doing so much, such passion is what that will motivate you to stay the course and not quit, when problems or challenges arise.

You can use a passion or interest, for yet another benefit. For example, are you passionate about gardening? Or very enthusiastic about basketball? Why not then look for ways to make money in what you love to do? Yes, people are translating their hobbies into good money.

How can you do so? If for example you have a passion for basketball, you can share your knowledge to your target audience, by way of a blog. In your blog, you can focus on one aspect of playing basketball. You could write on tips and strategies to shoot a 3 pointer, or you could provide news relating to basketball, for example teams that won games, who is a free agent or who got traded, or even recommend tennis shoes that are good for playing basketball.


Clearly then, the point being made, is that you must not ignore your passion, because it can make you money. Hence, choose a niche that interest you, and passionate about.

Determine market value for a profitable niche

Sadly though, passion by itself does not equate to a profitable niche. I wish that was the case. There is much involved.

In view of this, before you select a niche, you need to have an idea about its value. You have to make sure if there is a need for it, and does your target audience have the means to pay for it?

Let us put it in a way, that will help us understand it more fully. Assume you move into a very small town. In this town for some reason, the people don’t eat bread. But you insist on being a baker to bake and sell bread. Will that be a wise decision on your part? No, that will not be a wise decision. Why? Because in this community, there is no need for bread. So it will not be a profitable niche for you. It will be best then for you to choose another niche, won’t you agree?

And even if by means of your market research you determine, that there is need for your product or service, you still must be forward-looking. What will be the value of the market in which you are operating in, in the future? Will there be demand for your product or service 5-10 years from now? You have to be forward-looking.

If there is a need for your product or service, and this trend will continue into the distant future, then you can say that your niche is profitable and your niche will keep growing in value.

Analyze the competition.

Just as it is important to make an analysis of the market, to determine profitability, it is also necessary to analyze your competitors. You have no doubt heard of the expression, know your enemy.

I am not suggesting that your competitors are your enemies. What is being expressed, is the need to know who your competitors are, so that you can see what is working for them, and modify their strategies, to fit your own situation. For example, you could take into consideration, the price points of the competitors products, so that you can price yours competitively.

You can also do keyword research, using keyword research tool, to determine if the niche is profitable. Your niche is said to be profitable, if the average search volume is high. Ideally, any number above 30 is a good number. Also, you want to be concerned with the QSR (Quoted Search Results), that is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

With that in mind, you want your QSR to be 100 and down. A 30 and up Average volume search and QSR of 100 and down, can be viewed as a profitable niche. However, a QSR of over 100 indicates that the level of competition is high and intense, it is over saturated, therefore not profitable. Jaaxy is an excellent research tool used to do keyword research.

Recall we said that you have to check on the competition to see what they are doing right, this time you have to check on them to see how you can out perform them. For example, how is the quality of their content? If you see that their content quality is low, this gives you the opportunity to write a content, that is of high quality and useful. By so doing, your content will be ranked higher in search engines, bringing you constant flow of organic traffic and more sales. You will truly have a niche that is profitable.

Study Industry Trend.

Here again, it is imperative that you take the time to analyze trends. By doing trend analysis, certain things will be revealed. It can reveal the stability of your niche. And It is important that, you operate in a niche that is stable and not seasonal or faddish.

A profitable niche then is stable, it is not based on fads. Because of its soundness and stability, it will afford you the opportunity to make money consistently.

Also, you have to always be scanning your business environment looking for opportunities. Opportunities that you can seize to grow and expand your business. Making your niche even more profitable.

You don’t want to just look for opportunities, you also want to scan for threats. Businesses that failed to take into consideration, threats to their existence, such businesses were quick to fail.

If you choose a stable niche, you scan for threats and seize opportunities at the right time, you will have a niche that is profitable.

Test The Market To See If Niche Is Profitable

The final phase of finding a profitable market is testing. After you have gathered all the relevant information, about a given niche, it is now time to test it out.

It makes sense does it not? Before you buy a car, what is the first thing you do? Before you pay your hard-earned dollars, you have to test drive the car, to make sure that you like it and performs well. Is that not true?


Similarly, you have to test your niche. How do you test your niche? You do so by creating a landing page, for your product or service, and try to bring traffic to the landing page, with pay per click ads.

If the traffic does not convert to sales, then that niche might not be profitable niche. However, before you can make that determination that the niche is not profitable because traffic is not converting, you have to consider other factors.

It could be the result of content quality, or a host of other reasons. It will therefore, be advisable to leverage A/B Split Testing methods and optimize your conversion.

Once you determine that your niche is profitable, it is now time to build your website. As mentioned so many times in this blog  and many others, You can use free tools to build a functional website, or you can have others build you a professional looking website that will convert well for.


In this blog,”How to find a profitable niche in affiliate marketing,” we briefly discussed what a niche is, why it is important, and we made a case for choosing a niche that is segmented.

And we discussed at length, how to find a profitable niche. We said:

  • Follow your passion
  • Determine market value
  • Analyze the competition
  • Study industry trend
  • Test the market

So again dear reader, my hope is that you succeed and prosper in your business venture. And this can become a reality, if you choose a profitable niche.

If you found this blog “How To Find Profitable Niche,” to be useful and helpful, please I will appreciate it, if you could share it with friends, relatives and fellow employees. Also, if you see areas that I need to make improvement in or you just have a question, please leave me a comment.



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