How To Earn Money At Home For Students

In this blog, “How To Earn Money At Home For Students” we will explain how you as a student will start earning good income, from home with your computer.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

To begin, I would like to draw your attention to an article that I recently published. The title of the article, “Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?” I gave compelling reasons why affiliate marketing is for students. Access this information by clicking this link, Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?

In view of that, I am introducing to you, affiliate marketing as a means by which you can make money at home as an affiliate.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To put it simply, affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to partner with a company that has an affiliate program or a network that handles affiliate programs for companies.

You as an affiliate, are issued a unique link, that can be used to identify you. When you promote your given link, and someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, you as an affiliate makes a commission.

Students Making Money At Home Is A Reality

What I want to draw your attention to as a student, is to never doubt yourself, that you can earn money at home in a successful affiliate marketing business. Why?

The reason is that many students who started a home business and applied themselves, are today earning good money. So the mind set should be, if they can do it, you also can do it. So the possibility of making good money at home as a student is there. Intact, so far as making money at home as an affiliate is concerned, the sky is your limit.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

I have full confidence in you, that you also can be successful, if you apply yourself and follow direction and guidance. Something else you need to be aware of dear student, is that making money at home as an affiliate is not a get rich-quick-scheme.

Making Money At Home Not A Get Rich- Quick -Scheme

So what is your expectation? Do you expect to start your business today and strike it rich tomorrow? Do you know that some intact think that way?

If that is your thinking, then my advice is for you to avoid such a thinking. Why? It is unhealthy and it will affect any chances of success.

Success or earning lots money in a home business, is not going to happen overnight. I would like you to think of it, as a long journey, fretted with lots of obstacles and challenges.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

Just as it takes time to come to the end of a long journey, the same can be true of your home business. It is going to take time before you can really start seeing good results.

So the point I am trying to put across to you dear reader, is the fact that, this is not a get rich-quick-scheme. Hence, you have to be patient, be ready to put in the work, the time and remember, it is a long journey.

Once you accept this as a fact, good things will happen.

Online Business Requires Hard Work

As mentioned in my previous blogs, doing business at home as an affiliate requires hard work. But do you know dear reader, that there are some who start a home business as an affiliate marketer, with the thinking that they are going to make lots of money, without doing any work?

In the world of make belief, that might be true. However, in the real world this is far from the truth. In order to be successful, you have to work very hard, if success is to be attained. Do you agree with that?

I know you do, because I know the type of student you are. You are a hardworking, disciplined, diligent, persistent student, with an eagerness to learn. Am I correct? I hope so.

So you are going to be working hard, on your home business as an affiliate marketer, in order to make good things happen for you.

Going To Make Some Assumptions About You

Before we can continue with the meat of the discussion, “How To Earn Money At Home For Students” I am going to make some assumptions. Will you please allow me to do so? Thank you.

I am assuming that you have made a self-analysis of yourself, and you have come to know who you really are. Do you know dear student, that most people go through life, not knowing who they are?

It is vital that you make an effort to know who you really are. Your goals, objectives, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, your motivations and who you are within.

How do those who have not made an effort to know who they are, expect to succeed, or earn money in their home business as affiliates? So it is worth repeating, know thyself.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

Now that I have made you aware of certain things, and assuming that you really know who you are, let us now get to the good stuff, how to earn money at home for students. And you are going to be earning money at home as an affiliate marketer.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

Today, more than ever everyone including students, are looking for opportunities that will enable them to make some money. The economic condition is so terrible and things are so expensive, making it increasingly difficult for people to make ends meet.

In view of this, we are going to show the things that you can do as an affiliate, that will enable you to earn money at home as an affiliate. Are you ready?

Choose A Niche

Choosing your niche is vital for your success as a student.

What is a niche? A niche is a segment, a portion of a broader market. For example, diet is a broad market in the weight loss industry. However, diet pills, diet drinks, diet for men, diet for women are all segments of a broader market diet.

Hence, to put yourself in a position to make money in affiliate marketing as a student, it is highly important that you choose a niche.

Here is a useful piece of advice, I would like to pass on to you, as it relates to choosing a niche. This is a million dollar advice. Are you ready for it?

Here we go. You must make the effort to choose something that you are passionate about, enjoy doing or that really interest you. Why is this so vital?

As stated earlier, we compared a home business to a long journey. Do you remember that point? Therefore, if you don’t choose something, a topic, subject, idea or a hobby that you are really passionate about, you will quickly quit, without ever realizing your dreams and aspirations. How so?

Have You ever Enrolled In A Boring Class?

In a boring class, you lack the zeal and motivation to perform well or be productive, compared to a class that you truly like and interested in. Is that not the truth?

Similarly, not choosing a niche that is interesting or involves something that you are passionate about could result in the same thing.

You must keep in mind, that you are going to be writing tons of contents for your niche audience. The only way that you are going to be able to write quality content, that will help your audience and do so consistently, is for you to choose as a niche, something you enjoy and are passionate about.

This will ensure that you always have new and fresh ideas. Hence, you are always motivated to produce fresh content that will be of benefit to your niche audience.

Don’t Focus On The Broader Market

What should be your goal? Your goal should be to cover only a segment of the broader market. Why is this so vital? If you focus on the bigger picture, you face the possibility of intense competition from seasoned marketers with lots of marketing budget at their disposal.

On the other hand, you will experience less competition when your market is narrower. This also puts you in a position, to not only get to know your audience very well, but enables you to be an authority in your particular niche, thus able to write authoritative content, that will highly be appreciated by your audience.

An Illustration

Let us illustrate it this way. As assume for a moment that you are a teacher. Which class will you rather teach? A class that has far many students? Or one with fewer students? I am sure you will select the class with the fewer students.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

And there is advantage in choosing a smaller class won’t you agree? In a smaller class, you are able to know each individual student intimately. You are more aware of their personal goals, likes, dislikes, desires, motivations and the challenges and issues they face in life.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

Such knowledge then puts you in an advantageous position, since you are better able to provide a lesson plan that takes into consideration the needs of each student, and better able to help them.

This again illustrates, why focusing on a segment of the market is so important.

Building Your Niche Website

Now that you have chosen a niche, and by the way congratulations, it is now time to build your niche website. Is there any apprehension of building a website?

With all honesty, you should not be. In a previous blog, “Is Affiliate Marketing For Students?” One of the reasons cited why I felt affiliate marketing is for students, is their superb technical ability compared to the older generation. With that said, you will not have any difficulty building a website.

Let me in fact give you this assurance, even though yes, you are technically smart, you are not even going to utilize your technical abilities in the creation of your own website. I hope I did not disappoint you with this news. Why is that so?

The reason is that building a website in the past which was reserved for rocket scientist, is no longer the case today. The process is so simple that even a kindergarten student can build one. It is like taking candy from a baby.

And you have platforms that will walk you through the whole process. They will help you build a professional, customized and functioning niche website for free, which will enable you to make money at home as an affiliate.

I have listed platforms that you can use to build your website:

Why You Need A Website

Some might argue that, you don’t need a website to earn money at home as an affiliate. Whiles that might have some truth to it, however if you are really serious about making lots of money at home as a student, then having your own website is the way to go.

Having your own website gives you credibility and shows the level of your professionalism. Further, instead of building other people’s list, you are building your own asset, and can market to them when ever you please.

Joining Affiliate Programs A Way To Earn Money At Home

The goal is to make or earn money at home as a student. And one of the ways this can be accomplished, is for you to join affiliate programs directly or go through a network. These programs are the ones that are going to be paying you, so it is vital that you choose affiliate programs that are relevant to your particular niche, and to what you are trying to accomplish as an affiliate.

Equally, important is that you select companies or programs that are reputable.

Finding Keywords or Phrases

Now that you have a customized and functioning website, and joined programs that you intend to promote to your audience, it is time to start writing content with the expressed purpose of helping your audience.

However, writing quality content begins with finding the right keywords or key phrases.

People are always searching for things to buy or searching for information to help them solve their problems. I am sure you have also made searches on Google.

The words or phrases that are used to make these searches, are referred to as keywords or key phrases. Here is an example, and you can come up with many of your own keywords if you like. “How to use a mouse trap?”  is a keyword.

Now if you are in the mouse trap niche, all you have to do is write a helpful content, showing your audience how to use a mouse trap.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

If someone clicks on your affiliate link, and lands on your page and buys a mouse trap or anything pertaining to mouse traps, you will make money.

Therefore, you must create content, related to what people are searching for.

Short-Tail Vs Long Tail Keywords

It is important also that you know the differences between long-tails and short-tails. Long -tails have a lower search volume, for the fact that they are specific with detailed information. A person using long -tail, is probably close to making a purchase.

With a long-tail. you might receive less site visitors, but attract higher quality traffic with high conversion rate. Important also is the fact that, long-tails because of their low search volume have low level of competition. Long-tails consist of 3 or more words.

Short-Tails On The Other Hand

Short -tails on the other hand, deal with more general or broad topic instead of specific. Hence, they have a higher search volume, with high competition which makes it difficult to rank for the short-tails.

Even though they have a higher search volume, they do not attract quality traffic, hence the conversion rate is low compared to the long-tail. The short-tails consist of 1-2 words.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

As you can see from what that has been discussed, your focused should be on finding long-tails.

Make Sure Keywords Are Profitable

You have to make sure that any keyword or phrase that you use, around which you create your content must be a profitable keyword. Choosing profitable keyword will help your site to rank, and thus bring in more traffic and start earning money at home as an affiliate

Finding Profitable Keywords

A keyword research tool will be of big help to you. An excellent keyword research tool that I use, is Jaaxy

Let us use our keyword example, “How to use a mouse trap?”. By the way, is this a short-tail or a long-tail keyword? You are right! Recall it was stated that long-.tails have 3 or more words.

So with our keyword, we are going to head on to Jaaxy. In the research tool bar we are going to put our key phrase., then click search keyword. It is going to provide lots of statistics for you.

We are only going to concern ourselves, with 2 of the stats. The stats found at the Avg and QSR columns. The Avg is the average search column and the QSR is the Quoted Search Results

If the Avg is 30 and above and the QSR is less than 100, then you know that, this particular keyword is profitable, hence you can white a content around it, and have it ranked.

How To Earn Money At Home For Students

Place Your Keywords Strategically

In order to have your site to rank in search engines, it was mentioned that you find keywords that are relevant and profitable. What else is needed, is that you include your long-tails in your page title, headers, sub headers and utilize it also in your first paragraph, it is recommended you include it in your first sentence. Try also to do so, in the body of your content, but do so naturally not try to stuff your content with keywords.

Writing Quality Content

In addition to doing these necessary things, you want to be able to write quality content built around your key phrases.

Again, there is no need to be apprehensive about this, because there are platforms, that will walk you through the whole process.

However, here is a piece of good advice dear student I would like to share with you, as it relates to writing a content. If you are to write a quality content that will rank, you must always have it as a goal, to help people. Be the caring and concerned person.

Highly recommended is that you really get to know your audience. What problems or issues confronts them? And how they are trying to solve these issues.

Your role then as an affiliate working from home, is to provide them, with a solution to the problem, by way of your content. There is a saying, “help others get what they want, and you will get what you want.” How true these words are. So put yourself in a position to solve peoples’ problems.

Something Else

Something else that is vital, that I feel must be conveyed to you dear student, is that you should avoid any tendency of coming across in your content as a sales person.

A sales person’s motivation is to sell as many products.  And believe me there is nothing wrong with that. However, it must be done the proper way, the correct way.

How will you feel, if you are always receiving an email from Mr. sales man, constantly requesting that you buy his stuff, always promoting to you.?

To be honest, I do get irritated with callous people like that. I have even canceled subscriptions, because of pushy and indifferent sales men. This is the reason, I am helping you to appreciate that you should not allow yourself to be a sales person.

If you really want to be a successful affiliate, earning good money at home as a student, you have to be a people person rather than a sales person.

A People Person Is Helpful

A people person is helpful, caring and always puts the interest of others above his own. Can you do that? I have the confidence that you are capable of being a people person.

Hence, as you write contents, do so with your audience in mind. By way of your content, address their needs, concerns and em pathetically provide them with solutions.

Let them see you as a real friend, that has genuine interest in them as a person. Learn to build trust and establish good relationship with them, by being helpful, caring and always being there for them.

With that said, let me ask you a question dear student. Who do you think they will turn to in the future, when faced with issues or problems or are in need of information? A sales person or a people person? They will turn to the people person. Why? He has their best interest at heart.

As a result, they will continue to reward him financially, for always being helpful to them.

Besides, Google and other search engines will also view your content as helpful and valuable, and will reward you by ranking it on their first page. This in turn will bring you much traffic, helping you to earn money from home as an affiliate.

To Help You Earn Money From Home, Make Content Interesting

Search engines are not only looking for content s that are helpful, but are also interested in content that are interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Hence, it is important that you take your readers with you on your journeys, helping them to appreciate the scenery, giving them a pleasant and wonderful experience.

This could be by just relating your own experiences, another person’s. However, you must strive to relate experiences that your audience can relate with.

Access also make the journey to be interesting, by telling stories. People have always liked listening to stories. For your stories to be effective however, they must be tasteful and relevant.

Make It To Be Engaging

Further, you have to make your content to be engaging. How do you do so? You do so by asking questions. You want to get your readers involved. Access do so by asking rhetorical or view point questions.

Also, you can request an input, asking them to leave you a comment regarding how they felt about the content, what they liked or disliked.

Based on what we have discussed, your goal should be to write in such a way that people could read your content in its entirety.

They could only do so, if it is interesting and engaging. On the other hand, if it is boring and lifeless, like a classroom experience mentioned somewhere in this blog, they will quickly end it, and go somewhere else. Hence, your website will not be ranked by search engines, and as a result will not be able to earn money from home as a student.


In this blog, ” How To Earn Money At Home For Students,” we detailed how students can make money at home as affiliates.

First we mentioned that, making money at home as an affiliate is not a get quick-rich -scheme, but rather it takes time and requires hard work, but making money at home is a reality.

Then we discussed things that should be done, in order to earn money at home. It was mentioned that:

  • You Choose A Niche
  • Build A Niche Website
  • Join Affiliate Programs
  • Find Keywords That Are Relevant And Profitable
  • Write Quality Content Around These Keywords, That Will Rank

I have the full confidence that if you put into practice the things discussed in this blog, you will earn money at home as a student.

Should you find this blog to be helpful and beneficial, I will be very much grateful, if you share it with others. Also, should you see areas in this blog, that you feel I need to make improvements, please leave me a comment.



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