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Most people coming online, do not know how to do marketing. The purpose of this blog, “Digital Marketing Info” is to provide you  with relevant information that will help you.


 What Is Digital Marketing?

It is proper to have a definition of digital marketing.  Knowing what digital marketing is, will give you a better understanding  of the concept of digital marketing. And how you can best benefit from its application in your business.

Digital marketing refers to all the marketing endeavors that occur on the Internet, to connect with customers.This can be accomplished, by the utilization of digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and other websites.

 Types Of Digital Marketing

Here is a  list of the different types of digital marketing channels, as this will help you to formulate your  marketing strategies.

  • Affiliate Marketing –   This is a performance based advertising in which  you as the affiliate receive commission for promoting  a product or service for a company. You are paid a commission when you make a sale.
  • Pay-Per-Click(PPC) – This type of digital marketing allows you, to place an ad on a platform. You pay anytime someone clicks on it, regardless if they buy or not.
  • Native advertisement– Refers to advertisements that are primarily  content-led. It is a type of advertisement that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Because they don’t look like advertisement, consumers are more likely to pay much attention to them.
  • Social Media Marketing – Is the utilization of social media platforms to connect  with your audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization – With SEO, you have to optimize your site so that you can rank higher in search result pages.
  • Content Marketing –  Is the process  that allows you to provide high quality and relevant content for your targeted audience. The goal is to create brand awareness, build trust and good relationship , attract traffic and generate leads.
  • Email Marketing – One of the most effective marketing channels is email marketing. It becomes even more powerful, if you combine it with other channels or strategies.

Digital Marketing Info

  Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Which would you prefer, something that offers you options or one that does not give you any? I am sure you will say, the one that does. The one that gives you more choices.  And digital marketing provides you with lots of options, to choose from, that matches your business goal.

                                                              Digital Marketing Info

This is not the case with traditional marketing, which offers fewer channels such as Television, Print, Radio and Billboard.

Another benefit of digital marketing is that unlike the traditional marketing method, digital marketing has the potential to reach a global audience.  With that in mind, which will you prefer, a channel that gives you a world wide audience, or one that is limited ? I am sure you will choose the former. So again, do you see the importance of  digital marketing?  It has a global reach.


 Not only does digital marketing have a global reach but  it is also cost effective. Traditional channels of marketing however, are said to be very expensive. Trying to reach a global market by way of the traditional market, can be  huge undertaking  money wise and time wise.

                                                        Digital Marketing Info

 Furthermore, the traditional methods give you, less control over whether your audiences will see your messages. Take for example a billboard advertisement, even those for whom it is intended, might not see the ad.  Because their eyes are focused on the driving or the road. Besides, with the traditional method, you have limited control over who sees your ads. So you might be even showing your advertisement to people who have no interest in your message.

Digital Marketing Puts You In Control

However, digital marketing puts you in control. You are in the drivers seat, as it offers you much control and flexibility. How so? It is much easier to modify or adapt a digital marketing strategy than a traditional marketing form of advertisement. For example with an email marketing campaign, we see flexibility in action.

There is no rule that states,  once you set your mail schedule, or once content is written, they cannot be modified. You can modify your schedule or content if you deem it necessary.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns also offer much flexibility. For example, if you notice that a campaign is not producing the desired results, you can pause it and make the necessary adjustments. However, the traditional method of advertisement, does not give you such a luxury. Take a billboard for example, once you sign up to buy a billboard, you have it for the entire period of the contract .

There  is  50-50% chance that you will be wasting money. It will be like your advertising dollars are being carried away by the wind.

And as humans, flexibility is something we can all appreciate don’t you agree? At our place of employment, a rigid boss, can be a source of irritation. And such a rigid boss, can stifle the growth of employees, causing them not to flourish. On the other hand, an employer that exhibits flexibility creates an environment  that nurtures growth. This illustration, only highlights the importance of digital marketing  because it gives the marketer much control and flexibility.

Digital Marketing Levels Playing Field

Another benefit or importance of  digital marketing, is that it levels the playing field. Think for a moment, the countless thousands that are migrating, to the Internet world, to start an online business. The majority of these have very little start- up money to invest in their online business. Yet, even with little investment, digital marketing will enable such ones to compete with the big brands.

It offers cost effective strategies, which these new entrance to the online world can utilize, to reach their targeted audiences, without costing them an arm or leg to do so. If for instance, through keyword research you  find profitable keywords which will include long-tails, you can create high quality content around them and  easily rank in search engines, bringing you  organic traffic and sales.

This can only be possible, because of digital marketing. It truly levels the playing field won’t you agree?


Digital Marketing Offers Targeting Options.

Another important benefit of digital marketing, is that unlike the traditional marketing methods, digital  marketing offers advanced targeting and personalization options.

For example, as an affiliate marketer, your focus should be not on the broader market of the industry, but rather on a segment of that industry. So digital marketing allows you to segment your market or choose a niche and then target your specific audience with relevant and quality content which you can personalize.

Creating  personalized experience for your audience, can not only help you build good relationship and trust  but future sales. In regards to digital marketing allowing marketers to target a specific audience, can  be seen with social media. Social media, provides targeting features. You can use these to show social media ads to a specific audience based on variables like age, interest, gender etc.

                                                           Digital Marketing Info

To be a successful marketer, you have to strive for efficiency and effectiveness. Digital marketing will help do just that. How so? It can help you track your campaigns on a daily basis. For example you can use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc. to monitor the performance of your campaigns. Also, because it is measurable, you can measure for example the ROI of any aspect of your marketing effort, and you can even measure the effectiveness of the strategies utilized.

Your being able to measure things, allows you to see accurate results, and this in turn will enable you, to make the needed adjustment if deemed necessary.

Digital Marketing Allows You To Be In Touch

Another added benefit of digital marketing, is that it allows you the marketer, to be in touch with your  customers. By way of such communication , you will make them become aware of  brands that you might be promoting . However,  you need to be cautious and balanced. As you communicate with them, you should not  make it a habit of always trying to sell them stuff, if you make that a habit, you can easily irritate and alienate them.

Hence, I mentioned that you must be balanced in this regard.You want them also to be viewed by you as a helpful and a caring person. By means of your blogs  therefore, you should provide your target audience with helpful and relevant information  which they can use to solve their problems. By so doing, not only will you secure their trust and friendship, but they will loyally be your customer and handsomely rewarding you.



As we have seen in this blog,”Digital Marketing Info.”, digital marketing has lots of benefits. But like many other things in life, it also has challenges. What are some of the challenges? We did discuss the various and many channels of digital marketing. The fact that these channels are numerous and varied, present challenges for digital marketers.

How so? They have to for instance know how each channel works, and not only knowing how each channel works, but they have to know also how to use them effectively for best results. All of this will require tremendous amount of time and effort.

Another challenge of digital marketing, is the level of competition. Many digital marketers are competing for the attention of the same potential customers.

Finally, because of the proliferation of digital marketing channels, trying to analyze the massive data collected can pose a challenge for the digital marketer.

However, you must not allow these challenges to prevent you from utilizing digital marketing strategies in your business. Our lives are filled with challenges, road blocks or problems. Yet we do not allow these challenges to stop us do we? In fact challenges are meant to be overcome  and they can be a great source of motivation.

Remember, the benefits far out weigh the challenges. Use those challenges to your own advantage, as a stepping stone to success.



  How Much Does It Cost?

In this blog,”Digital Marketing Info” we listed the many benefits of digital marketing. With so much benefits that digital marketing offers, you might be thinking that employing digital marketing in your business practice must be very expensive.

All I could say is that it  depends. It depends on what level or stage that you are in. For example if you are at the beginner stage, and utilizing low-cost  methods, such as websites, blogs and social media , cost for such basic digital marketing channels will be anywhere from $100-$200 per month.

The business is well established at the intermediate stage of digital marketing. You are able to spend more on digital marketing, because  money is consistently coming in. . And the strategies most commonly used are SEO, SEM, PPC and email marketing. Hence, the cost of digital marketing at this level can be several thousands per month.

Large businesses commonly utilize the advanced stage of digital marketing.This is a combination of all the strategies,  so that  They can reach a global audience. At this level, cost can run into the tens of thousands per month.

So clearly then cost of digital marketing varies, depending on the level.

 How To Do Digital Marketing

The first thing that needs to take place, is for you to identify your business goal or goals. Identifying your business goals is very important, since such goals will help you formulate your digital marketing strategies.

Once you select your goals, it is now time to identify your target audience. This step is also very crucial.

If your audience is broad and general, and not targeted, then your marketing efforts will not be effective. But when your audience is specific, narrow or targeted, this gives you the opportunity to really get to know your target audience, and therefore better able to tailor your content to meet their specific needs and concerns, whiles building trust and good relationships.

Equally important is the establishment of a budget for each digital channel. And you can set a budget as discussed earlier, based on your level.

Also as part of your strategy, you must utilize both free and paid digital marketing channels. You can employ free digital marketing channels such as SEO as a long term strategy, at the same time leveraging paid channels that will bring you quicker results.

After you have formulated your goals, identified your audience and set up your operating budget, it is now time to create content. And since the level of competition is intense in digital marketing, you have to make sure that you stand out from the rest. One way you can differentiate yourself from the competition, is by creating quality and relevant content for your targeted audience.

Write A High Quality Content

Your content must address the needs and concerns of your audience. Help them to view you as a very helpful and caring person, that has their best interest at heart, not just as a sales person.

Not only must your content be informative, but it must be engaging and interesting, not dull or boring. And use it to build trust and good relationships.

                                                                             Digital Marketing Info

Because of the availability of mobile devices, and increasing number of consumers are utilizing their smart phones to make buying decisions, it would be wise as a digital marketer, to take full advantage of this trend.
How can you do that?  By optimizing your web pages, images, digital advertisement etc. for mobile devices. You have to make them mobile-friendly. You can do so by using a large and readable font, design with touch screen in mind, make navigation simple, avoid flash and don’t use too many plugins, as this will slow things up.

Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is also vital if you want to drive organic traffic to your site.  For search engines to  rank you, you have to be able to create quality content. To create content that will rank, will require that you do keyword research. In doing your keyword research, you have to make sure that you find keywords that are profitable, that is keywords that have high volume of searches , but has less competition for those keywords from other websites.There is more on keyword research in my previous blog.

I am using for my keyword research Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research tool.

Once you find your profitable keywords, you can now write your content around those keywords, and do so naturally but also make sure to include your long-tail keywords.

 Most people are fearful of doing keyword research.  Just as I mentioned in this blog,”Digital Marketing Info,” about not allowing challenges to prevent us from attaining our goals, that piece of advice applies here also. Won’t you agree?

Yes keyword research can indeed pose a challenge. But can you overcome it? Think about one of life’s experience. When we were born, we were not able to walk immediately is it not? But over time,with effort,  practice and perseverance we were able to take our first step, and finally we learned to walk.

Similarly,this can also be true of keyword research. You can overcome any challenge, including keyword research,with some effort, practice and patience . So you must not allow any fear of doing keyword research, hold you back from realizing your dreams.


In this blog,”Digital Marketing Info,” we indicated that digital marketing refers to all the marketing efforts that occur on the Internet, to connect with potential customers and customers.

We also mentioned that there are different types of digital  marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Search engine optimization(SEO)
  • Native Advertisement
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

We further discussed in this blog,”Digital Marketing Info”, the importance of digital marketing. Some of the reasons given as to why it is important were:

  • Provides lots of options
  • Has a global reach
  • Cost effective in comparison with traditional marketing channels
  • Offers much control and flexibility
  • Levels the playing field
  • Offers advanced targeting and personalization options
  • Gives the marketer the ability to track campaigns and measure performance
  • Ability to communicate with your customers

We mentioned that even though it has many benefits, it also has challenges. We said that digital marketing has a high level of competition. And analyzing the volume of data collected can also pose a challenge for you

We said  that, the cost varies and depends on the level in which you are in.

To do digital marketing, we stated that you:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Choose or identify your target audience
  • Set up a budget for each channel
  • Create relevant and helpful content that will rank

So dear reader, it is my hope that you found this blog, “Digital Marketing Info” very helpful. And I am   confident, that should you apply the points in this blog,”Digital Marketing Info” in your business practice, you will succeed

And I would like to request from you, two very small favors. If you see areas that you feel I should improve on, as you read this blog,”Digital Marketing Info”, please let me know. Also I will highly appreciate it if you share this blog with friends, relatives and co- workers who might be looking for information like this.

I  thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog,”Digital Marketing Info”





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