Affiliate Marketing Trends.

What can we expect  of affiliate marketing now, and in the not so distant future? Is the industry going to be facing  downward  or  upward trends? Have you ever given thought to that question? It is a question that begs for an answer. Why? Because the livelihood of thousands are tied  directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. As a result, in this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Trends”, we are going to be discussing some of the affiliate marketing  trends, and see how you the affiliate, can benefit from these.

Some have for long felt that the industry will not survive. Why? The reason for such thinking, is the fact that sadly, some marketers have given the industry a bad reputation, because of  their unscrupulous business practices.

And because the  modern consumers have become much enlightening and sophisticated, and the industry as a whole is constantly evolving, has resulted in those “bad apples” either  being weeded out, or relegated to the heap of irrelevancy.

So rather than experiencing, a downward trend, affiliate marketing is experiencing an upward trend. And this trend in my opinion , will continue for a long time. And in this blog, “Affiliate Marketing Trends”, we will be discussing also not only some of the trends that are going to impact affiliate marketing, but also the growth of affiliate marketing.

Contributors To The Growth Of Affiliate Marketing

What has contributed to the immense growth of affiliate marketing? I feel that the dynamics of the market and the global pandemic that we are still experiencing are contributors.

How so? Because of covid-19 pandemic, some companies were not able to adapt, as such these went out of business. Others however, were able to adapt. They did so by going online.

Further more, because of the constant lock down, and the work environment is not that all safe, those who are forced to stay home, are motivated  to start an online business.

We also see a shift in the buying habits of consumers. Record numbers are buying products and services online. So we clearly see, the growth of affiliate marketing, and this growth is expected to rise. And statistics support this.



.                                                                       Affiliate Marketing Trends.

What should such growth do for you as an affiliate? First though, we want to acknowledge the fact that, such growth will provide new opportunities.

To benefit fully from such opportunities, created as a result of growth, one must stay up to date with the trends that will impact affiliate marketing now, and into the distant future.

Why Be Aware Of Affiliate Marketing Trends?

We just mentioned, that by being aware of such trends, you the affiliate will benefit. Do you remember that point? And what has history or past experiences taught us? They have taught us a valuable lesson. For example, businesses who did not take into consideration, the trends in their environments, failed because they were incapable of adapting.

The same can also be true of affiliates, who are not aware of trends in the affiliate marketing environment. In view of this, I have put together trends, that I feel in the coming years will impact the affiliate marketing world. And I sincerely feel that, if you pay heed to some or all of these trends, you will succeed in in your online adventure.

 Affiliate Marketing Trends And Influencers

Influencers as we speak, are playing a very important role in affiliate marketing.However, I feel that they will continue to play a very significant role in affiliate marketing, from 2022 and on ward.

The big influencers, like the movie stars, sport and fashion figures,are paid to influence their followers, to purchase whatever they are advertising. Even though they might have a large following, these big influencers at times, are not able to convert their large following into paying buyers for the brands that they represent.

Hence, I strongly feel that, the micro influencers , rather than the big influencers, will have a greater or more pronounced impact on the affiliate marketing world than the big influencers.

Why is that going to be the case? Because the micro influencers are focused on a specific niche, their niche is targeted. Having a targeted niche, allows them to really get to know their audience,  and gives them the ability to write content that is very relevant to their audience, and thus foster trust and build good relationship.Such trust, will make it easier for their targeted audience,to purchase whatever products or services they are promoting.

So my advice to you, as an affiliate or specifically as a beginning affiliate marketer, is that you position yourself, in such a way, that will allow you to become a micro influencer.

To do so, instead of appealing to a broader market, appeal to a segment of the market. And get to know your targeted market very well, and produce quality content that will take into account their needs, concerns and issues that confronts them, and offer practical solutions.

By playing the role of a micro influencer, not only will you be able to impact the affiliate marketing world, but you will be rewarded for your efforts financially now and years to come.



 Competition As A Trend In Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry, has always experienced a measure of some competition.But because of trends, particularly, trends in buying habits, with more and more people buying online rather than offline, this in my opinion is going to create a stiffer competition between brands and also between affiliates who will be promoting these products and services.

In the past years, it was easier for a company to make sales. However today, it is increasingly becoming difficult to make a sale. There are many reasons for this, but the one reason I am going to single out in this blog, is the fact that today’s customers, have become more enlightening and sophisticated. And I am sure you, in your role as a customer, and as an affiliate can relate to this fact.

They don’t just instantly purchase a product, but rather , so many factors are weighed in the decision making process to buy. First, research is conducted, and there is also a period of reflection.What does that mean? It simply means that they are going to evaluate why they should buy or why they should not purchase.

What questions do they reflect on that  helps them make a buying decision?  1. After they buy this product or service, will they have enough money left over, to do other things or meet their other obligation? 2. Will this purchase solve their problem? 3. Will it meet or fulfill their psychological needs?

So I am sure that you can relate to this, maybe as a customer or even from the stand point as an affiliate.So much goes into the decision making process of today’s customer.

So we can clearly see then, why brands and affiliate marketers are, fiercely competing with each other , in order to attract, appeal, or gain the upper hand in order to make sales.

But should the thought of a stiff competition scare you, the beginning affiliate, from starting your own online business? You might be thinking, that the big boys have got all the bases covered, therefore you don’t have a chance. Yes,you do.

My dear affiliate, do you remember what we said about affiliate marketing? We said that globally, it is worth $12 billion. Did you hear what I said? It is worth $12 billion. Yes it is flourishing. With that in mind, can you do all you can, to get just a tiny, tiny, tiny piece of the action? I am sure you can.

The purpose of my bringing this up, competition as a trend, is not to scare you my dear reader, but to help you prepare for such a challenge.

Such preparation will include, taking online courses, acquiring the necessary tools. And some of these resources will be available to you for free. So you see, by educating yourself, and acquiring the essential skills and know-how, you will be better able to compete effectively in your respective niche.



  Affiliate Marketing Trends And Diversification

This year, and subsequent years, we will experience an increased level of diversification.And diversification, will make sense especially in the environment that we have just discussed, an environment of stiff competition.To be able to survive or keep their heads above water, affiliate companies, are going to try to hold on to every penny that they have made. In view of this, they will have no difficulty, in cutting or slashing affiliate rates.

So as you can see, it is very risky not to diversify especially, in this environment of competition. If program A fails, you have not lost everything, you can still make money with program B. That is the beauty of diversification.

Along the same line, you the affiliate must adopt, a multi channel approach, For example, if you are just using social media as a platform to connect with your audience, that can be a risky proposition won’t you agree?

It will be like putting all your eggs in one basket. What happens, if that basket falls? You guessed it, you will loose all those eggs. How sad!  One thing you must remember, as a beginner affiliate, that affiliates are at the mercy of the social media platforms. Why? Because their rules and policies are always being adjusted. And should you knowingly or unknowingly violate their policies, you can be banned or  your account suspended.

So my advice again, don’t put  all your eggs in the same basket, but rather diversify. I am not saying dear reader that you should not use social media to connect. That is not what I am saying. But what I am saying, is that you use social media in conjunction with other platforms to connect with your audience.

Diversification protects the affiliate from major losses. Hence, we are going to see continuation of this trend, way into the distant future. So again the advice, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.


 Affiliate Courses As A Trend.

In the coming years, I strongly feel that affiliate courses will play a significant role, in affiliate marketing. The reason for this trend, is due to the growth factor that we discussed in the previous paragraphs.

And please don’t get me wrong, there is demand for courses that have to do with affiliate marketing.But my point is, there is going to be an increase in the popularity of online courses.

Why will that be the case? Thousands of people, are flocking to the Internet scene, in order to start an online business. Sadly though, the majority of these, do not have the know- how or ability to  start and successfully run an online business. Hence the failure rate for beginners in affiliate marketing, stands at a whopping 95%.

I therefore strongly feel that, to rectify this imbalance, more affiliate courses will be produced and made available to beginning affiliates. Also, we are going to experience much demand for the advanced courses as well, especially from seasoned affiliates, who will like to take their business to the next level, the super affiliate status.

So how can this trend be of benefit to you? It can benefit you in 2 ways. 1. You can acquire some of these courses. And these courses will furnish you, with the education and skills needed, to start and run an online business successfully. 2.You can be an affiliate of these courses, promoting some of them and making money in the process. And some of these courses, pay their affiliates very well. Again, you must position yourself to take advantage of this trend.

Simplification And Affiliate Marketing Trends

Technology has and continue to impact society, in ways that we have never thought of before. Technology is so pervasive, it touches every aspect of society, including affiliate marketing. In fact some have argued that the introduction of technology into affiliate marketing, will make our lives easier.

And yes, to some degree it will do just that, and we see evidence of that. However, I also feel that, technological advancement in the field of affiliate marketing, if not careful will  make the process or system much complex and intricate.
What do I base my reason on? It is based on history. Remember when technology was first being introduced, the same argument was made by its proponents, that it will improve our lives and make our lives easier.

True technology has improved our lives in some areas. But is life now in general easier? What do you think? The answer is a big no. In fact rather than being easier, we see the opposite. Society has become more complex and intricate.

In view of this,the trend that I foresee, in the not so distant future, is a greater degree of simplification. And from a monetary stand point, simplification makes lots of sense. If things are too complex and intricate, what effect will that have on the consumer?

The consumer will become frustrated, confused and discouraged. And if the consumer does not understand the sale’s page or becomes bogged down, because of other intricacies of the process, without a shadow of doubt, you are going to loose that customer won’t you agree?

Also, what about the affiliate who is going to be promoting the product or service?  If the training is too technical, hence hard to grasp, how effective will he or she be in promoting the products or services?

Because of the points discussed, I strongly feel that simplification will be a trend in affiliate marketing the coming years.

In view of this, both the affiliate marketing company and the affiliate who promote the product or service, should pay heed to such trend.

For the affiliate, you can start the simplification process this very minute. Can you make your blog or content, simple and easy to understand, instead of making it too complex and technical? Can you make a simple , clean and professional looking website that is easy to navigate?

For the affiliate marketing company, can you introduce technology in your business practices gradually and wisely, and at the same time making room for simplification of certain processes?

Remember, those who are aware of such trend and adapt accordingly, will reap handsomely.

Affiliate Marketing Trends.

  Content Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends


Content marketing has always played a role in affiliate marketing . It’s impact on affiliate marketing as an industry is going to be felt for many years to come.

My assumption is based on the fact that  traditional marketing has become less and less effective And I am sure, you can attest to this. With the traditional marketing method, affiliate marketing companies and the affiliates that promote their products or services, do not really pay much attention to the needs , concerns and interest of the customers.

They have a selfish motivation, to  push, push ,push their products, and sell sell sell. They are like sales men and sales women. What has been the result of such marketing method or strategy? As we just mentioned, such method has proved to be ineffective. It is not the ideal way to promote products or services. The traditional method has irritated and alienated the consumers.

In view of this, we are now experiencing a growing trend, in favor of content marketing. And this trend as mentioned previously, will continue way into the distant future.

Know And Understand Your Audience

To be able to capitalize on this trend, companies and affiliates, must be able to understand their respective audiences. And when you put the interest of your customer first, sales will naturally come later.

This approach does make sense does it not? For example, for a doctor to be able to heal a patient, the doctor must first of all try to know and understand the patient. Is that not true? By so doing, only then will he be able to provide the proper treatment, for the patient.

So be it you the affiliate or the affiliate marketing company, must put an effort to get to know your audience. You have to be an authority in your selected niche.

Once you know your audience, and have a better understanding of their needs and concerns, you are then in a position, to write quality content, that is relevant, that addresses their needs and concerns. In essence, you will be providing them with information that will be useful to them, that will help them solve their problems.

Let me please ask your opinion, based on what we have discussed, which method do you think is effective? Is it the person who is bent on selling you stuff, without any regards for your interest and concerns? Or is it the person who genuinely shows interest in you, and truly want to help you solve your problem? I know you will agree with me, it is the latter.

Show Personal Interest In People

By showing personal interest in people, you build trust and a good relationship. And building such trust and good relationship, your customers will always turn to you for help, when they are faced with problems, and they will pay you handsomely for helping them.

So my dear reader, what advice can I give you? That you become fully aware of this growing trend. Don’t be a sales person, bur rather be a people person, try to be a problem solver. Get to know your targeted audience,and be a genuine friend. And if you do, not only are you showing awareness to this trend, but your audience will reward you, for taking their needs and concerns into consideration.

                                                                                 Affiliate Marketing Trends.



 Affiliate Marketing Trends And Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels that exist. Although it has been around for decades, it is constantly changing, and it will continue to grow in importance.

It allows you to build relationship and brand recognition. In essence, it is a powerful tool for growing your business.   Hence I strongly feel that , we will continue to see an unprecedented growth and increased reliance on email marketing.

And statistics say this is the case. According to Statista, it is estimated that the number of daily  email users, by 2025 will be 4.6 billion users. That is a huge number won’t you agree? Here is the said statistics, I don’t want you to think, I am making it up. I know you won’t think so.  But  I want you to absorb these figures, and  may be this will help you realize, the huge potential that awaits those who will take advantage of these affiliate marketing trends.

                                                                  Affiliate Marketing Trends.

Now that we have established the potential for huge growth, let us also try to establish it’s relevance and significance, and what this will mean for you the affiliate.

To do so, we have to have the thinking of the consumers on the matter, don’t you agree? So what are consumers saying about email marketing?


  • According to Statista, 49% of consumers say that they would like to receive weekly promotional emails from their favorite brands.
  • According to, 61% of email subscribers would like to receive promotional emails at least once per week
  • According to SaleCycle, 59% of consumers say receiving an email impacted their purchase decisions.
  • According to Statista, 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email

Now that we have heard what consumers are saying about email marketing, let us hear what marketers are saying.

  • According to Litmus, 80% of marketers said they would rather give up social media than email marketing.
  • According to Not another state of marketing, 35% marketers send on average 3–5 emails per week.
  • According to Content marketing institute, 31% of marketers say email newsletters are the best way to nurture B2B leads.
  • According to the same source, 64% B2B marketers use a dedicated email marketing platform.
  • The same source says that 40% of B2B marketers claim that email newsletters are the most important tactic in their content marketing strategy.

Now that we have looked at what the customers and the marketers are saying about email marketing, we want also to look at another piece of statistics. This will further impress on our minds, the relevance and importance of email marketing.

Email automation statistics.

  • According to Epsilon email institute, automated emails average a 70% higher open rate over a standard email news letter
  • The same source reveals that automated emails average a 152% higher click-through rate over a standard email news letter.
  • Email Monday reveals that 51% of businesses use email automation to improve their marketing processes.

So my dear reader, we have clearly seen that email marketing, will continue to play a major role in the field of affiliate marketing.We discussed  in this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Trends,” the potential for immense growth, and from the eyes of consumers and marketers alike, we saw its usefulness and relevance as a tool to build a business.

Take Full Advantage Of This Trend

So what should this trend impress on you as an affiliate? That you must take full advantage of this trend and the opportunity it will create.

In fact dear reader, do you know that the most successful affiliates are involved in email marketing? Yes, by way of email marketing, they have built a huge list, that pays them over and over again whenever they market to their list. Have you heard the adage, the money is in the list?  Yes, the money is truly in the list.

My advice to you, get involved in email marketing. Educate yourself about how it works. Be sincere, be honest, treat people with dignity and respect, and have their best interest at heart. If you do, email marketing will bring you massive online success.



Mobile Device And Affiliate Marketing Trends

Virtually, it seems that every one has a smart phone, and not only do they have it, but they are actually using it.. And this trend of the increased popularity  of smart phones is going to continue way into the distant future.

How popular is the smart phone? Do you know that each year, more and more people are choosing to shop with their mobile devices, over lap tops or desk tops. In fact mobile has become the largest source of traffic. So mobile is where, the majority of e-commerce customers can be found,as the graph below clearly illustrates.

                                                                       So as people increasingly continue to rely on their mobile devices, this is going to create more opportunities for you the affiliate, provided you take full advantage of this trend.

How can you take full advantage of this trend?  You can take full advantage of this trend, by  making sure that your site is mobile friendly. If your site is not mobile friendly, chances are, that google will not rank you.

The smart phone has its negatives and its positives.But in this context, I just want you, as an affiliate to focus on just one positive.

Seeing how people are increasingly using their phones to make purchases, and we said that this trend is even going to continue to grow, what should this do for you as an affiliate? It should make you happy, elated, and excited won’t you agree? But why?

Because when others use their so called smart phones, you have the opportunity to make money, and lots of it. Clearly, the thought of that should bring you a smile. Why? Because, mobile phone usage, is one of the affiliate marketing trends that is going to be with us for a long time.

Let me tell you a secret. Is it okay if I do? I never use to like smart phones. Why? Because people are always on their phones, even when they are driving, and some even when asleep (laugh). I used to  be irritated. Don’t forget, this is still a secret.

What happened to me? I love smart phones now. I love them, because they create opportunity for me to make money.

Do you get the point? You have to position yourself, in such a way, so as to take full advantage of this wonderful trend in front of you, the increased role of mobile device in affiliate marketing. So




In this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Trends,” we discussed at length, many trends that will have a major impact on the affiliate marketing world. We also discussed that, you as an affiliate, must be in tune with such trends.And that if you ignore these trends, you will in essence be jeopardizing your online success. So my dear reader, it is my hope that you will take full advantage of the trends that we have discussed, in this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Trends”, and implement some or all of them in your online business activity. If you do, I have the utmost confidence, that you will succeed as an affiliate.

And should you have a question or feed back please let me know.




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  1. Thank you Sten for such a comprehensive article on the trends in affiliate marketing. You have touched on several which I can agree are key to highlight. To become more recognizable and to similarly impact your niche the concept of a Micro-Influencer is well received. My thinking is that I can find a lucrative niche where there is good demand and low competition for me to be a solid standout. I also wholly endorse developing multiple revenue streams to mitigate risk and affiliate marketing surely offers this pathway. Lastly, I like the idea of content marketing. Understanding your customer and blogging specifically about solutions to the issues and concerns they have. 


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