Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.

You are excited about starting an online business. I am truly happy for you also. Because If done correctly, you stand to gain handsomely financially. Conversely, if not done the right way, success will not be achieved. It is in view of this that I penned this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners,” with you in mind.

In this blog, I will try to accomplish four things:

  1. My role as a guide.
  2. A case for business tools
  3. Tools that you can utilize to grow your business
  4. Conclusion.


  A Guide To Help You Acquire The Right Tools

I wrote a recent blog, entitled “Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners” I gave as a definition for  guide, as someone or something that steers, directs, points or shows the way.

                                                   Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.

With that in mind, I will take the pleasure in directing your attention, to marketing tools which I feel will tremendously be of benefit to you and your online adventure. Why am I doing this? I am doing this

because, I want for you to succeed. I want you to be able to attain, your life’s dreams and goals.

Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.


A Case For Business Tools.

Affiliate marketing is an industry that is growing rapidly, and at the same time providing opportunities, and endless possibilities. Allowing ordinary people to make money, and change their life style.

To be able to do so, there are key components, that all affiliate marketers must take into consideration. Hence, we are going to consider just one of those key component. What is it? It is tools.

Life’s own experiences teaches us that without the utilization of tools in our daily existence, success will be hard to come by or even next to impossible. Let us look at some examples.

Think of a farmer, a doctor, a chef, a mechanic, a painter, an  offline business person, a student , a plumber, hair stylist, a gardener and the list is endless. What do these all have in common? You guessed it. They all employ tools in their respective ventures. Do they not?

                                                           Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.

Such tools help them to accomplish their goals and objectives as it relate to their respective tasks. What can we learn from all of this?  Since life’s experiences teaches us that we need tools, in our every day living, therefore it is also vital, that we employ tools in our online business.

Employing such tools, will allow us to conduct our business more efficiently, will thus enable us to grow our business and be in a position to succeed.

          Tools For Your Online Business.

Now that we have established the need for tools, I am going to steer you, to online tool. This in my opinion, will benefit you significantly. While some of these tools, you can get for free, others will require a small fee for usage.

Dear reader, before I draw your attention to these tools, there is something first I would like to impress on you. This is something I had to learn myself.

To make money online, you have to spend money. I am not asking you to spend thousands of dollars on tools.  Honestly, I won’t do that to you.  I would be insane to ask you, to spend all your hard earned money.

But seriously, you have to spend some money on tools. By spending money on tools, you are actually investing in yourself. You are investing in a secure future for yourself and family.


Think of a doctor, a painter, a mechanic, a farmer, a chef, they all have to make some investments right? They had to purchase tools for their respective businesses. These tools are their bread and butter.

So I really hope you get the point that I am trying to convey. Some of these tools that we are going to discuss in this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners,” are free, however, others are not . So if you have to spend some money on tools, by all means make the sacrifice. It is a sacrifice that is worth making, it is for you and family’s future success.

       Website Builder An Affiliate Marketing Tool For Beginners

You need a website for your online business. I am sure you are aware of that. In fact, a website is the foundation of your business. It is on your website that you will build trust, and promote your products or services. What does that mean for you?

It means that you have to build your own website. I know you are going to protest vehemently, because I know what you are thinking. “That you have never built anything in your life, so building a website is too difficult and complicating.”

Well that is what you may think. Building a website use to be difficult and complicating, but not any more. Building a website is so easy and simple today, that even my grand son can build one, and it is the truth.

Do you know that, you can build a website  for under 30 seconds? You heard me right. For under 30 seconds. I told you that it is easy to build you own new website.So where can you build a website for under 30 seconds? That is a good question.

Wealthy Affiliate The Most Advanced Website Builder Platform

Wealthy Affiliate has the most advanced, but yet simple website platform called Site Rubix. Here is the amazing Site Rubix.

                                                          Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.

On their site,they even have a brief video tutorial, which will hold you by the hand and guide you through the process. What can be easier than that?

The Site Rubix, platform, does not only build your site, but also has other exceptional features:

  •   Site Manager
  •   Site Content
  •   Site Builder
  •   Site Domain
  •   Site Speed
  •   Site Protect
  •   Site SSL
  •   Site Comment
  •   Site Support
  •   And access to over 4000 Themes.

As mentioned, you need a website. And you can build your website at Wealthy Affiliate for free. Further more, to benefit fully from the other tools mentioned, you have to go premium. Indeed having  this affiliate marketing tool  for beginners in your tool box is a must.

                                  Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.

 Keyword Research Tool

This is a tool that is also critical for your online success. In view of this, you most definitely need such tool,which will help you research keyword. As a result ,write quality content, around those keywords and have them ranked. . This is a must tool that should be in your affiliate marketing tool box

Where do you get such tool? Jaaxy provides such an amazing tool. Jaaxy is an industry leader in keyword and research platform.

What do you get as a free member?

  • 30 keyword searches
  • 20 search results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 Site Rank Analysis Scan

One of the good things about Jaaxy, is that they will allow you to use their tool for free, and if you like it, you can upgrade to pro, with many more features available to you. You can upgrade at a very very reasonable cost.

                           Email Marketing Tool.

As discussed previously, email marketing is a powerful marketing system, that is very lucrative. As a result Successful affiliate marketers are successful because they have built their list. It is also imperative that you build your own list.

Aweber will help you do so. It has a powerful , yet simple platform. It will help you build your audience, engage your audience, using email automation.

Some of the other benefits  include:

  • Building Landing Pages
  • Setting Up Campaigns
  • Automate Your Email Mail Campaigns
  • Designing Your First Email
  • Sending Your First Email
  • Setting Up Integrations

You have simple videos that will help you at each step of the way. As a free member you get:

  • Up to 500 email subscribers
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Push Notification
  • Drag-And-Drop-Builder
  • Email Templates
  • Sign Up Forms
  • E Commerce
  • More

In fact you can get all of these free forever, but you can get even much more, if you go pro. How much does going pro cost? Remember I said you are not going to pay thousands of dollars for tools, and I do mean it. If you decide to go pro, it will not even come close to gad zillion dollars. How much? I am going to give you the honor to check it out. This is truly an affiliate marketing tool for beginners, won’t you agree?

                                             Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.


     Buildabiz An Affiliate Marketing Tool For Beginners.

  Here is another program, that provides you with all the tools you need to grow your business. You heard me, I said all the tools. And they have all these tools under one roof. What do you get as a free member?

  • Html Editor
  • Banner Builder 1
  • Banner Builder 2
  • Your Url Rotator
  • Logo Building Tool

And if you decide to go pro, you will get all the above plus these:

  • Splash Page Builder
  • Auto Responder
  • Ten Banner Page
  • Email Tracking
  • Responder Form Creator
  • 2 Step Form Generator
  • Scarcity Bar Creator
  • Button Builder

This program provides videos that offer step by instructions as to how to effectively use these tools.How much will this cost you if you decide to go pro? Not a gad zillion dollars, and not even a trillion. Are you sitting down? A meager $11.75/month.

Remember,we talked about investing in yourself and your future, these programs will give you the opportunity to do just that.



As an online business owner, part of your responsibility is communicating with your targeted audience, by way of your content that you will be writing. You have to be professional.

However, if you write content that has lots of spelling and grammatical errors, how would you come across to your audience? Will they trust you? Will you come across as a sincere person?  The answer is a no.

You see dear reader, I don’t want you to have the impression, that I am trying to scare you. Far from it. You see, I am only trying to help you. I am only trying to help you achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions.

And I strongly feel that grammarly, is a tool that will help you in your writing efforts. It will help you to write clearly, confidently and free of mistakes. How much will it cost you? Gad zillion dollars?

It is not going to cost you none of these. Let me tell you a secret, these numbers do not exist. I made them up. But seriously though,  it will cost you, are you ready?  $0.  Will that break your bank account? I hope not. You can join for free, and only if you want to upgrade, then you can do so.This is another affiliate marketing tools  for beginners that you must have.

                                              Affiliate Marketing tools For Beginners.


My dear reader, we have come to the end of this journey. As your guide, in this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners,” I have pointed you to the tools which in my opinion will benefit you and your online business. 

We mentioned that life’s experiences teaches us that tools are vital for any business, online or offline. So whether you choose the tools I presented to you is up to you. It is your choice.

Finally before we depart, I would like to live this with you, it is an empty tool box, but it is my gift to you.

It is my ardent hope that you will invest in yourself and your online business. That you will make the needed sacrifices, and acquire the necessary tools, and fill your new tool box with them. In view of this, I have the utmost confidence that if you do, not only will you see your business grow, but also will flourish   forever.

And should you find this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners,” to be useful and found some value in it, I will appreciate it, if you share it with friends and others



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