Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Beginners.


The purpose of this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Beginners”, Is to provide the reader with relevant information, which will guide and help you to achieve success online. But for that to be a reality, you must be willing to apply all the suggestions found in this guide.

  What Is A Guide?

The Webster’s New College Dictionary, gives us a definition of a guide. 1. A guide is one, who leads  the way, directs or advises. 2. One employed to point out and give information about objects of interest.Clearly this definition helps us to appreciate the value of a guide.

 Why Do We Need A Guide?

The Internet abound with countless opportunities.It can help one achieve one’s dreams, goals and desires. It levels the playing field , regardless of one’s age,skin color or social status. It has enabled average and ordinary people to make money online, and thus change their life.However, it does also present pitfalls and hazards. It’s landscape is dotted with mines. It can be a minefield or  a jungle that is infested with wild animals. So even though it presents opportunities, it is filled with danger, a minefield.


Personal Experience.

I came online,like the countless others who flock to the Internet, with the hope of making money.I had the burning desire, the desire to be able to provide for myself and my family. I was determined to put an end to my struggles, of not even able to make ends meet. Maybe, you can also relate to that.

I also was motivated to escape the rat race, and the 9-5 grind  with it’s work place tyranny and politics. Maybe dear reader, you can also relate to this.

To be able to attain my goals and objectives, I started my online journey. I started my online business. I joined different programs. With the hope that I will make it. I worked very hard. I spent countless hours. I was dedicated, determined and motivated.What was the result? What I had hoped for, never arrived. Rather than making money, I became a prey for others. It became a mind field for me.

I found myself on a vicious cycle of failure. Nothing seemed to work for me.As such, I became disappointed,frustrated,felt betrayed, angry, lost confidence and  I almost lost hope,  I almost gave up on my dreams and aspirations.Like the thousands of beginners who come online,I joined their ranks. I became a casualty. I failed.Yes, here is  the harsh reality of the Internet world, many fail in their Internet quest for success.

 My Goal.

I am not asking for sympathy.I  Penned downed my personal experience, to help you the reader, to avoid what I went through, on my journey for a better life as a beginner on the Internet.

I want to spare you the heart ache, the anguish, the frustration, the disappointments, and ultimately the failure. In view of this, as mentioned in my previous discussion, I wrote this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Beginners”, to guide , to direct, and steer you away from the mine fields of the Internet world. My intent then is to provide the reader with the relevant information, that will point you in the proper direction.


As mentioned earlier, I failed because I had no guidance and direction.Happily though, I did something about it. What did I do?

* I changed my way of thinking.

* I Set Out to acquire relevant skills.

   * I allowed myself to be trained.                           

   * I acquired the necessary tools                          

    * I sought Guidance.

Allow me please to elaborate on the first point, because it ties in neatly with the rest of the other points .People want to have an online business, but they don’t have the proper mind set.

They want a business, they want to make money online, but they are not willing to put in the time, effort and work that it takes to be successful. In view of this, one must change his mental attitude.One must have the proper mind set. That the online business is a real business, that must be treated as such.Having the proper mind set also means that you have to be focused. Why?

Because the Internet is not only dotted with mines and traps, but is also filled with lots of noises and distractions. A proper mind set, will not allow you to be distracted.

It is also very vital that you develop or cultivate qualities that will be essential for your online success. What are these qualities?

  • Honesty
  • Dedication
  • Devotion
  •  Loyalty
  •  Perseverance

Remember what I said that I  did, in my quest for success?  I said, that I acquired the necessary skills.That I acquired the proper training and that I acquired the right tools. You also my dear reader must do the same, If you are to be an online success.

Very important also, is that you you seek guidance and direction.The proper guidance and direction will not only make your  online journey a little bit easier, but it will also make it fun and more rewarding.

You see in life, we all need someone to guide us. Is that not a fact? Think of your life as a baby, as a child, at school,on your job. You received guidance and direction . Did you not? Even drivers are guided by the laws of the road. Let us further illustrate it.

If you go to a brand new city, a city that you have never been to before. How will you get from point a to point b? You will need some one to guide you or someone to give you direction. Correct? Without the proper guidance, you will be hopelessly lost, and what will be the result? Frustration and anger.

The same is true with your online journey. To navigate your way safely and successfully, You must find a guide. A guide or a community of people that are  interested in you, that truly cares for you, and are interested in your success.

Dear reader, I want you to know that I am here to help you in your online journey.I know how it is like, to have failed so many times , the anguish, the disappointments, and the frustrations that go along with it. So my ardent desire is to help people. I hope also that you will get a guide that you can trust.

Will You Succeed Online?

I have the utmost confidence that You will succeed, if you put into practice the things that we have discussed in this blog, “Affiliate Marketing Guide For The Beginners,” you will without a shadow of a doubt , be a successful Internet entrepreneur.


We mentioned that the Internet provides opportunities, for the average person to realize their dreams and aspiration..It levels the playing field so to speak.

But we also indicated, that is filled with hazards and dangers. It is like a mine field.

To navigate it safely, we stated that one must acquire the proper mind set This will include acquiring the relevant skills, the tools and the training.And we also mentioned that, one must cultivate the essential qualities, such as: honesty,determination,loyalty,perseverance and devotion. Finally,it was also pointed out that we seek the proper guidance and direction.

So may you dear reader, do your utmost to apply these suggestions.May you firmly be resolved in your heart that you will do everything humanly possible, to make sure that your goals, dreams and aspirations are fully realized. I have the utmost confidence that you will succeed in your online journey.



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