Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 101

The purpose of this blog,”Affiliate Marketing For The Beginners 101″, is to provide you the beginner, with relevant information, that you could use, to lay a solid and proper foundation. With a solid and proper foundation in place, you can now build on it, for  the success of your business. I will in due time, bring to your attention, the essential qualities, that you can use to build a strong foundation for your business.


But first things first. I would like to take the opportunity, to  sincerely commend you. Why? Because of your desire to change your life. You have the desire to make things better for you and your family, to put yourself in a position to be able to adequately provide for them, and give them what they truly deserve.

Some will not under take such an adventure. They will rather complain about their lot in life. They would rather  take hand outs, than take positive actions to better their lives. So once again, I sincerely commend you.



Making money online is in deed a reality. People are really making money online.Some are even replacing their off line jobs, with an online business and doing so successfully.

As a result of these successes, many people worldwide, are streaming to the Internet, hoping to make money online. This reminds me of the gold rush. People all over America, came to  California, hoping to strike it rich.

Like the gold rush experience, many who come online in hopes of realizing their dreams fail to do so. Do you know that over 90% of those who begin an online business fail? That is a huge and alarming statistics won’t you agree?





There are many reasons why so many  today are failing. Why they are not realizing their dreams and aspirations. Some of the reasons could be, lack of knowledge, not having the proper tools or lacking capital.

These are all essential for the growth and success of any business, online or off line. However though, in this blog, we will not be discussing any of these, we will consider these in another blog. In this blog, we will consider, one simple reason, why many fail in their online journey.

You see dear reader, one could have all the business knowledge, the proper tools, training and the capital, but if this simple element is missing or lacking, success will be hard to come by. What is it? Is the laying of a foundation.


Many start an online business, without having laid the proper foundation for their business. How do they expect to be successful, if they have not put in place a foundation to support and hold the business in place? A foundation that they can build on?


This fundamental truth must not be ignored. At this point, we are going to make a case for laying a foundation for your business as one of the fundamental and necessary things that must take place if success is to be achieved. And certain aspects of human life and activity, teaches us that success depends on laying the proper foundation.


                                  BUILDING INDUSTRY.

In the building industry, as well illustrated in the above image, before a building is put up, a foundation has to be laid. Correct? You cannot put walls, windows, doors and roof if a solid foundation has not be laid. What will happen if you do that, that building will collapse. It will be unable to stand firm against any disaster.

                                  HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.

Before you can start  to walk, there are fundamental things that must take place.Correct? You must first be able to sit, before you can crawl. Sitting lays the foundation for crawling. Once you are able to crawl, your next step is  standing. So crawling lays the foundation for your standing.And standing lays the foundation for walking. Interesting is it not?

                                  FIELD OF EDUCATION.

In the field of education, learning takes into consideration, the laying of a proper foundation.For example, a primary or elementary education , is the foundation for high school or secondary education. A high school education, lays the foundation, for  a college or university education.

Also, courses in colleges and universities are based on foundation. For example, before you can take an upper level course, you have to first take the basic required classes. Why? Because these required courses, will give you the foundation to succeed in the upper level classes.

So what is the point we are trying to make?  Just as in human development and other human activities, we lay foundation for success, similarly in our business life, we must learn to lay solid and proper foundation for our business.


Building the proper foundation for your online success, begins with you. You heard me right, it begins with you.


But before we can discuss that point, you must accept these core facts, that success is earned, and it is not given to you. That success is very clever and cunning, hence you have to be able to out wit it, before it could hand itself to you.

We said laying  a proper foundation, begins with you. It begins with you making, a self examination of yourself. And in doing so, you must be honest  and candid with yourself. You must put the effort to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, are vital for the growth and success of your online business.

What do you have, that your business, can benefit from? What bad traits do you possess, that can sabotage your online success? So again this point is worth emphasizing, you must make a careful analysis of yourself, and take note of your strengths and weaknesses. This process is very vital.

Do you know dear reader, that some people go through life,  not knowing who they really are? So my advice to you, is that before you embark on an Internet journey,  get to know yourself.

What kind of a person are you? Are you hard working person? Are you a lazy person? Are you serious minded or someone that likes to goof around? Do you have a positive view of yourself or a negative view? Are you a procrastinator or one who takes actions promptly ?                                                                                                                                      



If you take stock of yourself, and you find out  that, you are  lazy, you lack seriousness, you are in different to important things, you are a procrastinator, you are inflexible, you have a negative view of yourself and not disciplined, my advice to you, is that you do not under take an online venture, until drastic changes have been made in your personality or thinking.

Sadly though, dear reader, the majority of  the people that begin their online adventure are lazy.  I hope you will not take offense to this statement. It is the fact that I am expressing. People are not willing to do the work. They are not willing to put in the time and effort, so that they can attain success. They want to make money, but they don’t want to work for it, how sad.

Some others, are indifferent to their online business. They don’t take it seriously, hence they procrastinate, they fail to take timely actions to get things done. They lack the discipline and the maturity it takes to grow their online business. Their in maturity becomes even evident, by their negative view of themselves and complaining spirit.

The truth of the matter is, and it is worth repeating, a business foundation that is laid on any of the things discussed above, will cause that business to crumble.

Recall what we said earlier in this discussion, that you could have a good business knowledge, excellent tools, and capital , but if you have not laid the proper foundation, you will not succeed.

So why am I bringing this up? I  am doing so to help you. I have seen lots of failures, I have seen lots of hopes,dreams and aspirations dashed to pieces. I don’t want this to happen to you. I truly want for you to succeed, therefore I am bringing to your attention, what you must do . It is vital  then as we have seen through out this discussion, that you lay the proper foundation.


Laying the proper foundation involves these necessary things:

  • Willingness to work hard
  • Willingness to treat your business with respect
  • Have a positive view of self
  • Be serious minded.
  • Be an individual of action not of inaction
  • Be a balanced individual- Give your business the time it  deserves, but not at the expense of family.

I advice you strongly, dear reader  to embed these points in your foundation. By so doing, you are laying something down to build on, that will  propel you to success.

Also laying the proper foundation will involve, you developing or cultivating  other essential qualities. Developing such qualities, will begin with your setting goals.

Goals will give you a sense of purpose, and sense of direction. Goals will help you to be focused, and not allow you to be distracted. It will help you to be forward looking.



The Internet is filled with distractions.Being focused will prevent you, from having the “shiny ball” syndrome, joining every programs that are launched, promising you the moon. To succeed online, you must be focused.

It is also very important that you strive to be honest and sincere, in your business endeavor. An honest and sincere person can be trusted, and people are willing to do business with some one, they can trust, some one who is honest.



Important also for a proper foundation, is that you must be determined, devoted and dedicated. These qualities will help you to persevere in your business endeavor, regardless of the challenges, the difficulties or obstacles.

A determined or devoted person, does not quit or give up, until  success is attained.

Remember , what we said about success, that success is earned, and not given to you, and that success is clever and cunning, you have to outwit it, in order to earn what you rightly deserve. To outwit success, as consistently brought in this blog, is to lay the proper foundation for your online business.

Finally, another quality that you must cultivate, and help you lay, the proper and solid foundation, is patience.  Why patience? Do you know that some people who come online, expect success to happen over night? They refuse to accept the fact that, having a business is like going on a long journey. It is going to take time to get to your destination. Similarly, to be successful is going to take time. Success, does not happen overnight.

So when you don’t see the money coming in, as you might have wanted, what should you do? Instead of quitting, which most people tend to do, you have to cultivate this quality of patience.



And you must include it,  with the other  qualities as your foundation for your online business. Patience, like the other qualities discussed, Will help you not to give up. It will help you to persist in the face of adversity. It will help you to patiently continue your journey in spite of the bumps in the road, until you you reach your final destination, which is “success.”

Here is another key points about success I want for you to sound deep within. Besides being clever and cunning, success is also partial, it does not associate just with anyone, it keeps company with those who are hard working and diligent. It keeps company with those who want to achieve. He favors only those who are deserving of its company.

So again as part of the foundation you lay, you must include patience. Patience can lead to success. A patient person does not quit. A person that quits, will never  succeed.



Yes, dear reader, I wrote this blog,”Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 101″ with you in mind. I really know , that you want the best for yourself and family. This is truly a noble desire. Especially when we see, the plights of many families today globally. So I  sincerely commend you for your noble effort.

We mentioned that, before you embark on an online venture, that you lay the proper foundation. That laying the proper foundation, begins with you. That you make a self examination of yourself, so that you can dis- cover your strengths and weaknesses. We also further stressed the need to know yourself.

And we listed, what may constitute a solid and proper foundation:

  • Hard Work
  • Being positive
  • Being flexible
  • Being serious
  • Respect for your business
  • Being balanced
  • Being Disciplined

We also indicated, that other qualities must be cultivated, and should be included in the foundation that you lay. But first, it was stated that, you must set goals. Goals will give you a sense of purpose, sense of direction, and will keep you focused on the task at hand.

We mentioned also, that determination,devotion,dedication and commitment are vital. As a part of your foundation, they too will help you to be well grounded, firmly rooted and stabilized.

And by laying the proper foundation for your online business, you will be in a position  to realize your dreams, goals and aspirations.

With that in mind dear reader, be determined, to lay the  proper foundation for your online business. And I am fully convinced and confident that you will. Yes, laying such a foundation, is a recipe for your online success.



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  1. Excellent blog. It was informative and very honest. I like it! I kind of felt like I was in a Stephen Covey seminar, which I loved by the way. I look forward to reading more of your site. See you soon!

    All the Best

    • Thank you Maylynn for your kind words. I hope what I wrote made sense to you and benefited you. Hope you will visit my site again. I have added some more blogs.




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