Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners.

Many coming online, are choosing affiliate marketing as a  vehicle for their online success. And that is the best decision, you could ever make.

To help you achieve such goal, I want to make sure that you start on the right track. Why? Because many who choose affiliate marketing, as a way to make money, fail to do so.

There are many reasons why many fail in their online journey. And some of those reasons have been discussed in previous blogs.However, there is another reason, which has not yet been discussed,  and I strongly feel that  it should also be addressed.

Hence,the purpose of this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners”, is to help such ones to educate themselves, as this will improve their chances of success online.

In this blog therefore, I will strive to cover these vital points:

  1. Why Affiliate Marketing?
  2. A case for educating one’s self
  3. Investing In Yourself
  4. Lists of online courses that will help educate you
  5. Benefits that will result from an online education

    Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply put, allows you to promote products or services of various companies/individuals, and when some one clicks on your unique link and buys a product or service, you as an affiliate, get paid a commission.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it levels the playing field.It provides an opportunity for the average or ordinary person to  make serious money, without consideration of  back ground, age,race and nationality,  as long as they are wiling to put in some effort.

Unlike an offline job, your activities as an affiliate are not controlled by a clock or a supervisor, you are your own boss.You are not limited as to how much you make, as an affiliate, the sky is the limit. You are not subjected to company politics, as an affiliate, you own the company. You are not part of the rat race, because as an affiliate, you can work when you please, and where you want to work.


So do you see the reason I applauded you for wanting to start your online business as an affiliate?

                         A Case For Educating Yourself

How can you expect to succeed, if you do not educate yourself? How would you know what to do, if you have not acquired the proper knowledge?

And society sees the value of education, does it not? From the time we we are kids, it is impressed upon us,  to go to college. In college, we take classes or courses. And these courses, impart knowledge to us, Such knowledge gives us the ability or know-how to do things correctly.

And even when you finish a formal education, on most offline jobs, you are required to take courses or classes, which will even help you to be efficient and effective, in accomplishing your task assignment. Is that not so?

So what am I trying to convey? What I am trying to convey is simple and clear. That you must educate yourself, as you undertake an online business adventure. Failure to do so will result in frustration, disappointments and discouragement.



                                 Investing in Yourself.

I wrote a recent blog, entitled,” Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners” In that blog, I stressed the need for one to invest in himself or herself. I mentioned that, to make money online, you have to spend some money. And that is a fact.

Think of the offline education, we just discussed. How much does it cost to educate yourself? It cost an exorbitant amount to get a college education does it not? I should know, because I had to go into serious debt, so that I can acquire a college education. Happily though, I have been able to pay off my loan, what a relief.

But enough of myself, how did I get into the picture any way? I did so to prove a point, and the point is, the need to invest in ourselves.

However, I am not asking you to go into debt, in order to build and grow your online business, I won’t do that to you. But what you can do, is that maybe you can save, or discipline yourself, not to spend money on harmful habits like cigarettes. I am not accusing you  dear reader of being a smoker, I am just giving an example.

And there are many other ways we can save, and invest what we save on our business. Not buying lunch everyday at work or eating out frequently, could save you money. What is the point again am I trying to make? Instead of getting into debt, you can save to invest in your online business.


Remember, your future is what we are talking about, and your family’s future is what is on the line. So you must take the necessary steps to make sure that, that future is secure.

                                Lists Of Online Courses.

Now that we have established why you should educate and invest in yourself, here are  lists of some courses, I have put together, with you in mind. And these courses can benefit both the beginner and the seasoned affiliate marketer.

                            Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Creator — Chris Lee

There are 5 modules in this course.

MODULE 1 – Is the introduction. It introduces you to the fundamentals of super affiliate marketing. In this module, you will discover:

  • The basics of affiliate marketing.
  • The best way to boost traffic and sales without using search engines.
  • The biggest mistakes that many affiliate marketers make daily.

Module #2 – This module reveals, how super affiliates get the continual jump ahead of others, and how you can join their ranks, to create the income you deserve. It covers:

  • The mind set you need to grasp onto tightly in order to get started on the road to success.
  • How to dramatically shorten the learning curve, manage your time wisely and out source effectively.
  • The secret to choosing premium products that match your expertise and offer the highest payout.
  • How to apply smart marketing principles to transform your life and your business.
  • The top four affiliate networks and the forever finger rule for choosing the best product to promote.
  • The way to become a super affiliate, plus how to build your influences and success for years to come.

Module #3- Reveals the challenges you may face as an affiliate marketer, along with strategies to make sure your prospects buy through your affiliate link instead of your competitors. This module covers:

  • How to use value added incentives, to win over your prospect’s trust.
  • The single most powerful tactic for generating multiple sales from the same customers over time, increasing your profits dramatically.
  • The truth about affiliate networks that offer automated incentive delivery to your customers, and how you can make your offers are more attractive and appealing.

Module #4 – Getting targeted traffic to your offers is critical. This module explores the different ways of doing this, and can catapult you to success in record time. It covers:

  • The fastest ways to attract targeted traffic.
  • 3 ways you can easily form a connection with your prospect and customer list, and how to generate more targeted traffic from each.
  • How to capture the attention and interest of targeted traffic to your site.
  • Discover how tracking and monitoring your campaigns’ performances can help you build a responsive list.

Module #5- This module reveals how you can duplicate your success over and over again, blasting your profits through the roof. It covers:

  • How to become an affiliate force to be reckoned with.
  • List of tried, tested and true super affiliate resources for you.

                           Commission Academy.

This course is designed to help you take your business to the next level. There are three modules in this course.Creator- Dale

Module #1

It covers the following topics:

  • Why affiliate marketing?
  • Choose a niche.
  • Launch Your Website.

Module #2

Covers the following:

  • Laying the foundation for success.
  • Customizing your website.
  • Creating your initial content.
  • Leveraging an email list.
  • Preparing to make money.

Module #3

Covers the following:

  • Finding profitable keywords.
  • Creating content that ranks.
  • Integrating affiliate links.
  • Leveraging product reviews
  • Creating income on demand.
  • Scaling with videos.
  • Out sourcing content production.

                                        My Online Start up.

Here is  another  excellent course, which will take your business, to the next level. This course is free. There are 8 steps, and each step has series of lessons to be covered:

  • Step i- Is the game plan- This step consists of one lesson.
  • Step 2 -Success mindset- There are 7 lessons in this step.
  • Step 3 – Affiliate marketing- Has 5 lessons.
  • Step 4 – Lead generation- Consist of 6 lessons.
  • Step 5 – Authority platform – This step contains 7 lessons.
  • Step 6 – You Tube Marketing – 6 lessons in this step.
  • Step 7 – Forum marketing – Consists of 1 lesson.
  • Step 8 – Targeted Solo Ads. — There are 3 lessons in this steps.

The creator of this course is Chuck Nguyen. Make sure you check these courses out and see for yourself.

                                     Wealthy Affiliate.

This course is created by Kyle. There are five courses with 50 lessons.

  • Level 1 – Getting started. Lessons covered:
  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding how to make money.
  • Choosing a niche.
  • Building your own niche website
  • Setting up your website
  • Getting your site ready for search engines
  • Creating your initial website content
  • Leveraging product reviews

Level 2 – Building your own traffic producing website


  • Your own domain, your brand
  • Move on over, my brand has arrived
  • Creating keyword rich content
  • Setting up a domain specific email account
  • The traffic break down
  • Making use of visuals
  • Understanding the low hanging fruit

Level 3 — Making Money.


  • Understanding affiliate programs and network
  • Relevant affiliate programs are everywhere
  • Adding affiliate links to your pages
  • Instant access to millions of products

Level 4 –Mastering social engagement.


  • What does social engagement mean to your business?
  • Making your website a place to engage
  • Using face book the right way
  • Pinterest and the visual social hemisphere
  • Incorporating a sound tweeting campaign
  • Google plus or minus
  • The benefit of being social at Wealthy Affiliate

Level 5 – Achieving maximum success through content creation


  • Content is your business
  • Setting up Google search console
  • Speeding up website indexing
  • Enhancing content readability through design
  • A year is a short period of time. Yet big for business
  • Writing within a devised place architecture.

                                        Native Ads.

Course creators -David Ford and Tom Bell

There are 14 modules  in this course.

Module 1 — Introduction to Native Ads.

  • Why native ads are the absolute best choice for affiliate marketing today
  • How affiliate marketing works with Native ads.
  • Setting up your systems for success.

Module 2 – Choosing profitable offers

  • Why affiliates usually choose the wrong product, and what you should be promoting
  • The specific niches and sub niches to promote and what to stay away from
  • The affiliate networks we recommend and work with, and how to get”special treatment” from the network.

Module 3 -Researching your audience


  • How you do demographic research  the right way.
  • How to find and target your customers pain points to dramatically improve your conversion rate
  • How thinking like customers can dramatically increase your conversion rates

Module 4 –Making Creatives


  • The exact type of images to use for Native ads
  • Competitive intelligence research to out smart your competition
  • Step by step instructions to create high converting creatives
  • Copy writing, how this skill can turn you from “a good” affiliate to a super affiliate

Module 5 – Landing pages


  • Research the competition and find the highest performing  types of landing pages
  • Build your landing pages step-by-step plus free landing pages templates
  • How to create any kind of page without any special skill or knowledge
  • A  simple trick for an immediate ROI boost

Module 6 – The best place to get traffic


  • The best traffic sources to use and the ones to stay away from
  • Joining your first traffic exchange
  • How to track your affiliate campaigns to optimize and scale your profits

Module 7 -Campaign set up walk through


  • Setting up your first campaign
  • Basic marketing funnels and how they work
  • The key metrics to look at when evaluating your campaign

Module 8 -Testing strategies


  • How to budget and bid, learn how to make the most of your advertising budget
  • Split-testing how to double or triple your profits by learning the simple art of split-testing
  • Evaluating your campaign

Module 9 – Optimization Stage 1


  • Optimizing creatives and CTR
  • Filtering traffic to maximizing net profits
  • Understanding why variance is something you must learn
  • Learn what metrics to focus on for the best ROI
  • The optimization process

Module 10 – Optimization Stage 2


  • Next level optimization strategies by advanced marketers
  • How to measure performance over time
  • Scaling campaigns past $1000 per day
  • The key difference between optimizing and scaling

Module 11 – Case studies


  • Learn how top affiliates run campaigns
  • Our thought process and how we decide what to do next
  • How we know we are unto a winner even if it is not profitable

Module 12 – Scaling your campaigns


  • Building your campaign is one thing but how do you grow it?
  • Why you must treat optimization and scaling differently
  • Why most affiliate get stuck and can’t grow beyond a certain point

Module 13 – Advanced funnels


  • Analyzing the flow of traffic to identify what you should focus on
  • Multiplying your funnel visually
  • How to recognize trouble areas in your funnel and what to do about it
  • Earn more from your funnel using re targeting and opt-ins

Module 14 – Going direct


  • The advantage of going direct — when to do it or not
  • Finding golden opportunities you never knew existed
  • Opportunities to build and grow campaigns with way less competition than normal

This is the most comprehensive advertising training course for affiliate marketers available.


Because more people than ever before are searching for ways to make extra money from the comfort of home, buildabizonline provides all the training courses and tools you need to build your online business.

Creator- Ian Stewart.


  • How to add your programs to your program page
  • Editing out unwanted code on your programs page
  • How to center text, images or videos using html technique
  • How to add videos to your program pages, splash or capture page
  •  Adding transparent images to the new Buildabiz splash templates
  • Advertising your chosen profitable niche programs
  • Buildabizonline Banner branding
  • How to sell Click bank products using niche campaigns
  • How to use banner builder 1 and 2
  • Finding a profitable niche
  • Advertising
  • How to add capture form codes to your pages
  • Cloak,track, shrink and brand
  • Button builder

These are some of the lessons you will go through, should you become part of Buildabizonline.

                        Affiliate Millionaire.

Creator – Chris Fox and Andrew Fox

This course is divided into 7 modules:

Module 1 – Researching, picking your hot proven offer

  • Finding the hottest niche
  • How to legally spy on the actual hot offers of other affiliates
  • Which trusted affiliate networks have the highest pay out
  • How to earn up to $203 commission, selecting the best funnels

Module 2 -Creating the perfect lander

  • The 3 types of landers that convert like crazy
  • The exact 4 questions that boosted our click through rate by 9%
  • Blog style lander which results in 400% cheaper click rates that FB loves
  • The splash page which results in $1.73 EPCs that nobody else uses

Module 3 – Funnel Tastic and power tracking

  • Creating the optimal email follow up sequence
  • Installing pixels the right way to accurately track
  • How to place your pixel with Click bank new system
  • The hidden golden standard of as tracker
  • How to work with videos to get the ultimate look alike audiences

Module 4 -Targeting and campaign set up

  • Targeting
  • Ad “AZ” structure
  • Campaign structure
  • Audience targeting
  • The perfect  testing formula
  • How to warm your ad account up using the “german hand shake” method
  • The untapped hidden traffic source of affiliate marketing

Module 5 – The perfect ad copy and creatives

  • The secret outlets for the hottest converting images to use in your ad for as little as $5
  • Got a smart phone? How to create the ultimate ad
  • Forget expensive designers
  • The double conversion ad, how to change the angles of your ad to increase conversion
  • How to use the #1 Facebook ad copy writers in the business

Module 6 -Launching the campaign

  • What is the best time to turn your campaign on?
  • How to use the “secret tracker” to find out when to launch your campaign and get the best conversion
  • Life time budget or daily budget?
  • What is the optimal daily budget?

Module 7 – Optimize and scale

  • How to study your winning campaign and scale fast using the S.H.A.F quick  fire method
  • Seeing the best time of days to run your ads
  • Moving winners into “campaign budget” optimization to scale fast
  • How to use the #1Facebook ad copy writers in the business then repurpose the ad to generate 5-10x variations

                                                                                  Benefits of an online course/education.

Just as an offline education can bring you much benefit, similarly an online course can do much more for you. It can furnish you with the skills and know how to run your business effectively and efficiently.

And thus better able to grow your business. Ability to grow your online business also provides you with psychological benefits. It can give you a sense of accomplishment , build up your confidence and self worth.

And there are tangible benefits also. As a successful affiliate marketer, you are in a position to spend much valuable time with your family, and  the ability to financially provide for them.

So we can clearly see how vital an online course/education is.


Here is another excellent course which in will benefit you greatly in your online journey. This course covers so many lessons.


  • SEO copy writing: Optimize your website copy
  • Build professional website with
  • WordPress technical SEO
  • Build a responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Creating high converting landing pages
  • Local SEO: Put your business on the map
  • Conversion rate optimization: Convert visitors to buyers
  • Blog content strategy
  • Brand strategy and design for small businesses
  • SEO fundamentals: The ultimate framework
  • Website promotion drive quality traffic to your site
  • Take your business online
  • Become an SEO specialist


In this blog,”Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners” I made a case for affiliate marketing. I also discussed the need to educate  and the need to invest  in yourself. I also listed for your attention and consideration, list of online courses. Finally, I talked about the benefits of educating yourself by way of online courses.

Dear reader, it is my hope that, you found this blog to be helpful. It is my hope that you will take the time to educate yourself. And I have the utmost confidence in you, that you will do everything possible to be a successful affiliate marketer, thus able to provide not only for yourself, but also for your family.








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