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Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners.

I created this site, especially with you in mind.I hope you will find everything on this website to your liking, and the information you find on this , will greatly benefit you.


My name is Sten Thomas. I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful children and two grand sons.I am God fearing persons.

I love my family,and I do care for people. I also like sorts, especially soccer, basket ball and I like to exercise running in particular.

Life has been difficult and a struggle for me. The inability to provide for myself and family adequately,brought me much anguish, frustration and disappointment.

What did I do about it? I turned to the Internet, hoping that an online business/affiliate marketing will be the vehicle that will help me provide for myself and family. Sadly though, things did not work out for me as I had hoped.

I failed miserably. Again, I was disappointed, frustrated, and embittered. Why the failure? 1. I did not have the proper mindset 2. I did not have the skills. 3. I did not have the training and the tools.

In my desperation, I was motivated to do something about my deficiencies. I set out to acquire the skills, tools and training that are vital for my success. Of course, I am still learning.

Happily, as a result of my dedication, devotion, motivation and application of the knowledge acquired, I have steadily been moving in the positive direction with my online business. I have been online  for over 5 years now.


Is the same reason I wanted to help myself and family. To give people the opportunity to meet the needs of themselves and family financially. Sadly though, many in their quest for an online presence either through Affiliate Marketing /Making money Online business have, like I initially experienced, resulted in disappointments, frustration and a vicious cycle of failure.

Why? Like in my case, they lacked  the proper mind set, training, skills and tools to succeed in an online business.


My goal then is to help beginning  and struggling affiliate marketers to succeed in their own online business.This is the reason I created this website. To provide you with the information, that will give you the proper mindset, the skills, training and tools that will help you succeed online, and thus be able to realize your dreams and aspirations.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Sten Thomas






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